Why Your Twitter Wallpaper Might Be Missing

It took you forever to pick out the perfect wallpaper for your Twitter profile. Whether it is a professionally designed masterpiece or a simple color background, your wallpaper is a personal touch. So, imagine many Twitter users’ surprise when their wallpaper was missing. It is unclear whether this is a bug or a design choice […]

Fake Buyout Story Makes Twitter Stock Briefly Skyrocket

It seems many were fooled by a bogus news story that circulated the Internet. The story alleged that Twitter had received a $31 billion buyout order. The story was rigged to appear like it came from the credible Bloomberg News website, however it was a fraud. While the article was a masterly planned hoax, there […]

J.K. Rowling: “Hogwarts Tuition is Free”, Potterheads Rejoice

Earlier this week, Potterheads have been abuzz with this one burning question: Just how much does an education at Hogwarts cost? Kevin O’Keefe of Mic.com and a number of sharp fans over at the Harry Potter Wiki, their number-crunching endeavors and guesstimates all boiled down to the dizzying sum of $43,031, inclusive of robes, wizarding […]

#WorldEmojiDay: Are You Celebrating?

Happy #WorldEmojiDay. So, what is so special about today in the world of emojis? Well, today is the day that is displayed on the emoji calendar. ? ? ? Happy #WorldEmojiDay, @Twitter! ? ? ? ? us @Emojipedia and @WorldEmojiDay ? http://t.co/YA4xBbWAfC pic.twitter.com/hpUE3v7wna — World Emoji Day (@WorldEmojiDay) July 17, 2015 That’s right, July 17. But, wait […]

Little Girl Pulls Off Amazing Trick Shots With Household Items [Video]

Riley Dashwood isn’t just adorable. The six-year-old is pretty talented too. Thanks to her extremely patient dad, Riley has become a viral Internet sensation after being filmed hitting some pretty intense trick shots with household items. Riley is seen tossing items, such as a piece of bread, over her shoulder and making it into ridicoulus […]

#GrowingUpBlack and #GrowingUpFilipino Have so Much In Common

#GrowingUpBlack is now a thing — it;s here to stay, and it’s fantastic. the hashtag features some of the best and funniest memories of Black Twitter’s collective childhoods. Reading through tweets, I had to admit, a lot of these really reminded me of my own childhood as well those of my friends’ and what they […]

#FedExPrisoner: Man Trapped In Store Overnight

It was an errand that was only supposed to last a few moments, instead one San Antonio man says it turned into an all-night ordeal. Chris Galvan walked into his local FedEx store to print some documents for a fitness competition he had the next day. Preoccupied with his printing errands, he didn’t realize the […]

When Normal People Have Famous Twitter Handles

How many times have you tweeted a favorite celebrity on Twitter in hopes that they will respond? Or, just see your tweet and know that you exist? But what happens when you share a name with someone famous? Well, it can led to some very unwanted (or maybe wanted) attention, especially on social media. Let’s […]