Occupational health and safety in Quebec

For any employee, benefiting from a healthy work environment is essential. In Quebec, occupational health and safety are areas covered by various laws aimed at protecting workers. How is the occupational health and safety system organised? We will tell you more about it later in this post.

Laws governing occupational safety and health

In Quebec, there are two flagship texts on occupational safety and health. This is the law on health and safety at work in force since 1979. And that on work accidents and occupational diseases adopted in 1985. The laws have resolved the problems of safety and health at work.

For decades, these two laws have guided the actions of employers with regard to the health of workers. In view of the sociological changes observed, they are less and less adapted to the current working environment. Hence the adoption of a new project with the aim of modernizing the existing laws.

Bill 59 on occupational health and safe

Bill 59, considered to be a project to modernize the old laws, was adopted in October 2021. It is the result of a reflection on current working conditions. That said, it brings significant changes to the conditions of workers. The various injunctions of the law will have to be implemented gradually.

Already in April 2022, companies are required to set up a prevention program or plan. It will consist of eliminating or better controlling the risks that may affect occupational safety. Then, companies with at least twenty employees will be required to set up a health and safety committee.

Another provision to be implemented shortly is the appointment of a health and safety representative. At the same time, employers have an obligation to give their employees the right to reinstatement. The prevention of violence is also the responsibility of the employer as well as the application of these provisions in telework.

Occupational health and safety advice

In Quebec, consulting structures work to support companies in the health field. This is the example of  Santinel , which over the years has become a reference in the field. It has to its credit, forty years of experience in supporting companies with specialists. The company specializes in first aid and occupational health and safety.

Santinel’s activities consist primarily of providing training in first aid and occupational safety. This preventive work is intended for all workers in day or evening classes or via online courses. The modules are in both English and French.

Apart from this, Santinel intervenes in companies to ensure the safety of the working environment. The company is regularly called upon to ensure that work risks are eliminated. Otherwise, it installs protective devices for the health and safety of workers.



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