#MySiblingIsWierd Celebrates The Wacky Love of Family

  Ah, family. Where would we be without them? Whether they make us laugh, make us cry, or drive us up the wall with their unique brand of crazy, family is family. (and yes, we’re looking at you, siblings.) Living with siblings can be a frolic, it can be an adventure, and it can be […]

The New Ghostbusters Trailer Is Creating Controversy

Ghostbusters was first released in 1984 and everybody was enthralled but with the new trailer for Ghostbusters (2016) a lot of people are reconsidering who they’re going to call. The first films were written by Dan Aykroyd, who was at the height of his career, riding the success of movies like Trading Places and The […]

Starbucks Is Headed To Italy And Italians Are Not Happy

Here in America, many people rely on Starbucks for their daily caffeine fix. Society would most likely collapse if American Starbucks shut their doors. (Probably not, but let’s not chance it.) While the coffee giant is so important here, it seems other countries might not be as easily persuaded. For instance, coffee is experienced a […]

The Jacket Is This Year’s The Dress

Last year, The Dress broke the Internet. And now, we have The Jacket. It all started, as most memetastic upheavals do, on Tumblr. Two friends were puzzling out for themselves what exactly was the color of this jacket: blue and white, or brown and black? Pretty simple thing, really. And then exactly like it happened […]

Twitter Gets Crunk on “GOP Movies”

So what do Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz have in common? That they’re quickly turning into the laughing stock of most of liberal America. Oh, and that they’re members of the GOP. With the debate action getting all hotter and heavier with each session, and the caucuses going on their ups and downs, […]

Girlfriend Tweets Her Boyfriend Sleeptalking

Sleeptalking has got to be one of the most interesting things to happen to anyone — as long as you’re not the one doing the talking, I suppose. Whether it’s your mom, dad, your partner, spouse — heck, even your pet, we’ve all got something interesting to say in our sleep. Sleeptalking provides  window to […]

Have a Good Laugh With These Tweets

Oh, you lovely, lovely, hilarious tweets. You never fail to make us laugh and give us just a bit more sunshine to get through even the toughest of days. (Well, yeah, we may feel compelled to veg out in front of the computer and block out everything else, but gives the time of day in […]

“Godshilla” Dinosaur Blocks Road In England, Twitter Goes Crazy

Dogs or cats roaming the streets might be somewhat of a normal sight in any neighborhood. But, a dinosaur blocking the road might gather a bit of attention. That’s exactly what happened in England’s Isle of Wight. “Godshilla” was found blocking a local road in Godshill (hence the name), but disaster was averted when people […]