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Who Says Money Can’t Buy Love? [Infographic]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. That means many will empty their wallets to shower their loved one with gifts. Flowers, chocolates, expensive dinners… what exactly makes up the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Thanks to our friends over at The Shelf, we know exactly where all that money goes.. The creative minds over at […]

Fresno Man Found Murdered After Posting This Suspicious Video To YouTube

John Lang was known as a sort of activist in the city of Fresno, California. Active on community news sites and social media outlets, Lang has a history of causing a fuss for the city. Some may of called him a troublemaker or paranoid, but he was known to post videos of his several encounters […]

Facebook Launches Campaign to Stop Hate Speech

On Monday, Facebook launched a campaign against hate speech and extremism called the “Online Civil Courage Initiative,” or OCCI for short. The campaign will focus on helping existing organizations that are fighting hate speech, along with building “best practices” for those organizations and putting money toward research. The move comes after a United Nations panel and others called on […]

Social Media Gives A Big Middle Finger To Cancer

Cancer is awful. It’s a fact we all know. Despite race, age, gender, cancer affects thousands everyday. Some survive, but many lose their life to this horrible disease. These tragic ending have seem to play out in the headlines the last few weeks. It seems as if each day, social media announced the passing of […]

Social Media Photography Campaign Takes Stand Against Domestic Violence

#ITakeAStand was meant to educate people about the alarming rate of domestic violence incidents. The social media campaign went on to do so much more than that. Photographer, Wendy Tipene organized a group of more than 50 people to pose with their reason they want to take a stand against the violence. Their reasons brought […]

The Immigration Debate: Social Media’s Reaction

One of the issues on the frontburner during these presidential debates is immigration. As the world faces the Syrian refugee crisis and other waves of immigrants, both sides of the immigration argument are being raised. We’ve heard what the candidates have to say about the issue, but we wonder what normal people in society thought. […]

#GlitterBeard Gives Way To #GlitterPits?

#GlitterBeard was a recent trend that took social media by storm. It involved men with huge beards covering them in glitter. The pictures of men with sparkly faces covered the Internet and it was all fun and games. That just looks messy, really messy. That is until the feminist movement decided to get in on […]