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Do You Suffer From ‘Selfie Syndrome?’

With the news of Kim Kardashian’s Selfie book coming out, it seems as if the ‘selfie’ obsession is at an all time high. Even the socialite has confessed to being addicted to selfies. But could the selfie fad be turning us all into narcissists or maybe, something even more dangerous. Do you suffer from ‘selfie […]

WhatsApp Now Available on the Web

For many people, the hugely popular WhatsApp has all but replaced conventional text messaging as a way of communicating with friends. It’s easy, it works no matter what sort of smartphone you’re using and it can be a lot more cost-effective than a traditional texting plan. Now, the app is set to expand its sights […]

Hugh Hefner Dead? Internet Explodes Over Rumors

Hugh Hefner found dead of natural causes on Sunday night. Or at least that is what one fake news website says. The fake website,, misled social media users into believing the Playboy mogul had died. The website, which many mistook for the legit news source, NBC, took users to a link to the fake […]

Move Over Feminists, Meninists Are Here

The meninist movement is underway. Men across the world are taking a stand. Tired of the struggles of being a man in the 21st century? Well mister, this movement is for you. The movement, if it can be called that, has found its strongest platform of support in social media, specifically Twitter. The #meninist hashtag […]

Best Buy Apologizes For Insensitive ‘Serial’ Tweet

The electronic retail giant, Best Buy, is apologizing after the company posted a tweet about the popular podcast, Serial. What was meant as a marketing tactic seem to backfire on Best Buy’s social media team.   The newly released podcast series tells the nonfiction stories of murder cases. The newest episode centers around the 1999 murder […]

5 Ways How DIY Experts Can Increase Leads Using Social Media

To provide help to people with their home improvement needs or personal projects, DIY experts – from people who do plumbing to those who perform asbestos removal – will need to effectively reach out to their target market. One of the better ways of doing this is by connecting with online users using social media. If you’re […]

Are Facebook Apps Keeping Track of More Than They Should?

Your privacy while you use your smartphone has become even more of a hot button issue over the course of this year — and it seems like Facebook might be the next company to step into the firing lines. A Reddit user has found evidence that both the company’s flagship app and its ‘Messenger’ counterpart might […]

10 Nineties Celebrities with More Twitter Followers Than You Would Expect

With the rise of social media services like Twitter, people are able to follow the daily lives of celebrities in ways that they never have before—even after the peak the peak of a star’s career. Some celebrities who have been out of the limelight for some time still find themselves enjoying a healthy following on Twitter. […]

How Social Media Can Make Your Business Competitive Internationally

Social media gurus are to be found everywhere you look, and due to that, some business owners might have had the feeling that social media is merely a hype, a bubble that can burst any time. While there might be a grain of truth to that, there is no denying that social media plays a […]

A Game of Social Thrones: When Social Platforms Go At It

In the Game of Thrones, you either play or you die. Something similar can be said in the Game of Social, don’t you think? Well, the guys at Hootsuite seem to think so, and they came up with their own video of how the Game of Social Thrones is played; or at least the opening […]

Social Media Prenups Are On The Rise

In the age of instant gratification and social media, one hardly thinks about the positive or negative consequences when posting something on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Maybe it is an unflattering photo of someone you know, don’t know, or your significant other. According to ABC News, couples are now signing a “Social Media Prenup” which […]

How To Find Out What Social Media Sites Know About You

Social media holds a treasure trove of data not just based on what’s happening around the world, but nearly every detail about our own personal lives. In fact, a study published in October 2013 found that Facebook can help predict when couples are about to get divorced. Today, major social networks have advanced learning mechanisms that know what you’re […]

Facebook Fight Over A Boy Leads Teen Girl To Shoot And Kill Peer [Video]

Chicago, IL – A Facebook fight over a boy led a 14-year-old to shoot and kill another 14-year-old on Monday afternoon. Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy confirmed that murder charges had been filed against a suspect who used a .38-caliber handgun used to kill Endia Martin earlier this week. The gun had been stolen from […]

McDonald’s Putting Ronald McDonald To Work On Social Media

Ronald McDonald is an iconic mascot known worldwide, and McDonald’s is now taking him out of the PlayPlace into the social media trenches. Yesterday, the fast food chain issued a press release highlighting its new initiative, and vision for good ol’ Ronald. Ronald McDonald will now be active on the company’s various social media accounts, and will interact […]

Only In Florida: Orlando Teen Stabbed Over Facebook Post [Video]

Orlando, FL – A 16-year-old is sweating attempted murder charges after stabbing a fellow student over a Facebook post. Yes, you read that right. People are officially being stabbed over Facebook posts. The two teenagers were found fighting Monday night by police in the area of 131 Briarcliff Drive in Poinciana. According to witnesses, the 14-year-old was walking […]

Reddit Rolling Out Trending Subreddits

Trending is, for lack of a better word, the new trend in social media (did I really just write that? Someone take away my keyboard before I hurt myself and others). While it seems like ages ago at this point, Facebook added its own trending feature only a few months ago, and now Reddit is […]

Social Media Is Taking Over E-Commerce [Infographic]

If you want to succeed in an increasingly crowded e-commerce market, you need an online presence that is likely to drive massive traffic. In order to compete, more e-commerce companies are turning towards social media. According to a study by Mobstac, the most significant impacts of social media for business are the building of trust […]

Another Study Suggests Facebook Promotes A Negative Body Image

Several studies have appeared in the last year – some specifically citing Facebook – each arguing how various aspects of social media promotes a negative body image among users. A negative body image is a distorted self-perception correlating body size and shape as a sign of personal failures. This personal stigma in turn can encourage […]