Season 2 ‘Orange is the New Black’ Trailer Is Here And It’s Perfection

Call off work for Friday, June 6 and have your Netflix viewing device ready and full charged. The second season trailer for “Orange is the New Black” has hit the internet. Hard. Who is ready to throw pie? Netflix released the trailer on Youtube today and its views are increasing fast. Already a top trend on […]

Twitter Announces App Install Ads

Twitter sees around 75 percent of its revenue from mobile, and in taking a page directly from Facebook, announced mobile app install ads today. The social network is working with MoPub, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising exchanges, who reaches over one billion unique users and processes 130 billion requests each month. Currently, app install […]

It’s Officially Legal To Say Someone’s ‘F***ing Crazy’ On Twitter

This just in: You can say someone is “f***ing crazy” on Twitter to your heart’s content, according to a little something called THE LAW. “Of course I can say someone is ‘f***ing crazy’ on Twitter,” you protest. “I can call 10 people a f***ing derpnugget before breakfast and still be well-within my Constitutional rights!” You’re […]

Beyoncé and Jay Z Together For A Summer Tour

If you need to take a few seconds to remember how to breathe, you’re not alone. Beyoncé and Jay Z have decided to bring their royal marriage to the stage. Social media is blowing up with excitement watching Beyoncé sit beautifully at the very top of Facebook Trending (rightfully so). The ground is shaking in preparation for […]

Sky To Let Twitter Users Watch Or Record Shows

You’re at your in-laws’ house. Your significant other promised you would be home by 9pm, the airing time of Game of Thrones in the U.K. and that you would get to watch it. Your significant other lied. You come to this realization at around 8:45, while your father-in-law is halfway through telling you about his footie […]

Mediacom Fails At Customer Service On Twitter

Let me start by clearly stating that I am not a fan of Mediacom, and for good reason. As a customer of the broadband service provider I have had more than half a dozen well-documented technicians visit my home. Over the last 12 months my service has been nothing but a massive headache. Most of […]

Twitter Looks To Former Google Employee For Better Mobile Presence

Twitter has been a publicly-traded company for just over six months now, and today added former Google employee Daniel Graf as its VP of Consumer Product. Graf comes from a major background in mobile, functioning as CEO of online and mobile video platform Kyte for six years until it was acquired in January 2011. Working […]

Twitter Acquires Social Data Partner Gnip

Twitter acquired two companies focused around social TV analytics last month, and today added social data company Gnip to its team for an undisclosed sum. Gnip is one of the largest providers of social data, and first partnered with Twitter in 2010 at a time when the social network was really hitting its stride. To […]

Mimi Faust Has A Sextape, Sadly Social Media Cares

  Mimi Faust, the star of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” has a sextape, and sadly social media cares. Mimi trended on Twitter early morning April 15th, and the term “Mimi sex tape” was sadly the second most searched term on Google. Mimi is a main character on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” If […]

#Bloodmoon Trends As Total Lunar Eclipse Is Seen By Billions

A total lunar eclipse has social media talking as a blood moon is seen by billions worldwide. The “blood moon” is a phrase that describes a phase during the eclipse where the moon appears to be a coppery red color. The eclipse, which is viewable across North and South America, parts of Asia and Australia […]

The 10 Best #PurpleWedding Memes On Twitter [Photos]

If last night’s Game of Thrones episode “The Lion and the Rose” is still burning a hole in your DVR, you might want to bounce off of this spoiler-heavy page right this instant, because we’re totally going to talk about that super important and shocking thing that happened that has caused you to completely avoid social media […]

KFC Chicken Corsage Is A Real Thing Available For Purchase

#HowDoYouKFC? Normally in the privacy of my own home where I can unhinge my jaw and just drop fried chicken down my throat in peace. But right now, there is another option targeting all high school students attending prom. KFC has launched a new promotion called #HowDoYouKFC which brings together one old tradition of buying […]

Twitter Employees Welcome Painting Of Celeb-Filled Oscars Moment

Ellen DeGeneres’ special photo at the Oscars set a new retweet record with now over 3.4 million retweets, and Twitter recently added new decor to its headquarters. This past Thursday, employee Lauren Mitcheom tweeted a photo of the epic moment as a painting that now hangs on the office wall: Hey, @TheEllenShow! We painted a picture […]

Twitter Co-Founders, CEO Don’t Plan On Selling Shares

Twitter went public on November 6, 2013 and while shareholders will soon be able to sell shares, several key people will be holding out. According to a SEC filing published Monday morning, Co-Founders Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and CEO Dick Costolo “have no current plans” on selling any shares. May 6 is when the lock-up […]

Internet Ad Revenues Surpass Broadcast TV For The First Time

Internet advertising revenues have surpassed broadcast television for the first time. The figures release by IAB show that U.S. interactive advertising (internet) revenues for 2013 hit an new of $42.8 billion, exceeding broadcast television advertising revenues of $40.1 billion. The report providex a breakdown of online figures which stated: mobile achieved triple-digit growth year-over-year, rising […]

Senior Twitter Engineer Charged With Multiple Counts Of Rape

A senior engineer at Twitter has been charged with three counts of rape, along with a charge of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence. Dana McCallum, a prominent transgender activist and women in tech advocate, is alleged to have raped and imprisoned her partner in charges formally laid January 29th after her initial […]

Fake 5 Seconds of Summer Tickets Get Fans Angry #FAKE5SOSTICKETSSF

Fake tickets to see band 5 Seconds of Summer have gotten fans angry, with the hashtag #FAKE5SOSTICKETSSF becoming the most popular hashtag on Twitter this evening. The Australian boy band has become highly successful lately, with their album hitting No. 2 on the Billboard Charts. They’ve also been described as potentially the new One Direction. It’s […]

44% Of Twitter Accounts Have NEVER Sent A Tweet

Twitter has amassed a mammoth number of users and nearly half of them have never sent a single tweet. A new study suggests that 44% of of all accounts have never sent out a message from the micro-blogging platform. Twopcharts, a site that monitors Twitter account activity, reported the data. Shortly after that finding a […]

Twitter Launches Pop-Up Notifications On The Web

A new Twitter experiment was revealed yesterday, hinting at notifications on the web, and today the social network announced they are rolling out. Instead of having to look over the stream or head on over to your “Notifications” or “Direct messages” tab, users can now receive real-time notifications that appear as a small pop-up on […]