Some Women Say No Way To #NoBraDay

#NoBraDay is celebrated every October 13 to raise awareness for breast cancer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it seems only fitting. This day asks women to lose their bra for a day and post a picture in the hopes of getting more conversations started about breast cancer. But as thousands of women snap […]

Twitter Launches Periscope, a Meerkat Rival

If you are active on social media, chances are that you would have heard of newly released Periscope and Meerkat, which arrived a few weeks before that. There was a time when keeping abreast with the latest meant knowing the latest virus threat but now everyday something new comes up. If you haven’t heard of […]

“Bulbous Salutation”: Morrissey’s Badly-Written Sex Scene [Twitter Reacts]

It seems 2015 is finding its fair share of cringe-worthy moments in literature lately. From the soul-crushing reveal of the man Atticus Finch has become, to Christian Grey’s unique, driven perspective (hint: “music to my d*ck”. Enough said) this year has been more a horror-house experience than a roller coaster ride for bibliophiles everywhere. Here’s […]

#PotterItForward: Fans Send Love From Between the Pages

It’s said that there are some loves that are simply meant to last forever. And yes, the saga of Harry Potter is one such a love. A good number of you readers out there have grown up with the books, the movies, maybe even the toys and the theme park (gasp!) No matter the language, […]

#MakeAFilmAnxious Puts Your Fave Flicks On Edge

Ah, Twitter hashtags. You never cease to entertain us. Even to the point where you start sending our favorite movies on the verge of hysteria, because, well… that’s what your latest hashtag is all about, right? Welcome to #MakeAFilmAnxious, where films get better with just a drop or two (read: a whole bucketload) of high […]

#ReasonsIllAlwaysBeaKid Brings Out the Not-So-Little Kid in You

There are clearly two kinds of people on Twitter: play by the hashtag like it says on the tin, and those who take the hashtag and do unspeakable, often hilarious things to it. #ReasonsIllAlwaysBeaKid has grown to be quite the hashtag on Twitter, and Is two parts nostalgia, two parts tongue-in-cheek, a portion of risque, […]

These Sweet Bunnies Have Their Own Twitter Account (You Should Probably Follow Them, Too)

Do you love bunnies? Can’t get enough of them? do you love looking at their fluffly cheeks, their plump,lush bodies, their curious faces, their wiggly noses, and the most adorable tails ever? Do you have bunny slippers, bunny-ear headbands, bunny ‘jammies… and practically almost bunny everything? Boy, have we found the Twitter account just for […]

#FieldWorkFail: Inhaled Fossils, Angry Birds, and Science Laughs on Twitter

Being a researcher, specially a field researcher, carries with it a certain dignified glamour. Documentaries capture the essence of the majesty and power of nature, and what wonderful work it must be to be up close and personal to these timeless moments… right? Er… not always. #FieldWorkFails is the latest hashtag to take over Twitter, […]