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The Hot Dog Video You Didn’t Know You Needed To See [Video]

The hot dog, America’s favorite food, is now the center of a rather strange viral video. Created by Murderbot Productions, the video features a man becoming a ‘human hot dog’. The man relishes (no pun intended) silently as buns, mustard and ketchup cascades down on him. Murderbot Productions says the video is their newest art project. […]

Bad Lip Reading Takes On NFL For 2015 [Video]

The epic lip reading videos are back and this time they have a special edition for the NFL, NFL 2015: A Bad Lip Reading. As always, the video is hilarious with many NFL favorites saying some strange things. Cam Newton, Tony Romo, Chip Kelly, Dez Bryant, Ed Hochuli, Andy Dalton and many others make appearances saying […]

Artist Sits and Smiles For Hours And Posts The Footage [Video]

Meet Ben Bennett, a performance artist who is known for a strange form of art. He sits in front of a camera for hours, still and smiling. He then posts the strange videos to YouTube. Gawker discovered the artist’s videos. They reached out for a comment on why Bennet chose this type of performance, no […]

Driver Survives Crazy Encounter With Semi, Captures It On Film [Video]

Sharing the road with semi trucks can be scary, especially with wet road conditions. One driver found out how dangerous it can be firsthand. Amazingly, he caught it all on video. YouTube user, MrLegolize, was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike, an extremely busy road. He just happened to catch this encounter on video when he […]

‘Friends’ Intro Is Awfully Strange Without Music [Video]

Friends is considered one of the most iconic television shows of the 90’s. Pretty much everyone knows the adorable intro and the theme song. Just a close group of friends having fun, dancing in the fountain. Well, take away the music and add sound effects and it gets really awkward. The video, produced by YouTube user, […]

Jimmy Kimmel Gets People To Reveal Their Passwords [Video]

Comedian, Jimmy Kimmel’s cameras are at it again. This time they hit up the streets to ask ordinary people what their Internet passwords were. Even with the recent web hacks, people gave up the information easier than they thought. It just goes to show that some people just aren’t too bright. It’s hilarious how easy […]

Angry, Angry Hippo Chases Speedboat [Video]

You may picture hippos as large, lazy creatures, but this video captures one showing the very angry side of the giant animal. Actually, the hippo is a very fast creature. According to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), they kill nearly 3,000 people every year. This video was posted to YouTube on Sunday and has since gone viral. This certain […]

Thousands Sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ At Paris Unity Rally [Video]

It was an uplifting sight on Sunday at a Paris unity rally. The large crowd was inspired into singing during John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. This video was posted by redditor, ilHGG, who lives in Paris, next to where the rally was being held. The crowd was playing many peace songs, but this tune rang especially true for […]

Viral Star Sophia Grace Releases Music Video, Sorta [Video]

Sophia Grace is no stranger to the spotlight. The viral video star is back with a new music video, if you want to call it that. The pop song, entitled “Best Friends”, features Sophia Grace singing about being a great friend surrounded by a gaggle of other little girls. At 11 years old, the viral star […]

Parents Discuss Sex With Children, And It Gets Awkward [Video]

It’s time for the sex talk, get ready to cringe. Buzzfeed Video captured the awkward moments of parents teaching their small children about the birds and the bees. The group is made up of five children and their parents. Some are traditional families, but there is also single parents and a lesbian couple. Which proves, […]

‘Home Alone’ Inspires Band’s New Music Video [Video]

The band members of David Unger Music really like the movie, Home Alone. So much so, that they created a music video inspired by the cult classic. DUM says, the song, “Get Back” is the latest of their parody music videos. The video features classic Home Alone scenes with lead singer, David Unger’s face superimposed over Macauley Culkin’s […]

Nicole Kidman: The One Who Got Away From Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon discovered he let one of the hottest woman in Hollywood go. Nicole Kidman was a guest on Tuesday’s episode, when Kidman revealed they once went out on a date. Apparently, Fallon had no clue. Nicole reveals that she once had a thing for Jimmy Fallon […]

Epic Slayer Mashup Played With Kid’s Instruments [Video]

Most musicians would say you need the most top of the line instruments to really rock out. Well, these two guys show all it takes it true talent to shred some hard rock. Frank Pasquale and his friend, Drew Creal, nailed a mashup of Slayer tunes. Most musicians might say, “what’s the big deal about […]

Does One Size Really Fit All? [Video]

Most people know, especially women, ‘one size fits all’ clothing is a joke. The geniuses over at Buzzfeed Video had a panel of women try on articles of clothing, labeled ‘one size fits all.’ Of course, the video discovers what we all knew all along. One size does not fit all. The five women with […]

Side Dude or Boyfriend? Ohio State Couple Goes Viral [Video]

This viral vine shows an awkward moment for one woman at the Ohio State and Alabama showdown on Thursday night. The short video has social media asking all kinds of questions. What is going on in this video? Is that her boyfriend or a side dude, because when the camera pans to them things get awkward. […]

Strange Holiday Video Of Patrick Stewart Posted [Video]

Perhaps it was too much eggnog? A strange video surfaced of Patrick Stewart over the holiday. Posted by his wife, the 71-year-old actor can be seen wearing a singing and dancing light-up elf hat. Stewart sits, confused, as the hat plays. His wife, Sunny Ozell,  can be heard laughing in the background. As the video […]

‘The Interview’ Scene North Korea Doesn’t Want Us To See [Video]

It is ‘The Interview’ scene North Korea doesn’t want the world to see. This clip is reportedly the movie’s death scene of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. It was uploaded to the popular video-sharing site,   Katy Perry’s hit, ‘Firework’ plays as a missile heads for the dictator’s plane. The leader is consumed in […]

Yahoo Is Plotting Another YouTube Killer…Again

Yahoo is reported to be getting ready to launch another YouTube killer…..again. Reports suggest that Yahoo has been approaching YouTube content creators in an attempt to poach them for the launch of the new platform, which is believed to be slated for a Northern summer launch. AdAge reports that the new service is offering better […]

Justin From ‘Catfish’ Says MTV Is Catfishing Everyone [Video]

You remember Justin from Catfish, right? Justin Voel-Pel, the star of the unforgettable Season 2 ep “Artis & Jess,” the sweaty online dating vigilante guy? This guy: God, I love that GIF. Anyway, Justin has been the hobby of my career, which has otherwise consisted of social media hoaxes and bewbs. I investigated him tirelessly in […]

‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Second Trailer Looks Stupid Awesome [Video]

X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s second trailer has landed online, and unfortunately, it totally reinforces the popular theory that this movie will either be melt-your-tits-off awesome, or completely batsh*t insane and stupid. Yeah, I hear you. “Melt-your-tits-off awesome, no doubt!” But consider the fact that out of, what, six or seven X-Men movies, only about half of […]