This Guy on Twitter Just Schooled Us on How To Shut Down Homophobes

During this time of sorrow and dialogue about the tragic mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse club, there are just some people who are more intent to spread the hate and judgement rather than the love. Twitter user @CertifiedFool_ has just bout had it with all the homophobic hate, and decided to expose the faulty reasoning […]

Hillary Destroys Trump With a Three-Word Tweet

After a glittering endorsement from none other than “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, as well as the numbers to clinch the Democrat nomination, it seems Hillary Clinton is starting to get serious bout shutting down the opposition — starting with none other than Donald Trump. Donald Trump being his acerbic self tweeted his disdain for Barack […]

This Black Bath Bomb Is Every Goth’s Dream Come True

Aaaaah, at last. A bath bomb to match my soul. Those of us whose homes are happily betubbed may have at some point of their lives enjoyed a good bath bomb or two. (and those of us who don’t, well, there’s always be the memes for it.) Instagram user @Toxicbitchcraft shared this video of her […]

JK Rowling Urges Fans to #KeepTheSecrets On “Cursed Child” Opening Night

The play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child opened to great fanfare in London this week. Theater lovers and fans alike flocked to to the theater, and them being pumped is a huge, huge understatement. It’s here it’s here!! ⚡️ A photo posted by Sarah Beth Falbe (@sbf50) on Jun 7, 2016 at 10:34am PDT […]

This Muhammad Ali Story Is Heartwarmingly Heartbreaking

With the tearful passing of Muhammad Ali, we all take a moment to pause and reflect on his momentous life full of victories, struggle, and meaning. Some of us have more concrete, tangible memories, though, and it’s a wonderful thing when they decide to share this fragment of the man on Twitter. Apologies for flooding […]

Twitter Can’t Get Over a Bear Getting Curious about a Car

When the internet watches a bear do something, it can be a good thing. Why? Because when bears get fiercely curious about things, the internet sits up to take notice — and a collective “d’aaaaw” is heard all over the planet. A black bear was spotted attempting to break into parked cars at Tylerville Elementary […]

Artist Creates Stunning Color Palettes From Movies

There are many aspects of a movie that tell its story. There’s the more obvious elements — the plot, the acting, the direction, and so on. However, there are also more subtle parts of a film that also tell its story just as well that as also very important — the lighting, the score, the […]

Trump: “There Is No Drought In CA”; Twitter Responds

Hey, California, good news! there is absolutely no drought in your state! Yes to pool parties, yes to greener golf courses, and yes to reviving beer production! You can certainly all thank Donald Trump for that! Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke to California voters at Fresno last Friday, saying he has the perfect […]