Twitter Gets Crunk on “GOP Movies”

So what do Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz have in common? That they’re quickly turning into the laughing stock of most of liberal America. Oh, and that they’re members of the GOP. With the debate action getting all hotter and heavier with each session, and the caucuses going on their ups and downs, […]

Girlfriend Tweets Her Boyfriend Sleeptalking

Sleeptalking has got to be one of the most interesting things to happen to anyone — as long as you’re not the one doing the talking, I suppose. Whether it’s your mom, dad, your partner, spouse — heck, even your pet, we’ve all got something interesting to say in our sleep. Sleeptalking provides  window to […]

Have a Good Laugh With These Tweets

Oh, you lovely, lovely, hilarious tweets. You never fail to make us laugh and give us just a bit more sunshine to get through even the toughest of days. (Well, yeah, we may feel compelled to veg out in front of the computer and block out everything else, but gives the time of day in […]

“Godshilla” Dinosaur Blocks Road In England, Twitter Goes Crazy

Dogs or cats roaming the streets might be somewhat of a normal sight in any neighborhood. But, a dinosaur blocking the road might gather a bit of attention. That’s exactly what happened in England’s Isle of Wight. “Godshilla” was found blocking a local road in Godshill (hence the name), but disaster was averted when people […]

These Tweets Will Make You LOL

Tweets are probably one of the most entertaining things to ever happen on social media to us along the lines of entertainment. You gotta admit, being able to deliver zingers, witty comebacks, and other LOLable thoughts within 140 characters or less takes a certain amount of skill. The hashtag games can be a lot of […]

#WildBum Makes Your Science Heart Hum on Twitter

Just when you thought Science couldn’t get any cuter, here comes another trending hashtag to celebrate all that’s good about wild behinds. It’s not easy bing a biologist, specially when you’re the type to work in the field. There’s planning the research, finding the perfect spot/ settlement/ location/ habitat, making sure you and your team […]

#RIPTwitter? Users Freak Out Over Site’s Massive Changes

#RIPTwitter has trended to dizzying heights with the rumors circulating on the site about major change to the way users have enjoyed Twitter. After the euphoric high of #OneTeam, is Twitter now fated to crash for real? Let’s take a closer look at these two rumors and people’s reactions to them. Goodbye 140 Characters? Twitter […]

‘Total Junk’? Twitter Remains #OneTeam Strong

Twitter now more than understands what the aphorism every dark cloud has a silver lining”. In this case, it’s a solid, pristine platinum. Less than five days ago, more than half of Twitter’s top executives, including those for engineering, media, product and Vine exited the company and went to the employ of direct competitors such as […]