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All of those hours you spend on Facebook and Twitter might actually start paying your bills.

We’ll be frank with you. There’s a lot of wasted talent out there right now. The smartphone-toting Millenials are the most educated and underemployed demographic group that has ever been. You have all this potential, but nothing to do but dick around on social media.

Society might see you as lazy and entitled and your parents might see you as a blight on their basement couch, but do you know what we see?


You read that right. You’re well-spoken, tech savvy, social media fluent, and you dream of being a writer of some kind, right? That’s pretty much the job description at Social News Daily.

We’re a small but respected social media reporting site that covers news from the social angle. Whether you’re interested in the technical side, the legal side or just the entertainment side, we cover everything and are always looking for new writers to pad our team.

What we can offer you is simple: A place to bring skills you already have, and a place to learn some skills that the real world actually respects. We’ll teach you all about online publishing, SEO, and how to be a new media journalist. We’ll actually pay you, too. It’s not much (certainly not worth quitting your day job for), but at the entry level, you’d be working for free anywhere else. You might as well get some fair pay for your work.

Additionally, you’ll learn a real trade, get some real experience, be published on a real website with Google News and Bing News inclusion, and build a real portfolio full of real stuff. On top of it all, you’ll get that smug, sexy satisfaction of telling people you’re a writer. No, not someone who is working on a screenplay while waiting tables, an actual published writer who gets paid to write.

It’s win/win. You help us grow, we’ll help you grow, and if you fit the team seamlessly, there might be more permanent and lucrative opportunities for you in the very near future.

Shoot us an email at James@socialnewsdaily.com to apply.

This position is really meant for people who know how to bring in real traffic. We pay a $2.50 CPM (That’s $2.50 per 1,000 pageviews your article attracts) with a cap set at $25 per article.

Our website was founded by 4 web veterans who have taken previous sites to more than 18 million monthly pageviews.

While this is a low paying starting position based on performance we will be promoting from within as we grow and we are growing quickly.

English must be your first language or your second language if Klingon is your first.


How to apply

Email James@socialnewsdaily.com and tell him why you are the most awesomeness writer on the face of the planet. Send over the URLs to your social media accounts.

Keep in mind that we understand many social media users are not yet online writing experts and we aren’t going to punish you for that. If you send over an entertaining introduction email that makes us laugh, makes us think, or makes us like you right off the bat we will likely hire you.

Please don’t send attachments. We hate viruses and won’t open them. Just copy and paste your information directly into your email.

You must have a Google+ account setup because we use Google+ Authorship to highlight our awesome staff.


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