The Internet Can’t Get Enough of GoT’s Denaerys This Week

GoT, behold your Queen. This week’s episode of Game of Throne delivers so much punch, fans the world over are reeling from all the epic action. Denaerys Targaryen was no exception as she ruled with fire. Twitter was definitely feeling the burn. Yaaaas kween! Epic slayage: Daenerys / Khalessi be like: #GameofThrones — SomeGirlfromCanada […]

Scientists Worried ‘Finding Dory’ Could Lead to Clown Fish Extinction

Australian scientists are worried about the upcoming Pixar film Finding Dory. It’s a sequel to the massively popular 2003 film Finding Nemo, which starred a plucky young clown fish and his neurotic, over-protective father—thrust into a whirlwind adventure across the sea. But even as people fell in love with the story of a father trying to […]

Twitter Can’t Stop ‘Shipping These Two GoT Characters

Game of thrones is chock-full of couples given to ‘shipping — Denaerys and Drogo, Jon Snow and Ygritte, Sansa and Joffrey, Cersei and Jamie… Uh, I think I’ll stop there. However, the most recent episode sent fans tumbling and Twitter tweeting over what just might be the newest shippable couple to ever hit George-R-R-Martinland: Brienne […]

“Why My Cat Is Sad” Will Give You Cute-Sad Feels

So you know very well who Grumpy Cat is, you love the sweet-faced chillax-ness of Lil Bub. Now get ready for a brand new cat to give you a whole different set of feels: cute-sad feels. My cat is sad because he was hiding around this corner and overheard me gossiping meanly about his social […]

Twitter LOLs? Yes, Please!

Hey there, Thursday! You’re looking mighty fine, and you’re mine. Let’s keep going and never stop until the weekend hits. And hey, if things get rough, don’t worry. We’ll always have Friday. Now, moving on from our confusing sweet nothings, here’s some fun laughs from Twitter to get your Thursday going! Because Googling can be […]

Trump Tweeted Himself With a Taco Salad; Twitter Reacts

Ayayay, Donald Trump. Nope, not even eating a taco salad can save you now. It’s not even Taco Tuesday. The multi-millionire mogul thought to celebrate Cince De Mayo by tweeting a picture of him with a taco salad. “I love Hispanics!” the tweet said. Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower […]