Dr. Seuss Explains Twitter To Busy Executives

A CEO, COO, or other top executive at a company can make a great impact through the proper use of social media. Unfortunately, many executives find themselves unable to keep up with their own accounts. As the COO for a tech company, I often find myself with very little time left for my own social […]

Secret App Creates Real Time Feed Of SXSW

Things just took a new turn, as Secret, the app that lets people share thoughts anonymously among friends just created a live news feed of secrets at the SXSW event. This is particularly interesting not only because it anonymously connects people at an event, but also because people can now see what others are really […]

How To Lock Your Social Media Accounts Down Like Fort Knox

Social media is the number one time waster online activity with Americans spending an average of 37 minutes per day, according to a recent report. Here at Social News Daily, we understand just how valuable social networks can be, and just how annoying it is when jerk faces hack into an account. From Twitter to […]

Martha Stewart’s Reddit AMA As Perfect As Her Souffles

Oh, my God, you guys — Martha Stewart did a Reddit AMA, and it’s everything we ever could have hoped it would be … and more. Martha Stewart has been a personal hero for me for most of my life, beginning when she really started to crossover in fame during my teen years. Her apology-free […]

David Cameron’s Ukraine Call Hijacked By Trolling Celebrities On Twitter [Photo]

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is still kind of new to Twitter, so it’s understandable that he hasn’t quite figured out how this whole social media thing works yet. Case in point, the 47-year-old pol posted a photo of himself looking grave while on the phone with President Barack Obama regarding the situation in Ukraine, […]

Women Who Used Twitter App Watched The 2014 Oscars 39 Percent Longer

The female Twitter demographic was strong for the 2014 Oscars with women using their Twitter apps more than any other televised event of 2014. According to a study by Symphony Advanced Media, Twitter, women, and the Oscars, created a powerful dynamic that kept females engaged throughout the LIVE broadcast. According to the study, more women […]

The Oscars Saw Over 3.3 Billion Twitter Impressions

The Oscars had quite the impact, and according to new data released by Twitter, tweets about the star-studded event generated over 3.3 billion impressions. The social network analyzed tweets sent Sunday (March 2) at 5 PM Eastern to 5 AM Eastern on Monday. Here’s what else it found: During the 12-hour period, 19.1 million Oscars […]

Man Wants To Beat Ellen’s Oscars Selfie, Racks Up Over 45,000 Retweets

The Oscars were hosted this past Sunday by Ellen DeGeneres, and her celeb-filled photo tweeted during the show broke a new retweet record. Now, there’s a new contender in the ring, and his name is Terry Shipman. We don’t know much about Terry, other than he’s from Texas, and joined Twitter back in December. Tuesday […]

No, Chipotle Is Not Giving Out Free Burritos Based On Shares [Hoaxed]

Despite the appealing promise of free burritos, we’re sad to say that Chipotle is in fact not giving away free meals to individuals who share the above macro on Facebook. Given the popularity of the restaurant, it’s a hard offer to pass up, and our better, more rational angels hardly have a chance to scream […]

Your Twitter Account Wasn’t Hacked, Error To Blame

Twitter sent out thousands of password reset emails Monday night, prompting many users to fear their account was somehow compromised. Someone reset my Twitter password and my dad ate half my bacon. #notmyday #firstworldproblems #shutupmon — Monica Leah (@_monicaleah) March 4, 2014 Fortunately, it was an error and not some massive hack that caused passwords […]

Chris Brown Tries To Hide Tweet After Making Gay Slur

Chris Brown loves to throw around gay slurs and he always gets caught. Recently Brown was caught punching a man in the face while using a slur, this time he did it on Twitter. The man famous for his smooth R&B voice, and for punching Rihanna in the face, is quickly becoming just as talked […]

Twitter Ships Log Cabins From Montana To Renovate San Francisco Office

Twitter recently expanded its headquarters in San Francisco, and is renovating its new office with two log cabins from the 1800s. No, the social network isn’t reclaiming the wood to decorate or build new rooms, but actually rebuilding the cabins inside its headquarters. According to Marin Independent Journal, Twitter hired San Francisco architecture firm Lundberg […]

Ellen DeGeneres Smashes Retweet Record With Oscars Super Selfie

The Oscars took place last night, and while the movies and people in them were the stars of the show, Ellen DeGeneres gave them a run for their money. With her great sense of humor, Ellen interacted with celebs from ordering and passing around pizza to taking a super selfie that briefly broke Twitter. If […]

Kobe Bryant Unfollows All His Teammates On Twitter

Think you are the biggest Los Angeles Lakers hater on the planet? Think again! That right belongs to none other than Lakers star Kobe Bryant. The veteran basketball player took to Twitter this week to unfollow all of his teammates. The Lakers have fallen into chaos over the last few years thanks to bad management […]

Twitter Pays Interns $6,791 Per Month [Infographic]

Twitter is the highest paying social network for interns at $6,791 per month, according to a new infographic from Glassdoor. It came in at number three on Glassdoor’s list of the 25 highest paying companies for interns, which collected data from January 24, 2013 to January 23, 2014. Here’s the complete rundown based on average […]

Twitter, Stop Killing My Articles With Stupid White Boxes In Tweets

Today, we’re going to talk about white boxes in tweets and why they are not only the bane of every content writer’s existence, but incontrovertible proof that Satan exists and loves to make us suffer. For anyone out there who hasn’t lost hair, sleep or loved ones over the white boxes in tweets crisis, this […]

Seth Rogen Blasts Senator Walkouts On Twitter After Moving Alzheimer’s Plea [Video]

Actor Seth Rogen’s funny-yet-poignant testimony at the U.S. Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s disease Thursday is getting tons of plaudits online, but some senators in the room apparently weren’t very taken. Though the hearing went pretty much how you’d expect when you drop a comedian whose career has been built on dick jokes and smokin’ the […]

Tracking The Sochi Winter Olympics On Twitter … America And Canada Win

The Sochi Winter Olympics has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped examining the impact of the event on social media. The team at MediaMiser poured over more than four million tweets to determine the impact of the event on Twitter. The study specifically attempted to determine which athletes and events generated […]

Twitter And Vine Coming To A Theater Near You

Smartphones, the most common way Twitter and Vine are viewed, are seen as the bane of the movie going experience. Few things are more distracting than someone using their smartphone during a movie (except for, of course, a shooting). But Tweets and Vine videos will soon be making their way into movie theaters. Twitter and […]

#HotJesus Is Big On Twitter As ‘Son Of God’ Prepares For Theatrical Release

The big screen movie ‘Son of God’ debuts nationwide on Friday, and in anticipation of the movie the #HotJesus hashtag is picking up steam on Twitter. The movie is based around the entire life of Jesus from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection. Movies about Jesus have fared well on the […]