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Reddit’s iAMA And Other Popular Subreddits Are Offline After Admin Conflict

What are we going to do without Reddit ask me anything sessions?? Several popular subreddit pages have been taken offline and made private, including our favorite, “ask me anything.” Other closed pages included videos, todayilearned and Askreddit. It seems there is something brewing behind the scenes over at Reddit. Today the popular site posted a […]

U.N. Calls on Facebook, Twitter to Join Fight Against Terrorism

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Internet and social media companies should respond to the exploitation of their services by radical Islamist groups, a U.N. panel said on Wednesday. The panel’s report calls on companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to do whatever possible to curb the “increasingly horrific propaganda” groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL post to their sites. […]

Meet the Guy Who Wowed the Internet with His Cover of ‘Beat It’ [Interview]

MADRID, Spain (SND) – Two days ago, composer and guitar teacher Miguel Rivera uploaded his solo acoustic performance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ to YouTube. It quickly went viral after being posted to reddit’s /r/videos. Since we initially reported on the story, Rivera’s music video has garnered an additional 510,000 views. The video, in which Rivera plays all […]

Facebook Stalkers Rejoice Over New Feature

Facebook recently announced a new algorithm that will make it a little easy to be a social media creeper. The formula is based on how long users spend on certain profiles, posts, photos and comments. Facebook will then calculate the time spent and start pushing that kind of content to your feed. The social media […]

#HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge Is Now A Thing [Video]

Last summer, we had the #IceBucketChallenge. This summer, social media decided it needed something a little sexier. So, we introduce to you the @HoldACokeWithYourBoobs challenge Yes, it is a thing and it is exactly what you would think. Just like the ALS ice bucket challenge, #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge supports a great cause, breast cancer. These challenges are […]

GIFs Finally Work On Facebook, Let’s Pick Out Your First Post

Thanks to the social media gods! You can now post GIFs to Facebook. Since 2013, we have been using a workaround created by Giphy to share GIF on Facebook. Giphy allowed the GIFs to show up as videos on the popular social media site, but now Facebook supports actual GIFs! Sharing your favorite GIF is […]

Why Shredded Wheat Is The Most Hated Brand On Social Media

Brands and companies have begun a social media war. It is a battle to get the most likes, the most interactions and hopefully, the most positive feedback. This online interaction could result in huge financial gains for these companies. According to CNBC, a new study is taking a look at who’s winning and who’s losing. […]