These Celebrities’ First Tweets Are Utter Perfection

There’s nothing quit as nerve-wracking as conjuring your your very first tweet. Then again, you can always just go the same way these celebrities did with their own tweets. Because really, Sending out your first 140-character signal to create your very first sound bite that could possibly brand you as such in the face of […]

Photoshop ‘Til You Drop From These Funny Pics

Photoshop Hero James Fridman is at it again with a fresh, new stack of ‘shopped image hot off his computer. If you got to enjoy the last post on his skills and humor and find yourself wanting more, here’s a whole new set of photoshop requests. With the US Presidential elections such a hot topic […]

#ArtistsForBelgium Shares Art on Twitter in Tribute to Belgium

Artists are sharing their sympathies and sentiments on Twitter following the Tuesday attacks on Brussels with the hashtag  #ArtistsforBelgium. The attacks rocked both the Brussels airport and a nearby metro station, killing 31 people in the explosions, ad injuring many more.  According to Belgian broadcaster RTBF, who cited the federal prosecutor, the airport explosions were a […]

These “Corrected” Images Will Make You LOL

To some people, their images are everything. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look cool, or glamorous, or sexy. Then again, someone people do expect a little too much of free photoshop jobs while handing these graphic artists less than stellar images to work with. Meet James Fridman. James “corrects” the images people send […]

Owners Share Silly Names Rescues Had Before and After

Whether you want a dog or cat, it’s always a good idea to adopt a rescue before considering the pet store. these darlings have had storied lives before they came to the shelter — their past histories often showing through the names they had before getting adopted. Ana Marie Cox is a writer and well-known […]