#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words: From Peace To Blowtorches?

#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words is trending on Twitter and the answers vary from the normal pageant answer to straight-up weird. With more than 48,000 tweets, the hashtag certainly as people talking. From charities that want world peace… Make sure every child thrives! #ChangeTheWorldIn5Words pic.twitter.com/rVLUj3HoIC — UNICEF (@UNICEF) July 29, 2015 To those that just wanted to achieve a […]

Internet Enraged; Killer of #CeciltheLion Forced to Close Shop

Cecil the Lion was an iconic and well-loved figure of the Zimbabwean savannah. He walked the grasslands of Hwange’s National Park, was the head of his own pride, and reared cubs to carry on his lineage. Cecil sported an unusual black mane, and visitors would always keep a charismatic eye out for him. Until most […]

Study Warns Social Media Use Can Lead To Mental Health Problems

As social media becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, the young generation Z is admitting they spend most of their time on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Now, a new study is shedding light on the possibility that heavy social media use could lead to mental […]

Trump’s Hat Gets Memed; Twitter Reacts

Donald Trump recently headed on down to the border city of Laredo in Texas to say how much he “loves Latinos”, and believes there ought to be a wall built all the way down the US-Mexican border. Which Mexico will pay for, should he have his way. Seeming to punctuate his statements Trump made the […]

Epic Ideas for Your Future Dream Home [Survey]

We asked people on Facebook and Twitter what cool custom stuff they’d build into their dream home.    e’ve all fantasized about it: building a house from the ground up, sinking exorbitant amounts of money into creating our own custom-built palace—our dream home. What would you build if money was no object? Would you indulge your […]

Sharknado 3: Twitter Decides #AprilDies

Twitter was asked to decide the Sharknado character’s fate. So far, it’s not looking good for Tara Reid’s character.  midst all the chaos—Sharkicaines, Presidential portrait surfing, Frankie Muniz, a literal pool shark, and of course, the Golden Order of the Chainsaw—the most shocking moment of last night’s Sharknado 3 premiere came when Tara Reid’s April was seemingly […]

#IfICouldTalkToGod Started As A Joke, But Turned Serious Really Fast

#IfICouldTalkToGod was started after one Twitter user posted a joke about wanting to meet talking giraffes so he could start a giraffe fight club. Umm, what? .@SSawyerSJ All I wanted was some talking giraffes. — MustBeTheMeds (@MustBeTheMeds) July 22, 2015 Despite the fact that the last time the hashtag was used was in 2013, it […]

#MKELion: ‘Lion’ Roaming Milwaukee Neighborhood Blows Up Social Media

A Milwaukee neighborhood is on high alert after reports of a lion possibly roaming the area. On Monday afternoon, a woman called police reporting that she had seen a lion. The authorities say they were given cellphone video by the woman that showed a “lion-ish creature.” Despite searching the area, police did not find any […]