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‘Facebook Thinks I’m A Terrorist’ Because Of Unfortunate Name

One woman discovered her Facebook page was deactivated after the social media giant froze her account, mistaking her for a terrorist, all because of her name. Isis Anchalee is far from a terrorist. She lives in San Francisco and works as an engineer. As Facebook joins the fight against ISIS and terrorism sources, Isis became […]

5 Tips For Hashtag Etiquette

The hashtag. This humble little symbol has gone beyond simply a vague notion of its purpose to becoming one of the most  prevalent and visible icons of the social media age. The hashtag’s become such an ingrained part of our online lives, it’s practically turned into an offline expression in itself. Know someone who can’t […]

3 Ways to Avoid Facebook Drama

It happened again. There you were, browsing Facebook, just enjoying a little you-time. Then you scroll past a post from your loud-mouthed co-worker. It’s yet another long-winded yarn about what so-and-so said about such-and-such. ‘Not this again,’ you think, ‘I feel like I’m back in high school.’ Facebook drama can be hard to avoid. Even after putting […]

Study Shows Millennials Aren’t Very Social Anymore. Can You Guess Why?

Hey there, fellow millennial. Chances are you are reading this on your phone. Probably with a friend or in a public place. Yep, I knew it. Well, guess what! Stop! (Wait, finish reading this first. Then stop.) A new study is showing just how addicted to social media our generation has become. How often do […]

What You Really Agreed To When You Signed Up For Tinder [Video]

Oh, Tinder. Some use you in a quest for the love of their life, while most use you to find the hookup for the day. Whatever you reasons are for using the dating app, there are a few things you are agreeing to. Just like any downloaded app, Tinder comes with a terms and agreements […]

5 Rules for Handling Your Breakup on Social Media

Breakups. We’ve all been through them. Most of the time, they aren’t fun or easy. Of course, I say most of the time because sometimes breaking up with someone is, indeed, fun and easy. It’s safe to assume most of us have been there, too. In the age of social media, word of a breakup […]

These 3 Dumb Criminals Got Caught After Posting to Social Media

Not every criminal can claim the title “evil mastermind”. In fact, very few can. Want poof? How about these three dumb criminals who got themselves caught by posting on social media? Perhaps it was narcissim, which actually is the hallmark of some great criminal minds, or perhaps it was sheer clueless-ness that did them in. One […]