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Discover The World With YouTube Map Explorer Feature

YouTube is a great place to go to discover any type of video: entertaining, educational, funny, creative, you name it and YouTube has it. Here at Social News Daily, we love surfing YouTube for hidden gems. So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard about the YouTube Map Explorer. The awesome program helps you […]

Kittens Recreate Scenes from “Psycho” and “The Lion King” [Video]

The internet: a vast web of information and an archive of human progress. It’s a system which allows ideas and knowledge to be shared across the globe in the blink of an eye, a revolutionary technology that has changed the face of education and communication forever. It’s also the home of cat related media. A […]

Blind Man Miraculously Plays Through ‘Legend of Zelda’

YouTube user MegaTGarrett does what many would think of as impossible, and does so without complaining or without issue. He is a man with a set back who does not use that set back to define him. Mega Tgarrett is visually impaired, but is still a huge fan of video games and gaming in general. Though […]

Dazed and Confused: You NEED To See These Wisdom Tooth Fails!

Watching fail videos has become a way of life for many people. There is something oddly gratifying about watching someone you don’t know fail at something. That may sound mean, but that is okay. I am being honest, too, and speaking for most of the population. This does not mean we like to see people […]

The Art of Making A Steel Pan Drum

Steel pan drums or steelpans, as they are often referred to, have quite a storied history in the world. Having its roots in Trinidad, many people have heard steel drums, but have no idea what goes into the process of making one. Dating back to as far as the 1800’s, making a steel pan drum […]

Fruit Ninja in Real Life Will Blow Your Mind

Do you guys remember the game Fruit Ninja that was so huge on phones a few years ago? It involved fruit being tossed at the screen of your phone and you using your finger like a sword to cut the fruit in half before it fell out of sight. As silly as it may sound, […]

Russell Brand Kisses Politics Goodbye After Conservatives Win [Video]

Perched on the edge of his bed and his hair in a man bun, Russell Brand dropped some harsh predictions for the Conservatives’ administration. “We will have no shortage of meanness over the next five years,” he states. “There’s going to be meanness to old people, there’s going to be meanness to immigrants, there’s going […]

Transgender Youtuber Jazz Jennings To Star in “All That Jazz” [Video]

Dear Jazz, we are so, so proud of you.  You’re a fearless, strong, and lovely young lady taking the world by storm – and you’ve barely just started. At fourteen years old, you are one of the most important faces to bring visibility to the LGBTQA community as one of the youngest transgender teens, and […]