Justin Bieber Really Wants Seth Rogen To Roast Him On Comedy Central

Two things you need to know if you have been in a Justin Bieber-less bubble. 1. Justin Bieber is next up for the coveted and hilarious Comedy Central Roast, with Roast Master Kevin Hart, debuting on March 30. Just like his neighbors house, Bieber gets egged in the CC Roast promo: 2. Seth Rogen does […]

Teen Gets Fired Via Twitter Before First Day Of Work

One Texas teen is learning the scope of social media the hard way. The teenager, known as Cella, was set to start a new job on Saturday at Jets Pizza in Mansfield, Texas, that is until she was fired. You see, Cella wasn’t too happy about the new job and made it known on Twitter. […]

Creepy Creature Found In Tuna Can Identified, Sorta

It was a mystery that perplexed and disgusted social media. A strange creature found in a can of tuna shocked one English woman. Zoe Butler of Nottingham, England was making a meal for her children when she opened the can and found two little eyes staring back at her. Horrified, she took a picture and […]

Kanye West Tweets Mysterious Countdown Clock

It’s a mystery that has social media scratching their heads. On Thursday evening, Kanye West tweeted out a countdown clock. The clock will reach zero on next Thursday, February 12, at 4:00 PM ET. http://t.co/8T1uPQewkc 00:00:06:19:52:31:01 — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 6, 2015 Social media is buzzing with speculations of what this clock might be […]

Is A Female Ghostbusters Cast A Bad Idea, Twitter Reacts

The third installation of the Ghostbusters film franchise has finally been confirmed and it is causing a lot of buzz. The original film was a cult classic, while the second film was considered a flop. So, what can we expect from the third? Diehard fans are split. An all-female cast has been announced, causing an […]

Katy Perry Tweets Adorable Message Before Super Bowl Performance

Katy Perry has been a hot topic lately ever since she announced she would be performing at the 2015 Super Bowl. Now that she has rocked the stage, the thing everyone is talking about besides her epic show, is what she tweeted before her big performance. It is absolutely adorable! Today is for this girl. […]

Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Make One Awesome Super Bowl Bet

What happens when two guys named Chris have a big football rivalry and see both of their teams facing off in the Super Bowl? They create the coolest and most genuine wager ever recorded in the history of Super Bowl bets (no research was done to confirm). It all started when the New England Patriots […]

The 7 Most Offensive Tweets Of 2015 (So Far)

Only three days into the new year and Twitter is already getting people in trouble. Whatstrending.com has the top 7 offensive tweets of 2015. Unfortunately, it is safe to say there will be plenty more to come this year. It’s just the way things go. 1. Bryan Fischer Planned Parenthood killed 1000 times as many […]