When Normal People Have Famous Twitter Handles

How many times have you tweeted a favorite celebrity on Twitter in hopes that they will respond? Or, just see your tweet and know that you exist? But what happens when you share a name with someone famous? Well, it can led to some very unwanted (or maybe wanted) attention, especially on social media. Let’s […]

These People Lost Their Jobs Because of What They Posted Online

We’ve all heard the stories. An employer trawls through their employee’s social media profiles (in an act the digital world has christened “stalking”) and finds something they don’t like. In fact, the offending post is so inflammatory it costs the employee their job. Even those of us with jobs in social media are not immune. It’s […]

#TsiprasLeaveEUSummit Replaces #ThisIsaCoup, #Agreekment Follows Suit

Earlier this weekend, #ThisIsaCoup took Twitter by storm over the negotiations struggle between Greece’s Prime Minister Alexander Tsipras and the rest of the EU Summit. ” #ThisIsACoup “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” – John Adams (1735-1826)” — Romayne Phoenix (@romaynephoenix) […]

Atticus Finch is Now A Racist, Everything is Ruined [Twitter Reacts]

No one could have ever been prepared for Chapter 1. No one. Remember “Go Set A Watchman”, the sequel to the timeless classic “To Kill A Mockingbird”? Something’s… happened to Atticus Finch. You’re not going to like what Harper Lee’s done to him, nor what her lawyer has done to him. Nope, he wasn’t given […]

Star Wars Introduces Lightsaber Emoji To Twitter

Now the force can be with you even when you are using your social media accounts. Star Wars has introduced a red lightsaber emoji to Twitter. All you have to do is type #lightsaber. Obviously, Star Wars fans went crazy. Holy shizballz there’s a new #lightsaber emoji — Darren Hayes (@darrenhayes) July 10, 2015 The […]

What It’s like to Work for a Social Media Site: Employees Tell All

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google.  Five companies focused on tech, social media, and ultimately: advertising. Since their inception, social media has grown from a trendy curiosity into an important aspect of our every day lives. In the early years, your GeoCities site, Myspace or AOL profile would attract about as much interest as a […]

Sarah O’Connor Tweets About Deadly Robot, Twitter Goes Crazy

Sarah O’Connor is one of the most notable action film characters of all time. The Terminator character also shares her name with a Financial Times correspondent. Sarah O’Connor, the journalist was simply doing her job when she shared a headline news story, but it went viral. For a very good reason too. A robot has […]