Your Twitter Account Wasn’t Hacked, Error To Blame

Twitter sent out thousands of password reset emails Monday night, prompting many users to fear their account was somehow compromised. Someone reset my Twitter password and my dad ate half my bacon. #notmyday #firstworldproblems #shutupmon — Monica Leah (@_monicaleah) March 4, 2014 Fortunately, it was an error and not some massive hack that caused passwords […]

Chris Brown Tries To Hide Tweet After Making Gay Slur

Chris Brown loves to throw around gay slurs and he always gets caught. Recently Brown was caught punching a man in the face while using a slur, this time he did it on Twitter. The man famous for his smooth R&B voice, and for punching Rihanna in the face, is quickly becoming just as talked […]

Twitter Ships Log Cabins From Montana To Renovate San Francisco Office

Twitter recently expanded its headquarters in San Francisco, and is renovating its new office with two log cabins from the 1800s. No, the social network isn’t reclaiming the wood to decorate or build new rooms, but actually rebuilding the cabins inside its headquarters. According to Marin Independent Journal, Twitter hired San Francisco architecture firm Lundberg […]

Ellen DeGeneres Smashes Retweet Record With Oscars Super Selfie

The Oscars took place last night, and while the movies and people in them were the stars of the show, Ellen DeGeneres gave them a run for their money. With her great sense of humor, Ellen interacted with celebs from ordering and passing around pizza to taking a super selfie that briefly broke Twitter. If […]

Kobe Bryant Unfollows All His Teammates On Twitter

Think you are the biggest Los Angeles Lakers hater on the planet? Think again! That right belongs to none other than Lakers star Kobe Bryant. The veteran basketball player took to Twitter this week to unfollow all of his teammates. The Lakers have fallen into chaos over the last few years thanks to bad management […]

Twitter Pays Interns $6,791 Per Month [Infographic]

Twitter is the highest paying social network for interns at $6,791 per month, according to a new infographic from Glassdoor. It came in at number three on Glassdoor’s list of the 25 highest paying companies for interns, which collected data from January 24, 2013 to January 23, 2014. Here’s the complete rundown based on average […]

Twitter, Stop Killing My Articles With Stupid White Boxes In Tweets

Today, we’re going to talk about white boxes in tweets and why they are not only the bane of every content writer’s existence, but incontrovertible proof that Satan exists and loves to make us suffer. For anyone out there who hasn’t lost hair, sleep or loved ones over the white boxes in tweets crisis, this […]

Seth Rogen Blasts Senator Walkouts On Twitter After Moving Alzheimer’s Plea [Video]

Actor Seth Rogen’s funny-yet-poignant testimony at the U.S. Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s disease Thursday is getting tons of plaudits online, but some senators in the room apparently weren’t very taken. Though the hearing went pretty much how you’d expect when you drop a comedian whose career has been built on dick jokes and smokin’ the […]

Tracking The Sochi Winter Olympics On Twitter … America And Canada Win

The Sochi Winter Olympics has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped examining the impact of the event on social media. The team at MediaMiser poured over more than four million tweets to determine the impact of the event on Twitter. The study specifically attempted to determine which athletes and events generated […]

Twitter And Vine Coming To A Theater Near You

Smartphones, the most common way Twitter and Vine are viewed, are seen as the bane of the movie going experience. Few things are more distracting than someone using their smartphone during a movie (except for, of course, a shooting). But Tweets and Vine videos will soon be making their way into movie theaters. Twitter and […]

#HotJesus Is Big On Twitter As ‘Son Of God’ Prepares For Theatrical Release

The big screen movie ‘Son of God’ debuts nationwide on Friday, and in anticipation of the movie the #HotJesus hashtag is picking up steam on Twitter. The movie is based around the entire life of Jesus from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection. Movies about Jesus have fared well on the […]

Anti-Gay Senator Dan Patrick Accidentally Supports Gay Marriage

GOP Texas State Senator Dan Patrick wanted to post an anti-gay message on Wednesday, instead he said marriage is between “One Man One Man” Using his official @DanPatrick account, the Texas politician posted, and then quickly removed his original message. Thanks to the magic of internet screenshots we have the original tweet to share: The […]

Twitter Restores @N Username Reportedly Worth $50,000 To Owner

Twitter deals with thousands of hacking attempts on a daily basis, and one attempt that occurred last month left the owner of username @N high and dry. Owned by Naoki Hiroshima, he lost the Twitter account after a hacker got access to his websites through GoDaddy, and threatened to delete all data if he wasn’t […]

Kate Upton Joins Instagram (Thank You Jesus)

Sports Illustrated supermodel Kate Upton has joined Instagram, and this is just the best news. Why? Because: Because: Because: (We really like Kate Upton here at SND) Upton already shares tons of photos through her verified Twitter account, but expect the two channels to take on lives of their own. She can chum it up […]

Domino’s Pizza UK Trolls Twitter Troll Who ‘Burnt Penis Severely’

Trolls are hidden in every nook and cranny of the Internet, and Twitter is no exception. Yesterday, Domino’s Pizza UK dealt with a rather peculiar one. It all started with this tweet: .@Dominos_UK HELLO I’VE JUST MADE LOVE TO ONE OF YOUR PIZZAS AND BURNT MY PENIS SEVERELY. PLEASE ADVISE ON YOUR TERMS FOR A […] For iOS Takes Boring Twitter Trends And Makes Them Awesome, a new iOS app, takes boring Twitter trending topics and makes them awesome! The app is designed around a backbone that is visually appealing for users, while also showing off major events from around the world. When users open the app they are met with the most important topic of the day (the top […]

An #Interview With Boxxy: The Questions She Didn’t Know She Answered

In January, Catie Wayne (AFKA “Boxxy”) made the front page of reddit thanks to her new gig as a host of The Animalist on YouTube. We covered the story and reached out to Catie to ask for an interview for our “YouTube Profile” series. I ended up trading several emails with her momager, and last […]

The Top 10 Most Tweeted News Sites In The UK

Twitter has evolved into one of the more popular ways for people to get news, and new data from PeerIndex found the most tweeted news sites in the UK. The social analytics company analyzed several million UK Twitter accounts, examining tweets and retweets shared in January. Here were the top 10 news sites based on […]

Danica Patrick Is First NASCAR Driver With 1 Million Twitter Followers

Danica Patrick is the first NASCAR driver to have more than one million Twitter followers. She hit the mark in the days leading up to Sunday’s season-opening Daytona 500, though Twitter newbie Dale Jr. could catch up quickly. Before the race, Patrick told the Associated Press, “It just shows what incredible and loyal fans I […]

False Tweets Lie Detector Could Sort Through BS

A group of researchers are creating a false tweets lie detector. The goal of the detector is to stop fast spreading, and potentially dangerous tweets, that are inaccurate and unwarranted. Researchers point to the 2011 London riots and vote-rigging accusations that were said to have occurred during the Kenyan elections. Researchers at the University of […]