Sarah Paulson Tweets Character Photo for ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

The American Horror Story craze has died down a bit since fans are between seasons, but to keep everyone in the loop and remind them of the insanity, Sarah Paulson tweeted a photo of her character(s) for the upcoming season 4 “Freak Show.” Cleverly written “Two heads are better than one,” Paulson uploaded a picture […]

The CIA Officially Joins Twitter; Shows Sense of Humor

The United States Central Intelligence Agency has joined the Twitterverse officially, opening with what could very well be the best tweet ever. We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet. — CIA (@CIA) June 6, 2014 While that is a nice display of humor, not everyone is happy with the Agency’s […]

NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd Eats Too Much Pot, Twitter Pokes Fun

“I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.” –The late, great Mitch Hedberg. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd doesn’t seem like someone who used to do drugs, but apparently she is someone willing to do them now.   While staying at a hotel in Denver, Dowd decided she would experiment […]

How Twitter Could Be Replaced As The Primary Political App

Twitter has a reputation as the go-to social media tool for political activists and revolutionaries. With the company failing to stand up to governments cracking down on free speech, anonymous messaging apps are vying for the political social media crown. Social Media has long been a great tool for political movements. Since nearly their inception, […]

Turkey Lifts Ban, Restores YouTube Access

We can finally chalk one up for free speech in the on-going battle between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and social media. Five days after the country’s highest court ruled the country’s YouTube ban unconstitutional, service has been restored to the video sharing site. YouTube was originally banned after an audio recording of government officials […]

Twitter Says QuickSilver Is The Real Star Of #XmenDaysOfFuturePast

X-men Days of Future Past has been a success by nearly any measure. After the debacle that was X-men: The Last Stand and Wolverine Origins, the franchise has now had two critical successes in three movies (The Wolverine being the middling exception) which is a great way to start Hugh Jackman’s eventual relinquishing of the […]

Charlize Theron Compares Press Intrusion To Rape: Twitter Reacts

In an interview with Sky News award winning actress Charlize Theron has said that press intrusion into her daily life is akin to being raped: “When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start feeling raped.” She was then asked if she meant to put it as strongly as that to which […]

First California Now Washington: Scavenger Hunts For Cash Are Taking Over Twitter

Now this is a trend I can get behind. Some generous individuals are turning Twitter into a cash grab. You may have already heard about the first one, @HiddenCash, who has been running an event it calls a social experiment by hiding envelopes full of cash, yes American greenbacks, around San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now, […]

Rebel Podcaster Dan Carlin To Rand Paul: We Are Friends

Podcasting giant and political enigma Dan Carlin expressed some camaraderie with Tea Party darling and Libertarian outsider Rand Paul after an exchange with a listener about the Republican Senator. At first glance, the two make strange bedfellows. Dan Carlin is hardly a friend of the Republican party.However, when it comes to issues that make the […]

#YesAllWomen – 9 Of The Most Hard Hitting Tweets

On Saturday Elliot Rodger took it upon himself to take his aggression and frustration for being constantly rejected by women out on them by going on a killing spree throughout Santa Barbara. A YouTube video was later found of him complaining how we was often ‘friend zoned’ by the women he approached and talked of […]

Wiz Khalifa Takes Jail Selfie, Real Or Viral Marketing Stunt?

Earlier today, May 25, rapper Wiz Khalifa tweeted a picture of him sitting in jail with the caption “jail selfie” after he was supposedly arrested for possession of marijuana. Authorities have not confirmed the amount of marijuana or if there was weed to begin with. Viral marketing stunt or actual arrest? Khalifa is about to […]

Twitter Fails To Stand Up For Free Speech Again, Blocks Content In Pakistan

One of the things that makes Twitter so successful is its near constant involvement in political movements around the world. From the Arab spring to Occupy Wall Street to outrage over the latest celebrity drivel, Twitter has been invaluable in giving people a voice and helping them organize rapidly. So, it has been disappointing for political activists, free […]

We Hope Not: Twitter Reported To Be Interested In Buying SoundCloud

Twitter is reportedly considering a deal to purchase music sharing site SoundCloud. The potential acquisition, first reported by Re/Code, is said to be an attempt by the NASDAQ listed Twitter to overcome its current growth problem; specifically its lack of growth. Berlin based SoundCloud describes itself as a “online audio distribution platform where individuals can […]

Young Adults Trust Twitter Less Than Traditional News Sources

“They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true” Or so says the pretty girl in an old State Farm commercial. It is a perception that many of us hold. Not that all information on the internet is true but that someone, somewhere actually does think that, even though I doubt any of us have […]

Ann Coulter Gets Whats Coming To Her After Mocking #BringBackOurGirls

If you think the hunt for 200 kidnapped schoolgirls would be a cause everyone could get behind, or at least have enough respect not to use it to further one’s political cause, then you don’t know Ann Coulter. The hyperbolic shock jock masquerading as a political commentator took to Twitter yesterday and decided that she […]

Over Active User Filling Up Your Feed? Twitter Has A Button For That

The long-rumored and highly anticipated Twitter mute button has begun rolling out for end users, and it allows them to eliminate a user from their Twitter feed without blocking the user entirely. Muting a user makes it so that user’s actions won’t appear in your twitter feed, but significantly, the user won’t be notified of […]

Lea Michele Tweets Tribute Photo Of Cory Monteith On His Birthday

‘Glee’ leading lady, Lea Michele, posted a heartbreaking and touching photo of her former boyfriend, Cory Monteith, on Sunday, May 11 – what would have been his 32nd birthday. The biggest heart and most beautiful smile.. In all of our hearts.. We love you so. Happy Birthday. — Lea Michele (@msleamichele) May 11, 2014 […]

Twitter Promoted Tweets, Accounts Get Language Targeting

Twitter Ads today received language targeting, giving advertisers who use Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts the ability to work with 20 various languages. Available to advertisers worldwide, the feature is also making its way to the social network’s Ads API. Now when setting up a Promoted Tweet or Account, you can choose which language you […]

Wall Street Journal Twitter Account Hacked

The main Wall Street Journal Twitter account was hacked Tuesday afternoon May 7th. The hacking was apparently undertaken by the Syrian Electronic Army as part of a dispute with a security researcher the hacker group dislikes The @WSJD account tweeted a headshot of security expert Ira Winkler on the body of a cockroach, with the […]