Confused Fans Think Jay-Z Had An Affair With Rachael Ray

Rachael, or Rachel? To a frenzied mob of enraged fans, it seems there isn’t much difference. Rumors have begun circulating that Jay-Z has started an affair with Rachael Ray — celebrity chef, creator of the 30-minute meals, and speaker of catchphrases such as”Yum-0!”. That is, that’s what it seems to look like on social media. […]

Patrick Stewart In Drag Is Everything You Ever Dreamed Of

Patrick Stewart. All glammed up, in drag. Shut the club down, everyone go home, this is the glory we never knew we were waiting to see all week. The beloved Star Trek actor showed up at an event in Los Angeles in a silvery-blond wig, statement jewelry, gorgeous fuschia dress, and false eyelashes that would […]

Women Share Stories of Assault and Abuse on #WhenIWas

#WhenIWas is a heart-breaking thread of intimate, painful stories, but are stories that should none the less be heard. The hurt can start at an early age, simply with something such as “Oh, he likes you!” (Note: please don’t do this to your kids, Seriously, don’t. It just makes it okay for boys to hurt […]

This Twitter Joke Is Seven Years In The Making

Remember your first tweet? Me neither. But if you’re anything like me and tend to forget actually having a Twitter account, it can get pretty easy to slip up on updating it. How long? Maybe a week, or a month. (Not gonna lie, mine went dusty for about a year and a half. Life happens.) […]

Justin Bieber Posts Racy Coloring Page, Twitter Reacts

With Justin Bieber canceling his meet-and-greets as of late, it seems this pop star is starting to appreciate the value of quiet time. In fact, he’s recently posted his most recent work on Instagram — a finished page out of an adult coloring book. We might say there’s certainly an emphasis on the “adult” part: […]

Woman Makes Example of Mansplainer on Twitter

So how do you catch a mansplainer? Answer: lay out a convenient question for him to stumble into, preferably on Twitter. Wait. Watch it happen before your eyes. Profit. For those of you who are a tad lost on the term, “mansplainer” is a portmanteau of the words “man” and “explain”, meaning “to explain something […]

Woman Shares Crazy Text Rant From Tinder Date After Saying No To Sex

For some, a Tinder date has become a way to find a quick hook-up. However, some still use the dating app in hopes of finding someone to have a decent date with. No matter what the reason though, most Tinder dates result in a epic story, usually ending with one of the individuals not taking […]