The Fine Art of Adulting In Your 20’s, According to Twitter

Aaaah, yes, once you hit your 20’s, Life rolls out the doormat for you that says “Welcome To Your Adult Life”. And this time, you finally get to practice the fine art of Adulting all you want. The thing is, you kinda have to nail it from Day 1, because isn’t that what Adults are […]

‘Danger Noodle’ and More: When The Internet Names Animals

The internet is a wild place. It’s the deep, dense jungle habitat of critters who can’t get enough of social media, the hottest bit of pop culture gossip, and more. Oh yeah, and there are also the animals. #TheInternetNamesAnimals is a very real thing on Twitter, and if you’ve had just about enough of 2016, […]

Can Real-Life Pets Actually See Pokemon? [Pokemon GO]

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and it’s just been a little over a month since its release. Of course, you need a smart phone (and a powerful battery and a power bank, we hear) to catch ’em all — or do you? Because a bunk of Twitter users just tweeted images of […]

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes Dig On Plagiarized Michelle Obama Speech

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes — saying every single memorable quote Melania Trump never did. With her latest speech at the Republican National Convention, the words were compelling, touching, and struck a chord with many audience members soaking it all up. The problem?  These words may not have been 100% hers. Internet sleuths are coming out with side-by-side video […]

Twitter Romance Turns Into Wedding Bells For This Couple

Time and time again, we’ve shown how love finds its way in the most unexpected means. From romance stories hidden in a painting, to even some wisdom from real-life couples, love always finds a way. So, I think we can say it’s a lovely thing when love does tie together two people, quite unwittingly, through […]

#KimExposedTaylorPary Is The Wildest On The Internet Today

So, the Kim Kardashian – Taylor Swift brouhaha is driving the internet nuts, and #KimExposedTaylorPary is now officially a thing. A big, smoking, hot thing. What’s the buzz all about you say? Click here and read. No worries, I’ll wait. Done? Okay then. The internet coined the hashtag #KimExposedTaylorPary so for two good reasons: (1) fans […]