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Auctioneer Beats Bring The Heat to The Bidding Floor [Vines]

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rumble! The bidding starts now! Action on the auction house floor on a sought-after item can get really hot and intense, and it’s not just from all the bids flying around. Take the auctioneer, for instance. To be one, you’ve got to have lighting-quick observation skills, presence of mind […]

This Trump “Commercial” Is Too Kawaii For You

Get ready for the sugar rush you never imagined you’d actually want to experience. Sorta. Kinda. MikeDiva of Youtube has got his video editing game on, and how. This director and visual FX artist styles himself the “maker of videos/ music/ memes and dreams”, and has thousands of followers on his Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram […]

SeaWorld Orca Reported Captured Trying To Commit Suicide [Video]

It is yet another controversial story out of the gates of SeaWorld. Footage captured one of the park’s performing Orca whales attempting to commit suicide. The video shows the captive killer whale attempting to beach itself during a show in Tenerife. The Orca, named Morgan, is seen on video laying motionless on the concrete. Experts […]

Watch These Japanese High-School Students Hatch a Chick OUTSIDE Of Its Egg

A viral video showing Japanese high-school students hatch a chick outside of its egg is turning a lot of heads online. The video, recently fact-checked by Snopes, does indeed depict a real chick incubation technique that allows observers to watch every stage of the animal’s development—though the claim that this is the “first time” such […]

There’s A Scientific Reason The Tomato Video Went Viral [Video]

You may have seen the viral video of a tomato being chopping in reverse. Sounds strange, but the video is oddly calming. With more than 45,ooo views, the video is driving people crazy. “Why did I watch that?” “I can’t look away.” Here, see for yourself. As this chopped tomato went viral, many were left […]

Britain’s Oldest Rapper Goes Viral With Ambulance Rap [Video]

Meet Britain’s oldest rapper. Norma Clarke is a 78-year-old great grandmother with some mad rap skills. Her rapping skills recently went viral under some very strange circumstances. After suffering a severe nosebleed, Clarke ended up in an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, Clarke shocked the paramedics with an impromptu rap session. In the […]

The Dog Holds One Of The Most Important Jobs At This Airport

Meet Piper the dog. He isn’t just your normal pet. He holds the position of wildlife control canine at the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan. Basically, his job consists of chasing off birds on the runways and tarmacs of the airport in these frigid temperatures. This is a pretty important job considering how much damage […]

Dog Takes Vet For A Ride And Its Hilarious [Video]

Taking a pet to the vet can be a pretty big hassle, especially if the pet is a really large dog. As the following video shows, a routine procedure can turn into a viral video sensation. It seems the patient was cooperating with the nurse until it realized that it is there for a procedure. […]