The Internet Loves (Or Hates) Buzzy Cohen on Jeopardy

Everyone loves Jeopardy! contestant Buzzy Cohen because everyone loves a winner… right? Well, not exactly. If you’ve ever watched any of the more recent episodes of the trivia game show Jeopardy!, you probably know this face. He’s Buzzy Cohen. He’s driving audience members either up the all or out of their minds, all the while winning […]

When Twitter Drama (Almost) Becomes an Legal Nightmare

Dear Twitter users, we know most of you are pretty alright people. You’re usually respectful, mindful of other people’s boundaries and feelings, and make it a point to be chill with each other. Keep doing you, that’s absolutely cool. There should be more people out there like you — in fact the world needs more people […]

Twitter Goes Nuts Over These Zany Trump TV Proposals

While half (more than half?) contemplate a potential Trump presidency in abject terror, a a more optimistic portion chooses to cope through laughter. The great and merciless George R. R. Martin did write, “laughter is poison to fear”, and in times like these, it helps keep the panic and horror of the Trumpmaggedon at bay. […]

Hodor Holds Door; Twitter Grieves, and You Need To Cry, Too

Hodor. Hodor. Hodor. *Ugly-sobbing* Oh, George R.R. Martin, why?! Why did you do this?! Whatever did the sweet, innocent, mono-word vocabularied Hodor ever do to you?! I mean, it was great that we learned his original name was Wylis — Wylis is a cool name; Wylis is a hip name — bu why’d you have to go and […]

Man Trolls Mountain Dew On Twitter; Gets Deep

Hey, Mountain Dew, did you see that coming? Neither did we. There are trolls who mess with your head and your patience, and then there are trolls who eventually stop being trolls just end up being that buddy you hang around when you’re buzzed or high. Take this exchange between Twitter user Joe Veix and Mountain […]

Dear People Who Hate Exercise; Love, Twitter

Dear people who loathe exercise — you are not alone. We know how it feels like having to scroll through countless #EatClean and #GetFit hashtag post, only for another one to pop up on your dashboard. Oh, as if your gym thing never happened without the rest of the world having to know about it […]