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Transgender Youtuber Jazz Jennings To Star in “All That Jazz” [Video]

Dear Jazz, we are so, so proud of you.  You’re a fearless, strong, and lovely young lady taking the world by storm – and you’ve barely just started. At fourteen years old, you are one of the most important faces to bring visibility to the LGBTQA community as one of the youngest transgender teens, and […]

Teens React to “Take Me To Church” Lyrics

If kids say the darndest things, teens often make the most crystal-clear realizations. The Fine Brothers, the Youtube duo who gave us the “Kids/Teens/Elders React To” series are back again on React TV with a new line of reaction series. In this particular set, teens are given pairs lines from Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” […]

Taco Bell’s New Sriracha Quesarito Gets Rave Reviews [Video]

Fast food giant, Taco Bell is known for testing the limits of Mexican food. Their latest creation is no exception. Hopping onto the Sriracha bandwagon, Taco Bell introduced the Sriracha Quesarito. The Quesarito is one the restaurants newest creations, a burrito surrounded by a quesadilla. Offered in steak, chicken or beef varieties, the flavor is […]

Check Out The Simpsons In Pixel Art [Video]

The Simpsons TV series is considered a pop culture icon, so it is no surprise it is the inspiration behind this interesting project. Recently, pixel art and old school gaming have become pretty popular. Everyone can name at least one old school gaming version of something. Not even, PBS’ hit series, Downtown Abbey. That is […]

Parody: This Is What Happens When “Breaking Bad” Meets “Frozen”

I know what you’re thinking: Frozen? Enough already. But this latest parody of the uber-popular signature track, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” from the just as popular Disney smash hit movie features a protagonist so unlikely it just might change your mind about the Frozen franchise’s ubiquitousness: The star of “Do You Want to Build a […]

Sam Pepper Explains Butt Pinching Videos

Sam Pepper stirred up some massive internet outrage this weekend when he uploaded a video of himself pinching strange’s butts. Journalists, YouTubers, and pretty much anyone with a Twitter account criticized Pepper for making light of sexual assault. Well, according to Pepper, the whole thing was part of a social experiment. Pepper released “Fake Hand […]

Farmer Plays Trombone Until The Cows Come Home

It can be pretty difficult to round up hundreds of cows on your farm… Well unless you have a trombone. Farmer Derek Klingenberg has discovered an ingenious way of calling his cattle on his Kansas farm. Klingenberg simply plays his trombone and then watches as the cows Come rushing home. A recent video of his […]

Drake Helps Guy Pick Up Girls…Far Too Easily

  Watch YouTuber FouseyTUBE use his so called best friend and ‘homie’ Drake help him get 2 girl’s digits in less than 60 seconds. I was quite amazed myself at how easily the girls fell for what was a very easy to setup scam/prank. Props to Fousey for the idea though. Drake Has A Love Child? […]

Popular YouTuber Claudio Lake AKA @ItsCMaddox Passes Away #RIPMaddox

YouTube denizens know Claudio Lake aka CMaddoxBiitch aka Madison Maddox passed away, after a hard battle with cancer. His YouTube persona, CMaddoxBiitch, was (is) well loved by many as he shared his struggles via his channel. Judging by the Twitter responses, Claudio Lake will certainly be missed. Another cruel reminder that life is too short. […]

YouTuber Michelle Phan Signs With Endemol Beyond

Prominent YouTuber Michelle Phan has signed a deal with Endemol Beyond. Endemol Beyond is the online subsidiary of Endemol, the Dutch based but Italian owned media company behind a range of hit shows, including Big Brother. As part of the deal, Endemol Beyond will build out Phan’s For All Women Network (FAWN), a female focused […]

Ricky Dillon Fans Counter Ariana Grande Fans With #BuyOrdinaryOniTunes

Ricky Dillon fans have fought back against Ariana Grande fans with the hashtag #BuyOrdinaryOniTunes trending on Twitter this morning. As we reported yesterday, Grande fans had #BuyProblemOniTunes trending yesterday. Dillon, best known for his vidoes on YouTube, managed to deliver the piss-take version of Grande’s “Problems” within 24 hours, with the Ordinary song being uploaded […]

Secret’s Co-Founder David Byttow Talks Company Origins With Kevin Rose

Foundation is a web series where partner at Google Ventures and angel investor Kevin Rose conducts in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs. Kevin recently interviewed co-founder of the buzzing anonymous social app, Secret. David dropped out of school at the age of 19 to pursue a career in gaming. He moved out to California and worked for […]

YouTube Visitors Experiencing Server Outages

During the afternoon YouTube was down for certain users on Tuesday, March 13, 2014. Many visitors are still experiencing the downtime and loading errors. This appears to be the second time in two days. The error message reads “500 Internal Server Error Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched […]

CarThrottle Partners With YouTube

CarThrottle, described as the ‘BuzzFeed’ for cars has recently dumped its online video distributor to partner directly with YouTube. Like it has done with only a select number of people, YouTube will add CarThrottle to its package of premium YouTube channels that it plans to sell to major advertisers. CarThrottle is getting around 2 million […]

Alison Gold’s ‘Chinese Food’ Might Be A Big, Fat Rip-Off [Video]

Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” is many things. The Patrice Wilson ear-worm is equal parts obnoxious, bizarre, creepy, and, we’ll admit it, catchy. But according to a couple of music producers, the single isn’t just bad, it’s also lazy. Lazy, meaning “stolen.” French music producers Edouard Gaudichon and Boris Larvor tell SND that the music behind […]

YouTube Group Our2ndLife To Assist Conan With MTV Movie Awards

If you didn’t already know, Conan O’Brien is hosting the MTV awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 13. Our2ndLife, a popular YouTube comedy group will be helping by spreading the word. The channel which is part of the Fullscreen network and comprised of Trevor Moran, Ricky Dillon, J.C. Caylen, Kian […]

YouTube Profile: VaatiVidya, The Dark Souls Lore Pundit [EXCLUSIVE]

Dark Souls is one of those video games that really divides players. A ton of digital ink has been thrown at justifying the punishing difficulty of From Software’s 2011 cult hit, and whether you love it or hate it, it’s safe to say that you yourself have thrown countless hours into conquering it. But for […]

YouTube Profile: Julie Borowski, The Token Libertarian Girl

I’m willing to bet that for most of you reading this, the following is true: You hate political pundits, but you do have one favorite. Whether it’s Piers Morgan, Rachel Maddow, Bill O’Reilly or even Jon Stewart (yeah, he counts), you take your corner with your favorite primetime pop political analyst and shake your fist […]