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F-Bombs For Feminism: Little Girls Swear For A Good Cause [Video]

If you don’t like to hear children swearing (reevaluate your lifestyle choices) definitely do not play this video. A group of girls, ages 6-13, have gotten dressed up like beautiful princesses and dropped some real truth and major f-bombs for feminism. They really get into it. Not because they get to swear, but because they […]

Vimeo Banned In Indonesia Due To Porn Allegations

Indonesia has banned video site Vimeo over allegations that the site hosts porn. The Indonesian Government claims it found videos on Vimeo with names including “Art of Nakedness” and “Nudie Cutie”, which featured nudity and soft core porn. The Ministry of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia said in a statement that “we have recently […]

Vimeo On Demand Revamped For First Birthday

Vimeo may fly under the radar, but it continues to grow among filmmakers and today announced an overhaul of its On Demand service. Just in time for its one year anniversary, Vimeo On Demand allows creators to sell their work for as low as 99 cents, which Vimeo only takes a 10 percent cut. Access […]

Vimeo On Demand Receives Better Pricing Options, Pre-Orders

Vimeo On Demand allows anyone to sell their work directly while keeping 90 percent of all revenue, and has received several new updates. Sellers can now offer the ability to rent or buy content at different prices, and with Preorder Availablity, drive sales before a project officially launches. There is also the ability to create […]

Vimeo PRO Announces On Demand Platform For Publishers

Vimeo PRO was introduced in 2011 to provide companies with an alternative solution to develop and distribute branded content, and today Vimeo officially announced its On Demand service — a direct-to-fan distribution system that lets content creators keep 90 percent of product revenue after any transaction fees. Vimeo’s new product allows PRO users to set […]

Vimeo Integrates ‘Looks’ Platform, Attempts To Become Instagram For Video

Vimeo has announced a new partnership with cloud-based video enhancing platform Vivoom. The Vivoom platform allows users to add visual effects to their videos via its ‘Looks’ platform. Using the platform users can create videos via Instagram type filters. According to Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor: “By adding Looks, Vimeo continues to provide the tools that […]

Vimeo Purchases ‘Echograph’ To Compete With Twitter’s ‘Vine’ Platform

Vimeo on Thursday announced the acquisition of Echograph, a GIFs video creator that directly competes with Twitter’s Vine platform. Vimeo did not reveal the sum paid for Clear-Media’s GIFs platform. Just like Vine the Echograph program creates short video loops develops from GIFs. Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor said in a statement: “We chose Echograph because […]

Vimeo Rating System For Videos Debuts: All Audiences, Mature, Not Yet Rated

Vimeo has debuted a video ratings system that tells views if videos are safe for certain audiences. The new rating system features three labels: All Audiences, Mature, and Not Yet Rated. Vimeo’s creators says the new video rating system is meant to categorize all “boobs, blood, and curse words.” The social video sharing website says […]

Hootsuite Adds Pinterest Tracking, Vimeo And WordPress App

Hootsuite helps you manage your social media profiles and on Thursday the social platform announced Pinterest tracking along with integration for Vimeo and WordPress apps. Its App Directory now features 41 applications and third-party tools. Here is a complete list of new apps added to the service: Vimeo – Upload, view and share videos to […]

Vimeo Launches New iPhone App, Features Simpler Interface

Vimeo has launched a new iPhone app that features a better design and interface. The app first launched in March of 2011 and the video site felt it was time for a big update. If you don’t already have the app installed, you can download it here. Here’s what you’ll find in the newest Vimeo […]

Vimeo Launching Movie Rentals In Early 2013

Vimeo is a bit behind the curve when it comes to offering movie rentals, but announced this morning, its pay-to-view movie service will launch early next year. The service will completely launch at and as a bit of a preview, there are six movies currently available to rent. Unlike YouTube, which features all different […]

Vimeo Debuts New Design And It’s Pretty Awesome [Video]

Vimeo on Tuesday debuted the company’s brand new look and the website has been completely deconstructed and built back up with more emphasis on videos alongside a stronger user interface that brings more community into the fold. On the company’s blog staff member Soxiam wrote: “Today is a big day – one of the biggest […]