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Watch Guys React To Their Partners Get Catcalled [Video]

Catcalling really, really has to stop. It’s cheap, it’s rude, and it’s just not doing anyone any favors. Cosmopolitan put three volunteer couples in uncomfortable situations in more ways than one. The boyfriends sat and watched as a camera went ahead of their partners to record the cheap jeers and catcalling they were subjected to, […]

Viral Laughing Baby: Where Is He Now? [Video]

The laughing baby is the star of so many memes and viral Internet content. The original video of baby Micah laughing was uploaded by his dad back in 2011. Here’s the video to jog your memory. So adorable! But, if this was shot in 2011, then little Micah isn’t so little anymore. In fact, Youtube’s […]

Women’s Hilarious Parking Attempt Caught On Tape [Video]

Some women are horrible drivers. (DISCLAIMER: As a woman, I can say that.) This latest viral video shows two women attempting to park a Mini. The video, uploaded by Glasgow Steph, shows the red Mini trying to park in various parking spaces with no avail. Now, we can cut these women a little slack because […]

PornHub Reveals America’s Top 5 Searches [Safe for Work]

Learn what Americans have been searching for on the world’s most-watched pornographic website. ver wondered what your fellow countrymen (or countrywomen) are getting off to? Maybe not, but you have to admit to being at least a little bit curious. Now, that question has been answered in the form of this totally safe-for-work educational video, […]

Watch Son Lose It Over Dad’s Drift Skills [Video]

Oh, dads. You teach us, raise us, feed us, bathe us, and help us get things done. You wow us with your fantastic skills, you make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us feel. And sometimes, you scare the living daylights out of us to show us how to have a good time, […]

Laura the Lizard Pops Bubbles, Gives Us Life [Video]

In a world that seems it’s out to stress you to an early grave, it’s often the simpler pleasures in life that bring us back to some semblance of calm and sanity. A cupcake. A coloring-book break in your cubicle. Or maybe even just blowing bubbles out on the office porch. The next best thing […]

Little Girl Pulls Off Amazing Trick Shots With Household Items [Video]

Riley Dashwood isn’t just adorable. The six-year-old is pretty talented too. Thanks to her extremely patient dad, Riley has become a viral Internet sensation after being filmed hitting some pretty intense trick shots with household items. Riley is seen tossing items, such as a piece of bread, over her shoulder and making it into ridicoulus […]

This is What Canadian Road Rage Looks Like [Video]

TORONTO, Canada (CBS) —  It’s good to be Canadian, eh? Public healthcare, Kevin Smith movies, Tim Horton’s, and—as seen in this viral video—friendly cops. Here’s the situation: a CBS news reporter was interviewing an Ontario police officer when a road rage incident broke out right behind them. CBC’s Neil Herland was speaking with OPP Const. Graham Williamson about a fatal […]