Dear Customer: Retail Employees Tweet Their Woes

Retail employees, we feel you. Having to come into work, man the cashier, pick up after customers, and just deal with customers’ (i.e., our) moments of general stupidity for a minimum wage takes out a lot on your patience, decency, and sanity levels. We respect you, and vow  to be better customers. So allow us […]

The Sickest Trump Burns of 2015 Online

Some people just want to see Donald Trump burn. Hence, the burns. True, Donald Trump just might be the healthiest president ever, but this year hasn’t been very wholesome to his social media health. Let’s face it: Donald Trump has become the Internet’s favorite person to pick on, but that’s mostly because he just makes […]

This Police Station’s Christmas Tree Is Driving Twitter Crazy

Businesses everywhere are putting up holiday decorations, such as the company Christmas tree. So, why is one police station’s Christmas tree becoming a hot topic on Twitter. This Lewisham police station has put this simple tree on display. The tree quickly gathered attention because it appears to be kettled, using security gates. Most likely a […]

Craig Mazin Tweets How Terrible Ted Cruz Is

It seems Ted Cruz is slowly climbing up the presidential charts lately. He’s inching his way past Ben Carson (and his unfortunate pronunciation of the word “Hamas”) and even surprisingly, Donald Trump. It’s not hard to see why: Cruz is brilliant, humming with energy, and can give a presentation like there’s no tomorrow. So what’s […]

#GlitterBeard Gives Way To #GlitterPits?

#GlitterBeard was a recent trend that took social media by storm. It involved men with huge beards covering them in glitter. The pictures of men with sparkly faces covered the Internet and it was all fun and games. That just looks messy, really messy. That is until the feminist movement decided to get in on […]

Dear Richard Dawkins, Are You Okay?

Hi, Mr. Richard Dawkins. How has life been to you? Good? Sunny? Excellent. There’s something real important we’ve got to talk about, Richard. It’s the way you’ve been tweeting, and it’s giving me great cause for concern. C’mon, man, I want people to like you, but the way you tweet just isn’t helping. Okay, let’s […]

Santa Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good Because Of Twitter

He sees you when your sleeping, he knows if your awake. Now, he knows what you are doing on Twitter. You might want to think twice about your next tweet, unless you want a lump of coal for Christmas. For the second year in a row, Social Santa is using his troop of digital elves […]