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‘Total Junk’? Twitter Remains #OneTeam Strong

Twitter now more than understands what the aphorism every dark cloud has a silver lining”. In this case, it’s a solid, pristine platinum. Less than five days ago, more than half of Twitter’s top executives, including those for engineering, media, product and Vine exited the company and went to the employ of direct competitors such as […]

Muslim Women Show David Cameron What #TraditionallySubmissive Looks Like

Nope, David Cameron, Muslim women aren’t as “traditionally submissive” as you might think. Oh yeah, and a good number of them can speak and understand English very, very well, kthnxbai. Earlier this January, David Cameron blamed the growing Daesh recruitment on “traditionally submissive” Muslim women who should “learn English to prevent their sons from turning to extremism”. […]

Man Quits Burger King, Steals All The Chicken Nuggets

This man sent a clear message to The Man the day he quit his job and stole all the chicken nuggets. All of them. Someone who goes by the Twitter handle Zealot has habout had it with working at his local Burger King, drove off into the sunset with a big bag of chicken nuggets […]

Islamic State Hijacks #JustinBieber to Spread Execution Video

Yes, Islamic State, it is too late now to say sorry. A Twitter account posted a gruesome execution video to spread terrorism on Twitter, prompted bythe hashtags #ISIS, #ISIL, … and #JustinBieber. Nope, Justin Bieber had nothing to do with this. However, his 21-million strong follower count on Twitter will be exposed to this video. […]

#OnTinderAtTinder Pits Tinder Pics vs Real Life

Tinder is one of the places where you’ll always want to look your best — but let’s face it, real life can actually be a whole lotta more fun. Proof? #OnTinderAtTinder. Tinder profile pics are more often than not as photoshoot-ed, photoshopped, filtered, curated and strategically cropped as best each user can. We’re seldom aware that […]

The Toblorange is a 2016 Chocolate Miracle

This 2016, get yourself ready for some Toblorange lovin’. 2015 gave us healthier, tastier chocolate, and the heavens opened, and choirs of angels swooped down and serenaded us with blessings of deliciousness. And then in a sweep of unparalleled genius, Twitter user James Hannah unleashed his newest masterpiece onto the world: The Toblorange. #toblorange […]

Social Media vs Real life: Meeting Cool People

Whether it’s Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we all from time to time find our own cool people to look up to. They’re the Gala Darlings and the Kendall Jenners of the online world. Every snapshot perfectly composed, filtered, curated for mass consumption. Theirs is the seemingly perfect life. We’ve allowed them to take up space […]

Tributes to David Bowie That Will Touch Everyone’s Heart

Damn BBC news app and its notification of breaking news! I don’t normally say this, but a few minutes ago, a glance at my phone showed me “David Bowie passed away…” To my chagrin, a quick search of authoritative news sites confirmed that it is not a hoax. His son has also confirmed his father’s […]