Muslim Girl Counters Bacon Dis With How Awesome Muslim Food Is

You see, that’s one of the things that’s so awesome about food. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or any kind of faith (or any kind of non-faith), food is always delicious, and brings happy people together. And if your faith says No to a certain kind of food, no problem! That’s what creativity and resourcefulness […]

Merriam-Webster Adds ‘Genderqueer’, ‘Cisgender’ to Unabridged Version

The good folks over at Merriam-Webster know that they’ve got to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of the English language. The amazing thing about them too is their inclusion of certain words and concepts in their new rosters is their way of signaling to the world that “Hey look, world, this new word and […]

Boar Family Bands Together To See Their Son Freed From Fence

You don’t mess with a boar. You just don’t. Doubly so goes for the boar’s family, because everyone has everyone’s back. We know this s true, not just because Asterix and Princess Mononoke taught us so, but because hey, family is family. Hey, humans aren’t the only ones with a concept of family, y’know. Take […]

These Yarn Names Please Your Inner Emo Teen

When you’re wearing something made from the Army of The Dead, you know it’s going to be pretty badass. Luckily, there’s yarn for that. The fine folks who run the Etsy store Dye for Yarn have named their hues monickers that range from the satisfyingly dark to the off-kilter brooding to even mildly unsettling. Love […]

What Would You Name This Baby’s Mixtape?

Twitter always has that hilarious and witty answer for any cover or mixtape challenge. This one’s going to be as cute as it is funny. (Also: parents, this one’s for you.) Twitter user @MoreandAgain posted this image of one toddler with  whole lot of swag. What's the name of her mixtape? — Cocky McSwagsalot (@MoreAndAgain) […]

#DesignerProblems: The Real Rough Deal of Clients and Revisions

Dear designers, we feel you. We’d buy you a drink, or some takeout, or some lunch if we could. You do so much to make everything look and communicate a little bit more cooler. Only you folks can combine that perfect hue and that perfect type (not font!) with the right kerning and weight, and […]

Youtubers Read Mean Tweets with Jimmy Kimmel

In the timeless tradition of reading mean tweets, Jimmy Kimmel invited a number of Youtubers to let the dregs of Twitter take potshots at them and emerge unscathed from all the saltiness. The likes of Markiplier, Tyler Oakley, and Grace Helbig sat in front of Kimmel’s “mean tweets” camera, and went through an array of tweets […]

Regrexit: Facepalm-worthy Brexit Moments in Social Media

Well done, UK. You’ve officially hit a brand-new level in intelligence ratings, though in which direction, we’d rather not say. Time for #Regrexit. You’re even starting to give Texas ideas with what might be #Texit. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is yet experiencing another bad case of foot-in-mouth disease with his newest tweet […]