#WelcomeBackTo1DZayn Trends; Twitter Reacts

Is he, or isn’t he? The hashtag #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn has taken Twitter over by storm, and has sparked hope in many a grieving fangirl’s heart. It has even the most neutral person wondering: this is all actually happening, or is this simply wishful thinking? Either way, it’s churned so much drama on the Internet, we can’t […]

Fan Creates Amazing Duet With Jessie J [Video]

Singer, Jessie J took to the Internet to promote her latest single, “Flashlight.” The UK artisst recorded herself singing the song and left space on the screen for fans to insert themselves singing with her. One fan completely blew away the competition. Meet Tom Bleasby, a loyal Jessie J fan and an extremely good singer. […]

Seismologist Live Tweets While Watching ‘San Andreas’

Meet Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist based in Los Angeles. She was invited to the premiere of ‘San Andreas.’ A film that chronicles an apocalyptic earthquake in which the Rock saves the day. (Or maybe not, we haven’t seen it yet.) My first experience of a red carpet at to the premiere of San Andrea […]

#HipsterBandNames Trending On Twitter

Aaah, hipsters. Oh, 2000’s and 2010’s, where would we be without them? The fashionably ironic, anachronistic set seem to have faded into obscurity, or perhaps have learned to be so ironic to blend in perfectly with everyone else. [gasp!] However, Twitter is keen to not forget them all too easily. Not when there’s a bit […]

Patrick Stewart Has Twitter Users Scratching Their Heads With Epic Pizza Question

Have you really eaten pizza if you don’t eat the crust? This random question was posed to the Twitter world by Sir Patrick Stewart. The actor is currently on vacation and stopped to enjoy a pizza in Rome, Italy. Stewart and his companions completely demolished a pie, but left a mountain of crusts, which led […]

#DadRappers: The Hashtag Game Strikes Again

Recently, there has been some pretty creative hashtag trend on Twitter, like #SoftenAFilm and #RejectedPairings. Now, we have #DadRappers. Basically, the combination of a rapper and a dad quality. Think television, farting and eating. Every kind of dad is represented. Old dads. Cypress Over the Hill #DadRappers @midnight — Jared Montana (@Jarmadillos) May 29, 2015 […]

Controversial ‘Artist’, Richard Prince Sells Instagram Posts For Thousands

Richard Prince calls himself an artist. Everyone else seems to call him a thief. Blurring the lines of copyright infringement, Prince’s most recent ‘artwork’ uses Instagram posts from unsuspecting users. In fact, Prince has been making headlines with his latest creations. Prince sold prints of shots from the Suicide Girls’ Instagram at the New York […]

Groom Slams Meninists With Brilliant Comeback, Twitter Applauds

You know those Meninists? That group of men on the Internet who focus on bringing to light the “immense and unbearable turmoil” of being a man in this day and age, of Oh the privilege! and Oh the wage inequality in their favor! and Egad, the double standards and the glass ceilings! — well, that, […]