U.N. Calls on Facebook, Twitter to Join Fight Against Terrorism

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Internet and social media companies should respond to the exploitation of their services by radical Islamist groups, a U.N. panel said on Wednesday. The panel’s report calls on companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to do whatever possible to curb the “increasingly horrific propaganda” groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL post to their sites. […]

Oops, Police Helicopter Broadcasts X-Rated Conversation [Video]

Someone has some explaining to do after Winnipeg citizens heard an obscene conversation broadcast from the sky. The Winnepeg police department is investigating how the officers in the patrol helicopter inadvertently turned on the plane’s loudspeaker. Their conversation was heard throughout the city as the officers did their normal patrol route. It wouldn’t of been […]

Twitter Commemorates #6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson

Six years ago today, pop superstar Michael Jackson passed away in his Los Angeles home. The King of Pop’s death prompted widespread mourning and tributes from artists, politicians, and other public figures. Today, Twitter is buzzing with posts in memoriam of the late pop culture icon. https://twitter.com/awhisperoflovex/status/614063408439291904 When Michael Jackson Broke the Internet In 2009, […]

Tom Holland Is Cast As Spiderman, Twitter Congratulates Wrong Guy

Social media is a buzz with congratulations for actor, Tom Holland. The young star was cast as Spiderman in the upcoming hero film. Everyone is tweeting their excitement to @RealTomHolland. One problem though. That’s the wrong guy. This Tom Holland is a 70-something movie director based in Los Angeles. Known for writing and directing several […]

Church of England Embraces Twitter, Live-Tweets Services at #Compline

For the faithful of the Church of England, it certainly seems their prayers have been answered for a way to join in prayers at a distance — through live-tweeted services. This ingenious method of worship has been spearheaded by the historic Ripon Cathedral. worshipers everywhere can now join in the services — whether they be […]

Tweeps Get Jokes Behind Lifetime’s #ADeadlyAdoption [Video]

Most of the time, Lifetime channel takes itself very seriously. In fact, it took itself so seriously, it decided to create a parody movie starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig — and have them play it completely straight. In this “high-stakes dramatic thriller”, Wiig and Ferrell play a couple, a workaholic organic farm owner and […]

#GoodBandNameBadFirstDate Trending On Twitter

Oyoyoy, Twitter, you sure know how to split our seams. this week’s trending hashtag #GoodBandNameBadFirstDate has got us both laughing out loud and cringing mightily at the prospect of such a date happening. Thank goodness we’d never subject ourselves to such a date. The game is pretty much just like it says on the tin: […]

Man Posts Excerpts from EL James’ #Grey; Twitter Reacts

[Caveat: Many of the photos here are excerpts from the book, and thus can be NSFW-y. View at your own discretion.] So EL James has just released the newest book in her 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. It’s entitled “Grey”, and is essentially the very same story told from Christian Grey’s perspective. Scott Bryan, an […]