Katy Perry Tweets Adorable Message Before Super Bowl Performance

Katy Perry has been a hot topic lately ever since she announced she would be performing at the 2015 Super Bowl. Now that she has rocked the stage, the thing everyone is talking about besides her epic show, is what she tweeted before her big performance. It is absolutely adorable! Today is for this girl. […]

Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Make One Awesome Super Bowl Bet

What happens when two guys named Chris have a big football rivalry and see both of their teams facing off in the Super Bowl? They create the coolest and most genuine wager ever recorded in the history of Super Bowl bets (no research was done to confirm). It all started when the New England Patriots […]

The 7 Most Offensive Tweets Of 2015 (So Far)

Only three days into the new year and Twitter is already getting people in trouble. Whatstrending.com has the top 7 offensive tweets of 2015. Unfortunately, it is safe to say there will be plenty more to come this year. It’s just the way things go. 1. Bryan Fischer Planned Parenthood killed 1000 times as many […]

Reactions After Watching ‘The Interview’, Worst Movie Of 2014?

Hollywood rejoiced after the Sony announced it would release ‘The Interview’. Not only was the film released in more than 200 select theaters around the United States, but Sony also released the film to streamed via the website, seethe interview.com, YouTube, Google Play and other media on-demand services. Mashable put together a hilarious compilation of […]

Shock And Awe: Social Media Reactions To Slaying Of NY Police Officers

Social media reactions are heating up over the recent slayings of two New York police officers. On Saturday, two police officers were ambushed in their patrol car by an armed man. The attacker has been identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Brinsley assassinated the two officers by ambushing their patrol car. The New York Daily News reports, the officers […]

Iggy Azalea: The Talk Of Twitter, Will.i.am. And Lupe Fiasco Defend Artist

Iggy Azalea. A name Twitter has seen a lot of recently. From her American Music Awards win, to being silent about Eric Garner’s death, and feuding with rapper Azelia Banks, the Australian born rapper has been facing a lot of hate on social media recently. On top of that, an anonymous twitter profile has been […]

Move Over Feminists, Meninists Are Here

The meninist movement is underway. Men across the world are taking a stand. Tired of the struggles of being a man in the 21st century? Well mister, this movement is for you. The movement, if it can be called that, has found its strongest platform of support in social media, specifically Twitter. The #meninist hashtag […]

Best Buy Apologizes For Insensitive ‘Serial’ Tweet

The electronic retail giant, Best Buy, is apologizing after the company posted a tweet about the popular podcast, Serial. What was meant as a marketing tactic seem to backfire on Best Buy’s social media team.   The newly released podcast series tells the nonfiction stories of murder cases. The newest episode centers around the 1999 murder […]

Yet Another 10 Hours of Walking Video…This Time From the POV of a Lamborghini

Since the original “10 Hours of Walking” video — “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” created by anti harassment organization Hollaback! — went unspeakably, unimaginably, monstrously viral with over 36 million hits on YouTube as of this writing, there were bound to be copycats. And there were. Many, many copycats. From “3 […]

13 of the Realest #ThanksgivingFail Tweets Trending on Twitter

Thanksgiving is one of the most entertaining holidays to watch unravel on Twitter. It’s a day full of familial obligations, high-stress complicated meals (did anyone else know you have to thaw your turkey for several days?), drama, over-eating, and plenty of awkward questions. You spent the evening deflecting, counting all the things you have to […]

Neil Patrick Harris And Family Win Halloween Costume Competition Once Again

If you are a fan of Halloween, the internet, and all things cute, you have DEFINITELY heard of the steamroll costume competition win that is Neil Patrick Harris, his husband David Burtka, and their adorable kids. They nail it each year. A family that Halloweens together, stays together. This year, the Harris/Burtka clan went all […]

Etsy Seller Finds Social Media Support After Spirit Halloween Copies Design

Services like Etsy give creative types the chance to go into business for themselves, selling their wares to a global internet audience. However, putting your work out there for all to see can have its downsides — for one, finding yourself being taken advantage of by bigger companies. Costume seller Spirit Halloween are the latest […]

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer Leaks, Immediately Goes Viral

Yesterday, Marvel Studios made the announcement that the much-anticipated first trailer for next April’s Avengers: Age of Ultron would premiere immediately after next week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC. However, that was not to be the case, as within hours the trailer had been anonymously leaked to the internet and viewed by millions. The […]

Shia LaBeouf Song Entertains/Terrifies Twitter

There aren’t many celebrities of our time that are quite like Shia LaBeouf. Since rising to prominence thanks to his starring role in the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens, the actor has rarely spent more than a few months without being featured in the gossip pages. Whether he’s taking a knife to his face for a […]

Neil Patrick Harris Announced as Oscars Host; Twitter Reacts

Having been highly praised for performing hosting duties at the Tony Awards and the Emmy Awards, the well-loved Neil Patrick Harris has been announced as the host of the 2015 Academy Awards, set to be held next February. The actor broke the news in typically humorous fashion with a video of his bucket list posted […]

The Walking Dead Returns with Record-Breaking Premiere

Last night, The Walking Dead proved it’s still very much alive as the first episode of its fifth season was watched by some 17 million people. That figure marks the largest audience for a non-sporting cable broadcast in the history of US television, breaking the series’ previous high of 16.1 million set by the opener […]

The Good, the Bad and the Strange of Halloween Costumes

With only three weeks left until Halloween, now is high time to start thinking about your costume options. A successful costume has to toe a very specific line between looking good and looking Halloween appropriate — it’s not as easy as throwing a pair of a fangs in your mouth and making a cape out […]

Twitter Looks at 007’s Other Adventures with #LesserBondMovies

Most of us have seen the big hitters of the James Bond franchise; Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Skyfall — but 23 movies in the series, it would take a dedicated fan to have seen them all. Even more dedicated than you might think, in fact, as Twitter users have been revealing the names of some of 007’s […]

One Direction Helps Boyfriend Propose At Concert [Watch]

On Wednesday, at a One Direction concert, the boy band helped a stranger named Bradely propose to his girlfriend in the middle of their concert. Bradley was planning on going to the concert with his girlfriend at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. He tweeted the day before asking these five guys for their help. Help […]

Batman Burger Launched by McDonald’s Hong Kong

A hero sandwich in the United States might be a favorite for New Yorkers, but further afield the term can be rather more literal. This week, McDonald’s of Hong Kong began selling a Batman-themed burger for fans who can’t get enough of the caped crusader. Batman’s ‘Diner Double Beef’ Burger differentiates itself from the norm […]