Google Poems, An Exercise In Autocomplete

google poetry

Google is a great tool for many things. You can use it to find websites when you’re too lazy to type “.com,” you can use it as a spell checker when you’re too lazy to remember that you no longer own a dictionary, and, of course, you can use it to find porn. But Google has another hidden feature that has only recently been uncovered. Google writes poems.

Yep, poems.

google poems

Reddit users have been searching through Google’s massive literary brain in order to uncover some of the search engines greatest poetic works.

Here’s a poem about lost love.

google poems

And here’s a Google poem about soul searching.

google poems

Of course, Reddit isn’t the only internet community to discovery Google poetry. There’s actually a site,, that is dedicated to the best poems created by the search engine.

google poetics

Google uses data from around the web to find the most frequent searches but it also tailors autocomplete to your personal preferences. Which means that everyone’s search results will be a little bit different. Like tiny snowflakes. How poetic.

google poemDo you have any favorite Google poems?

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