Regrexit: Facepalm-worthy Brexit Moments in Social Media

Well done, UK. You’ve officially hit a brand-new level in intelligence ratings, though in which direction, we’d rather not say. Time for #Regrexit. You’re even starting to give Texas ideas with what might be #Texit. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is yet experiencing another bad case of foot-in-mouth disease with his newest tweet […]

10-Year-Old Lyanna Mormont is The Newest Badass of GOT

If Lyanna Mormont still isn’t your favorite Game of Thrones character, she’s going to be now. Ever since her debut, she has been kicking ass and taking names with her level of sass. and we just can’t handle this girl’s level of badassery. Seriously, How cool can this 10-year-old get? What were we even doing […]

Anton Yelchin, Star Trek Actor, Dies at 27

Dying young isn’t cool.  Anton Yelchin, a young up-coming actor who portrayed Anton Checkov in the new “Star Trek” films, died in freak car accident early Sunday according to police and publicists. Yelchin was on his way to meet two friends for a rehearsal. He got out of his car for a short while, and […]

These Dad Jokes Will Make You Feel 100% Dad

Dad, Pops, Papa, Daddy, Dada… We may all have different ways of calling our dads, but they’ll have the same kind of jokes: so corny, it just hurts, and then he hurt just starts getting too ridiculous for us to handle. Do you think the jokes are intentionally lame? It it really the magnum opus height […]

Donald Trump ‘Asks the Gays’ and It Backfires Gloriously

So, remember that time when Trump made it look like the LGBT community adored him from head to toe? And actually wanted his help? Well, there’s only too many times you can stick your foot in your mouth before it backfires, and it just did. Take this video, for example. He just kept saying “Ask […]

Trump Says The LGBT Community Loves Him

That’s what he said. Donald Trump is at it again with a brand new tweet that’s got us all knotted up, because it kinda seems as if he sincerely believes the LGBT community … loves… him? and that they want protecting by him? Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary […]

This Guy on Twitter Just Schooled Us on How To Shut Down Homophobes

During this time of sorrow and dialogue about the tragic mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse club, there are just some people who are more intent to spread the hate and judgement rather than the love. Twitter user @CertifiedFool_ has just bout had it with all the homophobic hate, and decided to expose the faulty reasoning […]

Hillary Destroys Trump With a Three-Word Tweet

After a glittering endorsement from none other than “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, as well as the numbers to clinch the Democrat nomination, it seems Hillary Clinton is starting to get serious bout shutting down the opposition — starting with none other than Donald Trump. Donald Trump being his acerbic self tweeted his disdain for Barack […]