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There’s A Scientific Reason The Tomato Video Went Viral [Video]

You may have seen the viral video of a tomato being chopping in reverse. Sounds strange, but the video is oddly calming. With more than 45,ooo views, the video is driving people crazy. “Why did I watch that?” “I can’t look away.” Here, see for yourself. As this chopped tomato went viral, many were left […]

Britain’s Oldest Rapper Goes Viral With Ambulance Rap [Video]

Meet Britain’s oldest rapper. Norma Clarke is a 78-year-old great grandmother with some mad rap skills. Her rapping skills recently went viral under some very strange circumstances. After suffering a severe nosebleed, Clarke ended up in an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, Clarke shocked the paramedics with an impromptu rap session. In the […]

The Dog Holds One Of The Most Important Jobs At This Airport

Meet Piper the dog. He isn’t just your normal pet. He holds the position of wildlife control canine at the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan. Basically, his job consists of chasing off birds on the runways and tarmacs of the airport in these frigid temperatures. This is a pretty important job considering how much damage […]

Dog Takes Vet For A Ride And Its Hilarious [Video]

Taking a pet to the vet can be a pretty big hassle, especially if the pet is a really large dog. As the following video shows, a routine procedure can turn into a viral video sensation. It seems the patient was cooperating with the nurse until it realized that it is there for a procedure. […]

Social Media vs Real life: Meeting Cool People

Whether it’s Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we all from time to time find our own cool people to look up to. They’re the Gala Darlings and the Kendall Jenners of the online world. Every snapshot perfectly composed, filtered, curated for mass consumption. Theirs is the seemingly perfect life. We’ve allowed them to take up space […]

Man Robs Bank, Posts The Pictures To Instagram

Talk about dumb criminals! One Virginia Beach man is in serious trouble with the law after sharing a little too much on Instagram. Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca has pled guilty to robbery after police came across some incriminating videos and pictures the 23-year-old had posted on his Instagram page. Back in May 2015, police say that […]

H3H3’s Ethan Klein Calls Out Facebook For ‘Freebooting’ [Video]

YouTuber and creator of H3H3 productions, Ethan Klein is spreading the word about a sneaky way Facebook is allowing pages to ‘steal’ videos. Klein uploaded a video explaining his discovery just a day ago and it quickly found its way to the front page of reddit. It seems Klein noticed the so-called scam after hearing […]

Pottery Painting Viral Video Mesmerizes Viewers

Painting can certainly be one of the most relaxing activities known to humanity. In fact, some doctors are keen to enroll for adult painting classes and mark the enrollment fee down their tax computations as recreation and stress management exemption.” However, painting can also become one heart-stopping feat. This viral video of a master artisan […]