Woman Makes Example of Mansplainer on Twitter

So how do you catch a mansplainer? Answer: lay out a convenient question for him to stumble into, preferably on Twitter. Wait. Watch it happen before your eyes. Profit. For those of you who are a tad lost on the term, “mansplainer” is a portmanteau of the words “man” and “explain”, meaning “to explain something […]

Woman Shares Crazy Text Rant From Tinder Date After Saying No To Sex

For some, a Tinder date has become a way to find a quick hook-up. However, some still use the dating app in hopes of finding someone to have a decent date with. No matter what the reason though, most Tinder dates result in a epic story, usually ending with one of the individuals not taking […]

Aunt’s Homophobic Slur Put On Blast, Twitter Reacts

Being homophobic in this day and age? C’mon, folks, it’s 2016. Then again, some people just haven’t gotten with the times, as this aunt found at the hands of Twitter. Twitter User @maggieglen had an argument with her aunt when said aunt dropped an h-bomb on her. This was one thing our Twitter user wouldn’t […]

These Celebrities’ First Tweets Are Utter Perfection

There’s nothing quit as nerve-wracking as conjuring your your very first tweet. Then again, you can always just go the same way these celebrities did with their own tweets. Because really, Sending out your first 140-character signal to create your very first sound bite that could possibly brand you as such in the face of […]

Photoshop ‘Til You Drop From These Funny Pics

Photoshop Hero James Fridman is at it again with a fresh, new stack of ‘shopped image hot off his computer. If you got to enjoy the last post on his skills and humor and find yourself wanting more, here’s a whole new set of photoshop requests. With the US Presidential elections such a hot topic […]