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Plane Nearly Collides With Fishermen’s Boat [Video]

It was the last thing you would think you needed to fear while on a boat: a plane. Some fishermen in Argentina have a once in a lifetime to story to tell after attending the Fiesta del Surubi in Goya, Argentina. The men were using a selfie stick to chronicle their adventures on the high […]

GoPro Turns Day At The Office Into Internet Gold [Video]

GoPro cameras have been used in a number of thrilling activities: skydiving, cliff jumping, skiing… you get the picture. But what about all of the mundane activities just waiting to be spiced up by strapping a GoPro camera to your head? One man decided to try it out. Using a GoPro, he recorded a day […]

Jawbreaker Versus Red Hot Ball Of Nickel [Video]

Have you ever wondered what a volcano eruption in Candy Land would look like? Youtuber, carsandwater has made it his mission to pit red hot metal against everyday objects. His latest video takes a giant Jawbreaker and puts it against a red hot ball of nickel. With the motto of “I play with fire so […]

Son Steals $300 From Mom, Dad Punishes Him With Bad Haircut [Video]

Many videos featuring unique forms of punishment have gone viral. From teens holding signs on the side of the road apologizing for something they did to dads dressing up in embarrassing outfits because their child disobeyed, these videos have sparked conversation about proper ways to punish your kid. The latest video shows a father punishing […]

Baby Killer Whales Give Fisherman A Scare [Video]

Three fisherman had a close encounter with some baby killer whales. At first, it was all fun and games until the whales get a little too close for comfort. The men were fishing off the coast of Anderson Island in Washington State when they see baby orcas playing in the distance. The men begin taking […]

Meet Winter The Jumping Lamb [Video]

Who doesn’t like to jump on the bed? This video introduces Winter, the lamb. His owner filmed him doing one of his favorite pastimes, jumping on the bed. Winter is seen discovering he bounces when jumping onto the bed. He begins gleefully hopping on and off, much to his owner’s delight. The absolutely adorable video […]

Zayn Returns To One Direction… Just Kidding [Video]

The wound is still healing for One Direction fans as they find a way to live without Zayn Malik. Zayn recently decided to leave the group, citing stress concerns. The news hit teenage fans hard. Maybe that is what makes this video so hilarious. The video shows a teenage girl sitting calmly. Until, someone enters […]

That Moment When Your Dinner Comes Alive [Video]

It is enough to make someone consider becoming a vegetarian. A creepy video is going viral of someone’s dinner seeming to come back from the dead. The video, entitled the dancing squid bowl, shows a eerie sight as a diner pour soy sauce over their dinner bowl. As the salty liquid hits the cuttlefish, it […]

Avalanche Buries Man, Dramatic Rescue Caught On Camera [Video]

An avalanche is every skier’s worst nightmare. For one man, that nightmare was very real after being buried by an avalanche for more than an hour before being rescued. The unnamed man was skiing with friends in the French Alps in January when disaster struck. (Warning: The video contains graphic language) Immediately after the snow […]

Swedish Sign Language Interpreter Becomes Viral Star [Watch]

Swedish sign language interpreter, Tommy Krångh is not only bilingual, but he has some mean dance moves! Tommy is a sign language interpreter for Swedish broadcaster, SVT. His latest task was signing for the show, Eurovision Heat. As the video shows, he gives it his all! Tommy is seen showing off his moves while interpreting […]

Did You Cry? 365 Day Marriage Proposal Divides Social Media [Video]

A marriage proposal should be well planned and romantic, which is exactly the case for the latest viral wedding proposal video. Dean Smith wanted his proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer to be extra special and creative. It is safe to say he exceeded everyone’s expectations. Over the course of a year, exactly 365 days, […]

Woman Posts Photos From Airline Cockpit, Internet Goes Crazy

Airline security has been very strict since the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks, but it seems one attractive woman can break even the strictest rule. Ada Ng boarded her flight from Taipei to Hong Kong in February. She was assigned to seat in the business class jump seat, which is used for flight crews […]

A Week In The Life Of A Tokyo Salary Man [Video]

We can all relate. The work week can take its toll on our physical and emotional wellbeing, especially when working 80 hours a week. One video chronicles the life of Stu as he adjusts to his life in Tokyo. During what he calls the “busy season” at work, he works 80 hours a week. He […]

Man Pretends To Win Oscar, Pranks Hollywood [Video]

Winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards is a pretty big deal. So, what happens when one man pretends that he was a lucky award winner? Mark David Christenson did just that. Armed with a fake Oscar award acceptance speech clip, fake Oscar and donning a tuxedo, Christenson hit Hollywood. The results are hilarious. People […]

Skydiver Has Seizure While In Mid-Air [Video]

One skydiver had a terrifying moment when he suffered a major seizure mid-jump and it was all caught on camera. The footage, which has now gone viral, was uploaded to YouTube by the skydiver, Christopher Jones. He uploaded it on Sunday and it already has almost 6 million hits. The video description explains it all from […]

Miley Cyrus Enters Porn Competition, Video Quickly Pulled From Contest [NSFW Video]

Miley Cyrus is known to shock, but her latest endeavor will leave you speechless. The former Disney star has entered a porn festival. The video doesn’t actually show sex acts, but is made up of various bondage scenes starring the pop singer. Titled Tongue Tied, the video has already been seen on Miley Cyrus’ latest Bangerz […]

Amazing Video Shows Plane Almost Colliding With Skydivers [Video]

Two skydivers are lucky to be alive after a brush with death. This amazing footage shows a tandem skydive in progress. Everything is going fine, until disaster strikes. It is a normal jump for skydiving instructor, Forest Pullman and his passenger. The diver gives the thumbs up as they descend out of the plane. Then […]