Facebook News Feed Reportedly To Become ‘Content-Specific’


Facebook News Feed is reportedly changing in a big way this week, getting “content-specific” structure to break out music and images from other kinds of posts, reports indicate.

Facebook News Feed changes are always a bit controversial, but the content-specific changes have yet to be seen — and users have yet to angrily react with a slew of posts threatening to leave Facebook.

According to Engadget, the Facebook News Feed changes will include a new main page “to filter content by type to pull out photos, music, with larger images overall and larger images for advertisements.”

CNET adds:

The revamped news feed design will allow users to choose among different content-specific feeds, these sources said. A revamped music feed will include information about what tunes friends are listening to on streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio, as well as offer concert schedules and information about new albums.

Little is known about what the new new Facebook News Feed will look like as content is broken out, but the site also reports that some users in known Facebook testing countries say they spotted a single column design in possible testing. (One of the most hated Facebook Timeline aspects upon universal introduction was the two-column design.)

Have you braced yourself for Facebook News Feed changes?

Kim LaCapria

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