Fake Buyout Story Makes Twitter Stock Briefly Skyrocket

It seems many were fooled by a bogus news story that circulated the Internet. The story alleged that Twitter had received a $31 billion buyout order. The story was rigged to appear like it came from the credible Bloomberg News website, however it was a fraud. While the article was a masterly planned hoax, there […]

J.K. Rowling: “Hogwarts Tuition is Free”, Potterheads Rejoice

Earlier this week, Potterheads have been abuzz with this one burning question: Just how much does an education at Hogwarts cost? Kevin O’Keefe of Mic.com and a number of sharp fans over at the Harry Potter Wiki, their number-crunching endeavors and guesstimates all boiled down to the dizzying sum of $43,031, inclusive of robes, wizarding […]

#WorldEmojiDay: Are You Celebrating?

Happy #WorldEmojiDay. So, what is so special about today in the world of emojis? Well, today is the day that is displayed on the emoji calendar. ? ? ? Happy #WorldEmojiDay, @Twitter! ? ? ? ? us @Emojipedia and @WorldEmojiDay ? http://t.co/YA4xBbWAfC pic.twitter.com/hpUE3v7wna — World Emoji Day (@WorldEmojiDay) July 17, 2015 That’s right, July 17. But, wait […]

Little Girl Pulls Off Amazing Trick Shots With Household Items [Video]

Riley Dashwood isn’t just adorable. The six-year-old is pretty talented too. Thanks to her extremely patient dad, Riley has become a viral Internet sensation after being filmed hitting some pretty intense trick shots with household items. Riley is seen tossing items, such as a piece of bread, over her shoulder and making it into ridicoulus […]

#GrowingUpBlack and #GrowingUpFilipino Have so Much In Common

#GrowingUpBlack is now a thing — it;s here to stay, and it’s fantastic. the hashtag features some of the best and funniest memories of Black Twitter’s collective childhoods. Reading through tweets, I had to admit, a lot of these really reminded me of my own childhood as well those of my friends’ and what they […]

#FedExPrisoner: Man Trapped In Store Overnight

It was an errand that was only supposed to last a few moments, instead one San Antonio man says it turned into an all-night ordeal. Chris Galvan walked into his local FedEx store to print some documents for a fitness competition he had the next day. Preoccupied with his printing errands, he didn’t realize the […]

When Normal People Have Famous Twitter Handles

How many times have you tweeted a favorite celebrity on Twitter in hopes that they will respond? Or, just see your tweet and know that you exist? But what happens when you share a name with someone famous? Well, it can led to some very unwanted (or maybe wanted) attention, especially on social media. Let’s […]

These People Lost Their Jobs Because of What They Posted Online

We’ve all heard the stories. An employer trawls through their employee’s social media profiles (in an act the digital world has christened “stalking”) and finds something they don’t like. In fact, the offending post is so inflammatory it costs the employee their job. Even those of us with jobs in social media are not immune. It’s […]