Ex-Media Man ‘Exposes’ News Sites On Twitter, Is A Total Mystery

The publishing industry has adapted to the ever-growing influence of social media, and a new Twitter account looks to reveal the shady world of viral media. Created early Friday morning, he’s already tweeted over 50 times, but the identity of @ExMediaMan is completely unknown. Media Man tells a tale of his alleged experience with various […]

Justin Bieber Deletes Tweet Of New Banksy Tattoo, Twitter Reacts As Expected

Justin Bieber posted a shot of his new Banksy tattoo on Twitter and then immediately removed the evidence. Thankfully the internet never forgets and always keeps the evidence alive. Bieber has become a canvas for tattoo artists over the last few years, and typically he shows off his tattoos for the world to see, which […]

Man Threatens To Shoot A Passerby For 100 Retweets

A 20 year old man from the Los Angeles area who publicly stated that he would shoot someone in return for 100 retweets has been arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department. According to the Los Angeles Times, Dakkari Dijon McAnuff from Los Angeles, California was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of making murder threats. He […]

UK Twitter Crime Is Up 390% Since 2011, Study Finds

Twitter is giving the term “jailbird” a whole new meaning, and according to a new UK study, crime on the social network has increased 390 percent since 2011. In 2011, there were 174 crimes involving Twitter users, and in 2013 that number jumped to 852. However, while Facebook didn’t see as large of an increase, […]

Chicago Meteorologist Makes Fun Of Fellow Broadcasters Crazy Snow Predictions

Chicago meteorologist Jerry Taft went on vacation just as his Chicago ABC owned station WLS and residents in the area were hit by a snowstorm. Taft realized that crosstown rival Brant Miller predicted a lot more snow than the three to six inches of snow that was delivered. In response he tweeted out a screen […]

Pope Asks Followers To Pray For Him On Twitter

As Pope Francis completes his first year as the head of the Catholic Church, the pontif reached out to his 3.7 million followers on Twitter, asking them for religious support. Francis on Thursday morning tweeted: Please pray for me. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) March 13, 2014 Pope Francis, seen as a radically different pope than […]

Twitter Botnet Could Be Millions Of Accounts Strong, Investigation Claims

Twitter is no stranger to fake or spam accounts, and according to new emails published by Cryptome, the social network is dealing with a massive botnet. Cryptome is known for publishing (and leaking) a wide range of potentially sensitive information, and the emails in question do some digging into an alleged botnet. It all started […]

3 Cool Social Apps You Never Heard Of

Tweet My Music is an Android app that lets people share the music they are currently listening to on Twitter. Users add a music player from their device, login to their Twitter account, press start and launch the player. You can configure the tweeting format, determine which songs the app will send, and add extra […]

Darren Sproles Learns Through Twitter That He Is Being Traded

The New Orleans Saints didn’t have time to reveal their decision to trade Darren Sproles, that’s because the free agent learned of his predicament by way of Twitter. On Tuesday afternoon the team ESPN sent out the following message: THIS JUST IN: Dallas Cowboys free-agent DL Jason Hatcher is visiting with the Seahawks today. (via @AdamSchefter) […]

Twitter Servers Down For Second Time In 2014

If you visited Twitter anytime around 2:10 PM EST, you may have noticed that you were logged out and couldn’t log in. This is because Twitter went down and is still down at the time of this writing. Upon visiting the site or trying to view someone’s profile, this is the message you will see: […]

HootSuite Adds Ability To Upload Photos Via Pic.Twitter

HootSuite is one of the biggest movers and shakers in the social media management world, and added the ability to upload photos through Twitter’s own service. Since the beginning, users have had to rely on HootSuite’s own ow.ly image service, but unlike Pic.Twitter, images don’t appear in Twitter streams. That changes today, and the new […]

Twitter Knows When You’re Boozing, If You’re Having A Bad Day

What we post online says a lot about ourselves, especially our mood, and new data from Twitter sheds light on how we feel depending on the day and month. The social network analyzed words and phrases throughout 2013, and found when people were most likely to feel happy, sad, hungover or are late for work. […]

Twitter Bug Exploited To Bypass Privacy Settings

For those of you who are Twitter users, there is some rather troubling news concerning privacy. Ever since November 2013, there have been a reported 93,788 accounts vulnerable to a bug that allowed tweets to be delivered to unapproved followers. The bug allowed people to view tweets that they should have had no access to. […]

HBO GO Crashes During ‘True Detective’ Finale, Fans Are Not Amused

The finale of True Detectives on HBO was supposed to be a fun event for subscribers of the network, instead, the company’s digital service, HBO GO, failed, leaving thousands of fans to vent their frustration on Twitter. The HBO GO platform typically airs shows in real-time, allowing users to login and watch. Unfortunately, the popularity […]

Twitter Hires Former YouTube Executive Baljeet Singh

Twitter has its eyes set on video, and hired Baljeet Singh, a former YouTube executive who helped the video site create its pre-roll video ads. Singh left YouTube last month after working for Google for over five years, and according to The Verge, starts at Twitter today. The former exec will help the social network […]

Dr. Seuss Explains Twitter To Busy Executives

A CEO, COO, or other top executive at a company can make a great impact through the proper use of social media. Unfortunately, many executives find themselves unable to keep up with their own accounts. As the COO for a tech company, I often find myself with very little time left for my own social […]

Secret App Creates Real Time Feed Of SXSW

Things just took a new turn, as Secret, the app that lets people share thoughts anonymously among friends just created a live news feed of secrets at the SXSW event. This is particularly interesting not only because it anonymously connects people at an event, but also because people can now see what others are really […]