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Don’t Underestimate the Value of Social Interaction

The camera adds ten pounds. This concept, when related to body image, is a definite negative. However, there are other avenues when the use of a camera or video truly does add weight and depth to an image in a positive way. In business, when often times the extent of the imagery used are the […]

Shake It With the #Candybowl Dance Craze for Halloween

Hey parents, check this video out, and you may find yourself dancing the #Candybowl all Halloween. The Holdernesses, the First Family of viral videos who brought you greats such as “All About That Baste” and “#XMAS JAMMIES”, is at it again with another video to get your parental groove on, and it trending like fun-size […]

How To Use A Rifle To Carve A Pumpkin [Video]

It’s that time of the year to carve some pumpkins, but who wants to get their hands dirty on all of that gourd gunk? Fortunately for us, one man is showing us there is an easy and quick way to carve up your halloween pumpkins. All you need is a rifle. Yep, a loaded rifle. […]

Driveway Moose Fight Videos Go Viral

When it’s Moose Mating season in any place where these majestic creatures find fit to roam, there’s really only one rule to follow: Get out of the way. A video uploaded to Youtube earlier this month has gone viral within last week. It features a moose fight that gets too close for comfort. Just how […]

Little Girl Heartbroken Over Adam Levine’s Marriage [Video]

We’ve all been there — innocent, all-consuming kid crushes bigger than our tiny beating hearts that manage to light up our faces whenever we see the object of our affections on TV — Justin Timberlake. Harry Styles. Will Smith. Michael Jackson. (Hey that was mine back in ’87. Don’t judge. ) Are crushes healthy for […]

Railway Rodent Just Wants Some Pizza; Goes Viral [Video]

We’ve seen humans use rats on unwitting victims to get a free lunch and have their plans backfire on them, but for once, here’s a rat bringing home some pizza for lunch. Seriously. We couldn’t make this up, even if we tried. See for yourself: Could this be a real-life Remy from Pixar’s “Ratatouille“? Or […]

Thai Woman Slaps Attacker; Video Gets Memed [Videos]

Sometimes, it can be really satisfying when a we see a bad guy gets their just desserts — and when the internet turns it into something memetastic, it’s glorious. Take this short clip, for example. Earlier this week,  the Thai authorities finally arrested a man dubbed “Mafia Siam”, the most-hated man on Thai social media […]

Video of Katy Perry Falling Off Segway Goes Viral [Video]

Remember Segways? Those things that were supposed to replace walking as the number one way to get from point A to point B at the breakneck speed of 3 mph? Yeah, those things are actually still around. Want proof? Here’s a clip of Katy Perry trying to tame one at Burning Man. 🔥🚨obvious first time […]