#CalmYourselfIn4Words Brings the Chill to Twitter

We’ve just made headway into the second half of 2015, and things are getting pretty cray up in here. There’s Donald Trump making waves wherever he goes, celebrity couple breakups, and wrecked leather pants. There’s copyright mess-ups, #CeciltheLion, and more One Direction rumors than Twitter can handle (or bring itself to care about). Twitter users […]

Cancer Patient Take Hilarious Approach To Treatment Via Twitter

Cancer is a horrible disease and the treatments for the ailments are incredibly enduring, as well. That’s why the story of newly diagnosed cancer patient, John Underwood is such a ray of sunshine. The UK native was diagnosed with blood cancer just a month ago. Instead of getting down on himself, Underwood decided to approach […]

1D’s Louis Tomlinson to Become a Daddy [Twitter Reacts]

It’s confirmed: Louis Tomlinson is about to start thinking about cribs, nappies, and baby booties, because there’s a bundle of joy heading his way very soon. Tomlinson made the announcement on Good Morning America that his friend, stylist Briana Jungwirth, is expecting his child. that last sentence was kind of a little weird to write, […]

James Woods Sues Anonymous Twitter User For $10 Million

Oscar nominated actor James Woods is suing a Twitter user after they tweeted a status that called him a cocaine addict. The lawsuit states that an anonymous Twitter user tweeted “cocaine addict James Woods still sniffing and spouting.” Woods believes that is grounds for defamation and invasion of privacy by false light. The outspoken conservative […]

#GotDumpedBecause Is Trending On Twitter And Its Hilarious

#GotDumpedBecause, the hashtag quickly became a trend after Comedy Central’s late night comedy show, @Midnight announced it as their weekly topic, urging Twitter users to answer the loaded question. From depressing loners to hilarious memes, #GotDumbedBecause is spreading like wildfire. I wasn’t into him. He wasn’t into me. #GotDumpedBecause .. oh wait I didn't get […]

Fox Channel Asks for Moon Pics; Twitter Responds Hilariously

Y’see, when you’re Fox, you may want to be a little more careful about asking for things from Twitter. Fox29 in Philadelphia recently tweeted an image of the moon taken from one of their satellites. Close up of the moon from Skyfox! Lets see your moon pictures. pic.twitter.com/Y8IDjQY8js — FOX 29 (@FOX29philly) July 30, 2015 […]

Girls Scam ISIS Recruiters with Oldest Trick in the Book

Three young Chechen women conned the Islamic State terrorist organization into giving them thousands of dollars.   e’ve all received the emails. A prince from a non-specific African country needs our help, and in exchange for our cooperation, he’ll reward us with riches beyond our wildest imagination. All it takes is a little cash upfront. […]

#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words: From Peace To Blowtorches?

#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words is trending on Twitter and the answers vary from the normal pageant answer to straight-up weird. With more than 48,000 tweets, the hashtag certainly as people talking. From charities that want world peace… Make sure every child thrives! #ChangeTheWorldIn5Words pic.twitter.com/rVLUj3HoIC — UNICEF (@UNICEF) July 29, 2015 To those that just wanted to achieve a […]