10 Animals Who Tweet Better Than Most Humans


We’ve all watched nature documentaries and observed traits and actions that let us know just how close to animals we humans really are. But could animals even prove to one-up humans at the own game of civilization? Movies like Planet of the Apes have allowed us to sneak a peek at what our world would look like under animal rule — but what about the realm of social media? Here are ten of the animals who tweet, and are leading the charge to reclaim Twitter for their own furry kind.

10. Common Squirrel (@common_squirrel)

A raw, understated look at the day to day life of a common squirrel that has captured the imagination of its near 100,000 Twitter followers. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s really like to be a squirrel in this day and age, this is a must-follow.

9. Cecil Burke (@CecilB13)

Sadly inactive in recent years, the short but sweet Twitter career of Cecil Burke proved the dog to be well ahead of his time. The ‘rough day’ depicted in the above tweet marked the end of Burke’s Twitter presence, but fans will remember it for years to come.

8. Bronx Zoo’s Cobra (@BronxZoosCobra)

This hugely popular reptile has two favorite topics on Twitter; his escape from the zoo and eating other animals. He’s a distinct voice, even amongst the world of animals in social media, and he’s got a lot to say.

7. Mikey (@Mikeythebrat)

An often outspoken and regularly mischievous dog, who rarely has anything other than criticism for ‘ignorant bipeds’ — that’s us humans. Heart of gold, though.

6. Loki the Maine Coon (@LokiMaineCoon)

Not even a year old, this charming cat already has more than a thousand followers on Twitter. Regular photos of every stage of the now rather enormous meow-er’s development have no doubt kept many of his fans entranced.

5. Weird Horse (@WeirdHorse)

This one does exactly as it says on the tin; it’s a horse, and a weird one at that. Imagine absurdist comedy coming straight from the horse’s mouth, and you’ll get some picture of proceedings.

4. Clyde the Tortoise (@ClydetheTurtle)


Perhaps one of the most exotic of the animals on this list, and certainly one of the most cerebral. Friend to the writers of hit television series ‘Elementary’.

3. Sockamillion (@Sockington)

The stream of consciousness tweeting style that this cat possesses will surely be studied as poetry in years to come. A great writer and a true feline visionary —followed by more than a million and you can surely understand why.

2. A bear (@A_single_bear)

Meditative musings from a true Ursa Major. It’s a rare thing that a Twitter account can be relaxing, but it’s certainly true of this bear.

1. Cat Shepher (@1CatShepherd)

There’s not a doubt in my mind that this is the best animal on Twitter. A real working cat based out in Ireland, the Cat Shepherd’s blog is also a great way of keeping up with his exploits.

Do you have another personal favorite animal on Twitter? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

Magui Sandjou


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