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How Social Media Is Causing A Beauty Revolution

Social media has become an important tool for businesses and brands of all kinds. However, the beauty industry has been the most successful in harnessing the power of social media and spurring a beauty revolution. The major cosmetic brands’ target demographic just happens to be made up of the same young women that make up […]

Did You Know You Can Turn Your Social Media Obsession Into A Career?

We are obsessed with social media and obviously we aren’t the only ones. With millions of users sharing their lives on various channels from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, many of us are dreaming on how to turn that social media obsession and turn it into a lucrative career. While it may sound […]

Couple Pays To Have Wedding Broadcasted Live On Social Media

And you thought you were addicted to social media. One UK couple is showing us just how obsessed they are with social media. They have become the first couple in the UK to have their wedding broadcasted to thousands of strangers and it didn’t come cheap. Zoe Anastasi and her husband, Will Diggins were married […]

Facebook’s Answer to Snapchat: Sweet Anonymity or Troll Paradise?

Facebook is a public forum, and they take the public part of that very seriously. The social network is famous for stripping away privacy settings and putting everything out in the open—a double-edged sword which tends to expose private information but prevents vitriol through a system of social accountability. The latter is precisely why some […]

Solve All Of Your Pinterest Needs With ViralWoot

As social media becomes an important part of society’s daily lives, it is more important than ever for every business and brand to have a great online presence. In fact, business expert say that companies with a strong social presence have higher sales and a larger customer base. Many applications are on the market to […]

Why You Should #CompareYourselfToACheesecake2016 [Video]

One young girl’s encounter with a social media troll has transformed into women all around the world coming together to show their support. And it has everything to do with a certain baked good. Just a few days ago, 18-year-old Kerione tweeted a photo of her in her red and white prom dress. Quickly after, […]

Digital Learning Becomes Focal Point Of Asian Education Systems

With the rising popularity and use of social media and technology among young people in Singapore and other Asian countries, educational institutions are realizing the importance of digital learning. Recent technological innovations have created several new opportunities to teach students. During the recent International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology, experts discussed the need […]

#MambaDay: Everyone Is Hopping On The Kobe Bryant Train

Even those that were never Kobe Bryant fans, even most of his haters, are celebrating #MambaDay on social media as the legendary athlete played his last game yesterday. As Bryant headed in to retirement, the world has gone crazy on social media. #MambaDay quickly became a trending topic, as everyone (we mean everyone) decided to […]