TweetDeck Unveils User Specific Search Filters

TweetDeck Social User Specific Searches
TweetDeck user specific search filters were rolled out by Twitter on Thursday. The new filters are available for Web and Chrome-based apps and listed under a new section called “User” filters. Twitter has also reorganized the column edit and search builder interfaces so that the content filters are now collected together in a “Content” section and the alerting options are together in “Alert.”
According to Twitter:

“Clicking on edit button at the top of each column now shows the new filter interface with the three sections. Using the search box, top right, to perform a search also shows the new “Content” and “Users” sections.”

Content and User Alerts - Tweetdeck

When a TweetDeck customer clicks on the “Users” section it opens the panel to display two drop down menus. The first drop down “By” allows for a limited search (or filter the column) by all users, a specific user, the TweetDeck users own account, verified users, or through a member list search.

TweetDeck offers the following explanation:

“For example, if you wanted an auto-updating column of all images and videos posted by verified users about the Oscars then simply do a search for the “oscars”, choose to show only Tweets with any media (from the Content section) and select “By verified users” in the Users section.”

Twitter content searches on Tweetdeck

The option to search by members of a list appears to be Twitter’s biggest advancement for TweetDeck. Here is an example:

“If you wanted photos and videos from the Oscars from within a list of your favorite film industry journalists, you would search for “oscars”, select “Tweets with any media” in the Content section, choose “By members of list…” in the Users section then enter the name of the list in the text below, in this case Storyful/oscars.”

Here is the result of that search by members of a list function:

Twiter Users By List in Tweet Deck

Twitter has also rolled out a TweetDeck embed feature that provides the ability to embed a search or list column on a users website.

You can find the embed feature by clicking on the column edit button int the top right and then selecting the share button.

What do you think of TweetDeck’s new user specific search filters?

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