LinkedIn: What Women Want Versus What They Used To Want

LinkedIn What Women Want

LinkedIn recently conducted a survey to determine what women want from their jobs. The world’s larges social business network then compared and contrasted its newly collected information against data from five and 10 years ago.

Over the last 10 years women have said that salary topped their list of work expectations, now a work-life balance tops the list. The work-life balance wasn’t even on the survey’s radar five and 10 years prior.

According to LinkedIn 63 percent of women in 2013 say they want a better balance between work and personal life, while 56 percent of women in past surveys focused in on a higher salary.

The study also found that women in India have a better feeling about their job successes. 94 percent of women in India say they have reached a level of success so far that they are happy with. In comparison only 64 percent of women in Sweden feel they have reached a happy level of success.

LinkedIn also asked women if they could “have it all” with a fulfilling career, relationship, and children. Only 75 percent of women believed they could have it all.

Check out the full LinkedIn study for more information about what working women want today compared to five and 10 years ago:

LinkedIn What Women Want

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