“50 Nerds of Grey” Makes Your Inner Goddess Roll a 20

We have no idea why it took us this long to shine the spotlight on this twitter account, but at last, here we are. 50 Nerds of Grey is a parody twitter account that rewrite choice lines or scenes from the notorious E.L James’ “50 Shades of Grey”. It takes the work into unchartered territory, […]

Here Are The Most Adorable #TakeYourKidToWorkDay Tweets With Pictures

So today is “Take Your Kid to Work Day” is today, which is even more fun than casual Friday and Twitter is celebrating with the hashtag #TakeYourKidToWorkDay. Some of the Tweets that are coming from this hashtag are ridiculously adorable, every little guy/girl wants to go to work with their parents every once in a […]

Jay-Z In a Sour Patch with Fans As Beyonce Drops “Lemonade”

This week is not a good one for Jay-Z. After the Beyhive descended on fashion designer Rachel Roy (as well as mistakenly sending some shade Rachael Ray’s way) after Beyonce dropped her visual album “Lemonade”, you can be sure retribution on the rapper was not going to be far behind. Lesson? Do not f*ck with […]

Life According to Neat Freaks, In Tweets

Nothing brings a neat freak more peace and satisfaction than achieving a spotless, immaculate household, a space so clean you can (quite literally) eat off the floor. Of course, Life sometimes just isn’t fair, and will at some point or another set off this impeccable order, and set the neat freak’s nerves on edge. As […]

Confused Fans Think Jay-Z Had An Affair With Rachael Ray

Rachael, or Rachel? To a frenzied mob of enraged fans, it seems there isn’t much difference. Rumors have begun circulating that Jay-Z has started an affair with Rachael Ray — celebrity chef, creator of the 30-minute meals, and speaker of catchphrases such as”Yum-0!”. That is, that’s what it seems to look like on social media. […]

Patrick Stewart In Drag Is Everything You Ever Dreamed Of

Patrick Stewart. All glammed up, in drag. Shut the club down, everyone go home, this is the glory we never knew we were waiting to see all week. The beloved Star Trek actor showed up at an event in Los Angeles in a silvery-blond wig, statement jewelry, gorgeous fuschia dress, and false eyelashes that would […]

Women Share Stories of Assault and Abuse on #WhenIWas

#WhenIWas is a heart-breaking thread of intimate, painful stories, but are stories that should none the less be heard. The hurt can start at an early age, simply with something such as “Oh, he likes you!” (Note: please don’t do this to your kids, Seriously, don’t. It just makes it okay for boys to hurt […]