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#CharlieCharlieChallenge Has Children Summoning Demon For Life Advice [Video]

The #CharlieCharlieChallenge is sweeping social media as children are summoning a Mexican Demon to answer some of their life questions. The demon, who goes by Charlie, is based on a Mexican urban legend. The tale evolved into a challenge that has children using a paper and pencil to summon Charlie. Basically, you place one pencil […]

White House Tantrum Goes Viral, And The Memes Are Plentiful

It wasn’t just any tantrum. It was a White House tantrum. The Moser family was visiting the White House for Passover Seder. The Jewish family met President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the Red Room of the White House and that’s where it went down. Literally. The little Moser, Claudia decided to throw […]

Salem’s Parking Lot: #MallMovies Trending on Twitter

This week has certainly been a good one for hashtags. We love how creative and hilarious the good folks on Twitter are. It seems they’ve also got movies on the mind too, as we saw with #SoftenAFilm. These cinephiles have got something fresh and funny up their sleeves, and we’re loving every tweet of it. Introducing […]

From ‘Jaws’ To ‘Paws'; #SoftenAFilm Is Giving Movie Titles A Cozy Twist

Yet another creative hashtag is getting Twitter users to post their hilarious creations. Yesterday, we were treated to #RejectedPairings, now we have #SoftenAFilm. The trending hashtag has users take a scary or negative movie title and transforming it into something happier and friendlier. For example, American Sniper would become American Snuggler American Snuggler #SoftenAFilm […]

“GOT, That Was Not Okay”: Twitter Reacts to #BlackWedding

Okay, GOT fans. Let’s assess. First, there was #RedWedding.  then there as #PurpleWedding. And now, we have #BlackWedding. Clearly, social media felt it was absolutely, irrevocably not okay. Did Sean Bean (Daddy Ned Stark himself) knew what was coming all along? and more importantly, was he trying to warn us?  Feminist Geek site The Mary […]

Peanut Butter And Nelly? #RejectedPairings Trending On Twitter

What exactly is a #RejectedPairings? Rachel and Joey. Rachel and Joey #RejectedPairings — FriendsShow (@FriendsShow) May 19, 2015 Star Wars and Star Trek movie. A Star Wars and Star Trek Movie #RejectedPairings — Fusilli Jane (@spencedbyus) May 19, 2015 Getting Away With It and Those Meddling Kids #RejectedPairings #ScoobyDoo — Kevin F. Smith […]

Twitter Gives Sneak Peek Of Suicide Squad’s Joker And Harley Quinn [Video]

The popularity of social media means that even the most sensitive material can be made public… very quickly. Of course, Twitter is the go-to source for all things movie spoilers and sneak peeks. The latest look gives an inside view of the production of the much anticipated Suicide Squad. It seems one Twitter user got […]

Domino’s To Launch Tweet-a-Pizza

See that pizza up there? the one with all the delicious bubbly cheese, sizzling peperoni, and that knee-weakening glaze of 100% tastiness that’s absolutely hard to beat? Soon, you could be having that party in your mouth right now — and it’s as simple as a tweet away. Domino’s will launch its newest campaign to […]

New Hamburglar Gets Hot; Twitter Gets Flusterred [Poll]

Oh, Hamburglar, you naughty, naughty boy. Once upon a time in McDonaldland, we knew you as this chubby-faced bumbling ginger-headed boy with a mind as singular as your tooth. And now? We’ll let you #RobbleRobble us if you let us #RobbleRobble you. After thirteen years of silence, McDonald’s is finally bringing back the Hamburglar, and […]

Director, Joss Whedon, Leaves Twitter Amidst Death Threats

Film director, Joss Whedon has decided to leave Twitter behind. It seems his latest film, Avengers: Age of Ultron has been receiving some serious criticism. Whedon reportedly has even recieved death threats via Twitter from Marvel fans angry at the film’s new plot twist. Whedon made the decision to leave the social media world after […]

Celebs Tweet their Support and Reactions for #MayPac

From our last post, we covered what the Twitter- and Tumblr-verse had to say about the big #MayPac fight. Now, let’s hear what hollywood celebs have to say. Many stars expressed their excitement and anticipation over social media, and weren’t shy about rooting for their champions. Floyd Mayweather had Justin Bieber, P. Diddy, and 50Cent […]

Social Media in Uproar Over #MayPac Match

#MayPac is on fire. May 2 marked the what was dubbed the “fight of the century” between welterwight champions Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The world seemed to stand still for fans of both sportsmen and had them glued to their screens at home, in movie theaters, in public spaces, and more. In […]

#RoyalBaby Explodes All Over Twitter

Horray! Horray! What a wonderful day for Twitter, as it’s all a-buzz with the news of the #RoyalBaby, and good cheer has spread where the hashtag goes. Congratulations! #RoyalBaby “@BBCNews: In pictures: #RoyalBaby celebrations” — Gap Lincoln Road (@GapLincolnRoad) May 2, 2015 Such good news to wake up to! #RoyalBaby — Valerie […]

Houston Rockets Tweet Rape Joke To Celebrate Win

The Houston Rockets defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA playoffs on Wednesday night and it seemed they were too excited to think rationally. The Rockets tweeted out a joking status to celebrate as the game neared a close. The joke was considered by many to be referring to the act of rape and considered […]

DeLorean Pulled Over For ‘Leaky Flux Capacitor’

Calling all Back To The Future fans! The DeLorean has been spotted and some say it might even have a “leaky flux capacitor.” On Saturday, Officers of the Central Motorway Police Group spotted the DeLorean being transported by a trailer. The officers just had to have some fun. The officers pulled the replica over on […]

‘#VeryRealisticYA’ Tweets Keep it Real

Book lovers on Twitter have just met a new hashtag to love, and tweets are aplenty all around. #VeryRealisticYA has been one trending hashtag that has readers and young adult literature fans poking fun at YA Lit conventions and stereotypes. Twitter users of all ages have pitched in with their two cents on many tropes […]

Swedish Cops Stop New York Subway Attack [Video]

Some officers put their vacation plans on hold to save the day for some commuters on a New York subway. The four Swedish cops were visiting New York and were on their way to see the Broadway show, Les Miserables. As the men were on the subway train, they noticed a angry homeless man attacking […]

How You Can Use Twitter To Cheer Someone Up

A new website is using tweets from Twitter to help turn a person’s frown upside down. Visitors to can reply to tweets of people that are feeling down or just having a bad day. The tweets are randomly selected through a computerized process. gathers thousands of tweets using Twitter API and then sifts […]

#DescribeYourSexLifeInATvShow Has Twitter Users Baring All

The latest trend on Twitter has people taking a hilarious look at their sex lives. #DescribeYourSexLifeInATvShow has users post a title of a television show that describes their life between the sheets. As expected, there have been some rather unique responses to the trending #DescribeYourSexLifeInATvShow. While the majority were funny, some were a little too […]

Marshall Henderson Gets Twitter Revenge Against Erin Andrews Years Later

The latest example of Twitter revenge is reminding us to be careful what you write about others on social media, because chances are it will come back to bite you in the future. That’s exactly what is happening to well-known sports broadcaster, Erin Andrews. It all started back in 2013, when Andrews threw some shade […]