Trent Reznor’s Reddit AMA Notable For C-Bomb Drop On Redditor

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Trent Reznor’s Reddit AMA with How To Destroy Angels treated Redditors to a Q&A in what is the site’s abbreviation for “Ask Me Anything.”

In post’s like Trent Reznor’s AMA, notable or interesting people (or those with notable or interesting situations) field any manner of questions from the site’s users — oftentimes including one about fighting one horse-sized duck or many duck-sized horses. (A holdover from the Reddit AMA done by President Obama during the RNC.)

Trent Reznor’s Reddit AMA was posted under the title “We are How to destroy angels (Mariqueen Maandig, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Rob Sheridan), ask us anything.” In it, Reznor and his associates answer mostly run of the mill questions — with one notable exchange between Reznor and a user.

In the final question of the AMA, user No12345 poses a lengthy question to Reznor that is basically a dig, starting:

Why did Trent announce a new NIN tour at the same time your new album is releasing if he is trying to not be a frontrunner of the band? Odd coincidence in my opinion.

The Redditor continues:

As millionaires, why did you sign up with a record label to promote your new album? Especially when Trent has had a history of being screwed over by said labels and managers. If it’s really about the music and getting it out to as many people as possible, why not release it all for free? I understand if you want to make money. It makes sense to want money for your work. However, I don’t buy the “get it to as many people as possible” excuse for signing up with a label. Again, especially when Trent conveniently places a spotlight on his former cash cow a few days before your band releases this new album.

He adds:

Good marketing, Gene Sim-, er, Trent Reznor … When can I get my NIN toothpaste?

And in an edit, ETAs:

EDIT: Also, this one is for Trent. How did you manage to get back into the thought process of performing live when you had your farewell tour 3.5 years ago? Must have been hard to get back into the groove.

As such, the last exchange in Trent Reznor’s Reddit AMA includes this answer from the musician:

[Trent] Sorry, the wifi on our yacht is having issues, we can’t get your full question to load. Try sending me an email at

You can read the entire Trent Reznor AMA over at Reddit, or you can skip directly to Reznor’s input.

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