Minnie Driver Responds To Body Critics With Nude Tweet

Minnie Driver has responded to critics of her body with a nude tweet. The 44 year old actress had previously been attacked online following the publication of her in a bikini appeared online. Despite being 44 and a mother people still felt the need to point out her flaws. That criticism ended with her deleting […]

Social Media Remembers The #ArmenianGenocide

Social media has remembered the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, with the hashtag #ArmenianGenocide trending on Twitter this morning (April 24). The genocide, which commenced on April 24th, 1915, was the Ottoman Government’s systematic extermination of its Armenian subjects from their historic homeland in the borders of the country now known as Turkey. The […]

Hashtags Get Their Own Song: “You Only Talk In #Hashtag”

You Only Talk In #Hashtag from Dave Audé vs Luciana is obtaining a lot of online buzz…and why wouldn’t it: it’s a song about Hashtags. The song was released April 9th, however only started to trend following strong promotion from Perez Hilton. Hilton wrote: First we got the Selfie song. Now we have… The #Hashtag […]

Tumblr More Popular For TV Than Twitter, Study Finds

Twitter is a great companion to TV, and recently the social network acquired two social TV analytics companies. According to a new study though, Tumblr sees more TV-related activity. The study was commissioned by the Yahoo-owned, GIF heavy social network with the help of Pulsar, a social data intelligence company based out of the UK. […]

#NationalSendYourManNudesDay Trends Globally With Weeks Funniest Twitter Tag

National Send Your Man Nudes Day has gone global, with the hashtag #NationalSendYourManNudesDay topping Twitter in various countries across the globe. As we reported here yesterday, the hashtag is being used to send out jokes, and after trending strongly April 22nd, it’s dominating charts April 23rd. It’s hard to know where even to start, as […]

New Twitter Layout Released For Everyone

Were you green with envy when you saw select Twitter users getting access to the new site design, while you sat around with the old layout? Did you feel like you were stuck in 2013? If so, you might want to go ahead and open your Twitter feed, because the new design has finally rolled […]

Ellen Page Gives Animals New Names On Twitter

Sometimes it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. Maybe your animal has the wrong name and you need a new one from someone else, say, Ellen Page. Early Tuesday morning, the “Juno” star’s simple tweet snowballed into a hilarious morning on Twitter. I love renaming my friends dogs like a total jerk. — Ellen […]

Palcohol Powdered Alcohol Makes Social Media Drunk With Interest

A new “powdered alcohol” called Palcohol has social media buzzing, with news of the substance trending on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Palcohol is, as suggested a powdered form of alcohol, similar to powered milk. You add Palcohol to water and bingo: instant alcoholic drink. Once launched the company intends to offer six different flavors; two base […]

Harvard Medical School Using Twitter To Study Food Poisoning

Twitter, Harvard Medical School, and Boston Children’s Hospital have teamed up to study food poisoning. The social network on Thursday announced the partnership, which provides both institutions with free access to Twitter’s social media data pipeline. The two medical institutions were “one” of six institutions to receive access via the Twitter Data Grants program.  That […]

Twitter Blocks Accounts Responsible For Turkey Leaks

Twitter has blocked the accounts that posted the sensitive information that caused  Turkey to being its war on social media. Twitter apparently was responding to a court order issued by Turkey’. According to their policy account, Twitter will not remove information simply because a government authority asked them to. Instead,  they only remove content or […]

Researchers: Twitter Can Be Used To Predict Crime

Twitter posts can be used to predict crime, says researchers. They aren’t talking about #420 posts either. It isn’t as simple as looking for tweets where people talk about committing crimes. Outside of some incredibly stupid exceptions, people rarely tweet about crimes they plan to commit. Instead, researchers at the University of Virginia demonstrated that […]

Stoners Celebrate A Happy 420 Day On Twitter

Stoners worldwide are celebrating a Happy 420 Day with the term trending on Twitter April 20. 420 day, considered by some as weeds holy day, celebrates weed use on April 20th based on the nickname for weed 420. The term 420 itself is said to have came from a belief that stoners like to light […]

Cops Raid Home, Seize Computers And Cell Phones Over Satirical Twitter Account

The war against freedom of speech in social media isn’t limited to China and Turkey. Cops in the city of Peoria, Illinois have brazenly seized computers and cell phones from a home suspected of being connected to a satirical Twitter account that mocked the city’s mayor, Jim Ardis. Three people were  taken into custody at […]

Seth Rogen To Nancy Grace ‘You Are A F—ing Dumbass’

Sometimes, you just have to call them as you see them. That is what actor and noted marijuana advocate, Seth Rogen, did when responding to Nancy Grace’s Anti-weed tirade on Twitter earlier today. Nancy Grace was going on about a Colorado shooting where the suspect who, according to Police via CNN, may have been on […]

Season 2 ‘Orange is the New Black’ Trailer Is Here And It’s Perfection

Call off work for Friday, June 6 and have your Netflix viewing device ready and full charged. The second season trailer for “Orange is the New Black” has hit the internet. Hard. Who is ready to throw pie? Netflix released the trailer on Youtube today and its views are increasing fast. Already a top trend on […]

Twitter Announces App Install Ads

Twitter sees around 75 percent of its revenue from mobile, and in taking a page directly from Facebook, announced mobile app install ads today. The social network is working with MoPub, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising exchanges, who reaches over one billion unique users and processes 130 billion requests each month. Currently, app install […]

It’s Officially Legal To Say Someone’s ‘F***ing Crazy’ On Twitter

This just in: You can say someone is “f***ing crazy” on Twitter to your heart’s content, according to a little something called THE LAW. “Of course I can say someone is ‘f***ing crazy’ on Twitter,” you protest. “I can call 10 people a f***ing derpnugget before breakfast and still be well-within my Constitutional rights!” You’re […]

Beyoncé and Jay Z Together For A Summer Tour

If you need to take a few seconds to remember how to breathe, you’re not alone. Beyoncé and Jay Z have decided to bring their royal marriage to the stage. Social media is blowing up with excitement watching Beyoncé sit beautifully at the very top of Facebook Trending (rightfully so). The ground is shaking in preparation for […]

Sky To Let Twitter Users Watch Or Record Shows

You’re at your in-laws’ house. Your significant other promised you would be home by 9pm, the airing time of Game of Thrones in the U.K. and that you would get to watch it. Your significant other lied. You come to this realization at around 8:45, while your father-in-law is halfway through telling you about his footie […]