The Good, the Bad and the Strange of Halloween Costumes

With only three weeks left until Halloween, now is high time to start thinking about your costume options. A successful costume has to toe a very specific line between looking good and looking Halloween appropriate — it’s not as easy as throwing a pair of a fangs in your mouth and making a cape out […]

Twitter Looks at 007’s Other Adventures with #LesserBondMovies

Most of us have seen the big hitters of the James Bond franchise; Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Skyfall — but 23 movies in the series, it would take a dedicated fan to have seen them all. Even more dedicated than you might think, in fact, as Twitter users have been revealing the names of some of 007’s […]

One Direction Helps Boyfriend Propose At Concert [Watch]

On Wednesday, at a One Direction concert, the boy band helped a stranger named Bradely propose to his girlfriend in the middle of their concert. Bradley was planning on going to the concert with his girlfriend at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. He tweeted the day before asking these five guys for their help. Help […]

Batman Burger Launched by McDonald’s Hong Kong

A hero sandwich in the United States might be a favorite for New Yorkers, but further afield the term can be rather more literal. This week, McDonald’s of Hong Kong began selling a Batman-themed burger for fans who can’t get enough of the caped crusader. Batman’s ‘Diner Double Beef’ Burger differentiates itself from the norm […]

5 Horror Movie Characters to Follow on Twitter This Halloween

As we reach the beginning of October and fall begins to draw in, many will already be thinking about Halloween. You might be planning costumes, you might be starting a movie marathon — you’re getting into the spirit of things early. And you’re not alone. At the end of most horror movies, it’s made very […]

Pillsbury Release ‘Pizza Cake’ Recipe; Twitter Erupts

People love pizza. People love cake. In many ways, the two were destined to come together sooner or later. Last week, when noted baking goods supplier Pillsbury released their own pizza cake recipe via their website, response was immediate — and very passionate. Of course, this wasn’t the first time that pizza and cake had […]

iPhone 6 Bending in Pockets; Twitter Reacts to #Bendgate

Following on from the unwanted U2 album controversy and the viral video of one of the first customers to buy a new iPhone in Australia dropping it on the street, Apple seem to have encountered another bump in the road with a possible flaw in their iPhone 6 design. A myriad of users are reporting that […]

10 Animals Who Tweet Better Than Most Humans

We’ve all watched nature documentaries and observed traits and actions that let us know just how close to animals we humans really are. But could animals even prove to one-up humans at the own game of civilization? Movies like Planet of the Apes have allowed us to sneak a peek at what our world would […]

Twitter Responds to Apple Giving iOS Users the New U2 Album

Apple thought they were doing customers a favor when they sent the new U2 album ‘Songs of Innocence’ to iOS users, whether they wanted it or not, following their blockbuster special event earlier this month. However, the move caused an immediate backlash, with many decrying Apple’s decision to force the music upon all users without […]

Twitter Talks Scottish Independence on Eve of Referendum

With only hours ago until the polls open for Scotland’s historic referendum on whether or not to remain a part of the United Kingdom, debate continues on social media as to whether or not Scotland will end the week as an independent nation. With early projections still too close to call either way, Twitter discussion […]

J.K. Rowling Responds To Homophobic Tweet, Continues To Be Awesome

Some people find themselves stalking celebrities, or anyone that is famous, on Twitter hoping they tweet more than they really do. Harry Potter‘s J.K. Rowling for example. She rarely tweets, but she may be fooling everyone because when she responded to a tweet today, it had her Twitter rollin’! Twitter user, @halfelven55ff, tweeted at the […]

Jimmy Kimmel Uploads Another Mean Tweets Video, Targets NFL Players [Watch]

No one can get sick of these videos. Watching the people you watch or obsess over on television, movies, and your favorite sports team read mean tweets sent to them on the internet. Who knew they really read them? Jimmy Kimmel Live has done over 7 celebrity mean tweet videos, a music edition, NBA edition, and now […]

10 Nineties Celebrities with More Twitter Followers Than You Would Expect

With the rise of social media services like Twitter, people are able to follow the daily lives of celebrities in ways that they never have before—even after the peak the peak of a star’s career. Some celebrities who have been out of the limelight for some time still find themselves enjoying a healthy following on Twitter. […]

10 of the Funniest Responses to the Celebrity Nudes Leak

The huge leak of celebrity nudes that we’ve seen unfold over the last few days has unleashed something of a tidal wave of discussion on Twitter. The majority of talk has centred around the intense debate as to where the blame should fall; the viewers, the leakers or those in charge of keeping people’s private pictures […]

Kardashians Texting During MTV VMA Ferguson Tribute

During the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Common went on stage to speak introduce Best Hip-hop video. Before introducing the nominees, he mentioned the events happening in Ferguson, MO. While Common was speaking, the footage cut to the Kardashians (Kim, Kylie, Kendall) in the audience paying attention to only their phones. When others were taking a moment […]

Jimmy Fallon Does #AwkwardBreakups On The Tonight Show [Video]

If you’ve had a bad breakup experience, don’t keep it to yourself in fear of embarrassment, share it with the internet and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. A new segment called “Tonight Show Hashtags” features various hashtags from week to week where viewers can tweet a 140 character story with hopes of getting on […]

Brazil Loses Hard, Twitter Hilariously Reacts

Often people complain about soccer having low goal scoring with games ending 1 – 0, 1 – 2, or ending in a tie at 0 – 0. Germany heard those complaints and raised civilization 7 World Cup goals. In the Brazil vs. Germany game, tears were shed, cries turned to ugly cries, and fans even […]

FIFA Targets Twitter Accounts Using World Cup Logos With Takedowns

FIFA has issued takedown notices against Twitter accounts that have been using World Cup logos as avatars on copyright grounds. The famously corrupt organizing body issued the takedown notices to Twitter targeting any Twitter account that used the World Cup logo, World Cup trophy, and other trademarked images relating to the World Cup and FIFA […]