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Activision Blizzard Announces Social Gaming Platform

Gaming giant, Activision-Blizzard, announced plans yesterday for a new social gaming platform. The Activate platform, which launches next month, will be used for the publishers new mobile games and it will also be included with the company’s previous titles. The first games planned for the new platform are the iOS editions of Activision’s highly popular […]

What Mobile App Sales Tell Us About The Value Of Social

We wrote a while ago about how the Instagram app might not make it to the BlackBerry 10, which prompted a deeper discussion regarding mobile app acquisitions and the importance of socialization. While most believe that such acquisitions only take place with large-scale companies, the truth is that app acquisitions are becoming the standard for […]

‘Zombie Gunner’ Introduces A New Undead Horde To Social Gaming

Gamevil’s side scrolling shooter, Zombie Gunner, unleashed hordes of hungry corpses into the app store, debuting the latest title to feature the Undead. Packed with enough walking dead to populate a small city, Zombie Gunner is hoping to succeed in a crowded social gaming genre. While it is up against stiff competition, it should be […]

‘Draw Something’ Wins Best Social Network Game Award At GDC Online

Zynga’s Draw Something took home the Best Social Network Game award during last night’s ceremony at the 3rd annual Game Developers Choice Online Awards. The win could be considered a bit of a breakthrough for Zynga. Even though the company’s games were nominated in 2010 and 2011, Playdom won the award last year with Gardens […]

What Kind Of Social Gamer Are You? This Infographic Might Help

Ever wondered what kind of social gamer you are? Do you play social games because you like to connect with other people at all costs? Do you need the repetitive pleasure and escape? Is it as simple and old-fashioned as you just like to try new things, or you enjoy the competition? This informative infographic […]

[Breaking] Zynga Files for $1B IPO

Who knew virtual farming could be so lucrative? Well, many people in the social gaming space know that Zynga is sort of a big deal, but how big took some people by surprise today as the company filed for a $1 billion Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As the […]

[Social Gaming] Hanging With Friends, Reviewed

I’ll cop to the fact that while I love certain social media services, like Facebook, I never really jumped on the social gaming bandwagon. I hated the idea of haranguing my friends for a plank for my barn or some kibble for my virtual pet, and I also thought that it would look kind of […]