#OnTinderAtTinder Pits Tinder Pics vs Real Life

Tinder is one of the places where you’ll always want to look your best — but let’s face it, real life can actually be a whole lotta more fun. Proof? #OnTinderAtTinder. Tinder profile pics are more often than not as photoshoot-ed, photoshopped, filtered, curated and strategically cropped as best each user can. We’re seldom aware that […]

The Toblorange is a 2016 Chocolate Miracle

This 2016, get yourself ready for some Toblorange lovin’. 2015 gave us healthier, tastier chocolate, and the heavens opened, and choirs of angels swooped down and serenaded us with blessings of deliciousness. And then in a sweep of unparalleled genius, Twitter user James Hannah unleashed his newest masterpiece onto the world: The Toblorange. #toblorange pic.twitter.com/DiMUqVrBuP […]

Social Media vs Real life: Meeting Cool People

Whether it’s Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we all from time to time find our own cool people to look up to. They’re the Gala Darlings and the Kendall Jenners of the online world. Every snapshot perfectly composed, filtered, curated for mass consumption. Theirs is the seemingly perfect life. We’ve allowed them to take up space […]

Tributes to David Bowie That Will Touch Everyone’s Heart

Damn BBC news app and its notification of breaking news! I don’t normally say this, but a few minutes ago, a glance at my phone showed me “David Bowie passed away…” To my chagrin, a quick search of authoritative news sites confirmed that it is not a hoax. His son has also confirmed his father’s […]

Badass Parents Retell Heart-stopping Accidental Home Birth in Tweets (Pt. 2)

Last post, we featured the blow-by-blow account of Marco Rogers and his wife Aniyia Williams of Part 1 of their accidental home birth. Ready for Part 2? Here we go: Now I’m talking my wife through it. “I can see her head babe. But she’s gotta come out. You gotta push.” — Marco Rogers (@polotek) […]

Badass Parents Retell Heart-stopping Accidental Home Birth in Tweets (Pt. 1)

Aniyia Williams and her husband Marcos Rogers are excited with their baby’s dude date so close. Aniyia, the CEO of her own startup Tinsel, and Marco, a web developer, counted the days and geared up for the delivery when her contractions began making themselves felt five days early. So after the ordeal, Marcos took to […]

Science quips and soundbites on #OHatCES

CES 2016 has become a paradise of sorts for tech lovers everywhere, and we’re practically just a couple of weeks into the new year. Were there any quotable quotes to be heard? You bet! #OHatCES is teeming with funny or revealing quips snatched up by attentive ears over at the Nevada convention. Allow us to […]

Twitter Lets It Snow with #WinterOfficiallyBeginsSo

UK may have had their first kiss of snow earlier than the rest of the world, but #WinterOfficiallyBeginsSo is now making waves in the US’s Twittersphere. Americans are officially Jack Frost nipping at their noses, and there’s all sorts of feelings running amok on Twitter because of this. Sure, Winter might be one of the […]