In Other News, It’s Snowing In the UK [Twitter Reacts]

It’s snowing in the UK, and Twitter users in the UK just can’t seem to get enough of it. Why yes, dear readers: it’s snowing right now all over the United Kingdom. In the middle of November. Last time we checked, snow wasn’t supposed to behave that way, and the tweets can prove that this […]

Why Twitter Users Are Saying, ‘Hey Snowden, I <3 Catfacts’

With social media’s prevalence in our lives, many users are forgetting the importance of keeping some details private. For example, many have accidentally posted private details of their life, such as a drivers license or email address. This information can be used against you, as many Twitter users are finding out the hard way. don't […]

5 Tips For Hashtag Etiquette

The hashtag. This humble little symbol has gone beyond simply a vague notion of its purpose to becoming one of the most  prevalent and visible icons of the social media age. The hashtag’s become such an ingrained part of our online lives, it’s practically turned into an offline expression in itself. Know someone who can’t […]

Two Teams, One Cup: Internet Defends Starbucks Over Red Cup Uproar

Christmas is a time for joy, giving, and unity — unfortunately for brands like Starbucks, some people also see it as a time to get really worked up about packaging choices. A number of Evangelical Christians have taken umbrage at Starbuck’s decision to go do away with their usual imagery of snowflakes, snowmen, and sleigh […]

Nutscapes: The Photo Trend You’ll Drop Your Pants For

[Caveat: this post contains potentially NSFW images for, well, testes, but your mileage may vary. A little bit of skin never really hurt anyone. ] Picture this: In one of your travels, you come across a landscape so gorgeous, so breath-taking, it just makes time stop. you just have to take that moment of perfection […]

Hilarious Reactions to Celebrity Break Ups

What is it about celebrity couples? Why do any of us really care? I mean, I don’t care, myself. I wasn’t absolutely devastated when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split up, or anything. It’s not like they were a match made in heaven, and my own personal hopes and dreams were tied into their success as […]

IHOP Fans Calls Out Brand’s Sexist Tweet About Boobs

IHOP, you know how much we love you. Your pancakes are one of the things we dream of in the morning, and your bacon and eggs and hash browns and coffee make up the breakfast of champions. So why, oh why, would even do this to us? Back in 2014, IHOP felt it was high time […]

This Chicken Has More Twitter Followers Than You

We’ve got a new Twitter hero in town folks, and she ain’t chicken to say what’s on her mind. Well, actually, she is — she’s a literal chicken, after all. Meet Betty, the newest (and fluffiest) spokesperson of Chicken Treat, an Australian fastfood chicken  chain that’s captured the curiosity of the collective netorati with their […]