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Up Your Snapchat Game With these Tips and Tricks

If you absolutely lovelovelovelove Snapchat, you are gonna love these tips. Bring Back Old Lenses Do you find your existence a little bit grayer without Snapchat’s rainbow-puking lens? Want to scare the beejeezus out of your folks with the demon lens just one more time? Bringing back good old lenses is as easy as changing […]

Obsessed With Snapchat? Then You Need This

We know how many of you are obsessed with Snapchat and we can’t blame you. Snapping and receiving those crazy photos are strangely addicting. Now, you can show your love of Snapchat off without your smartphone. Snapchat is now selling official products, well just two it appears: an official Snapchat beach towel and a plush […]

Have You Noticed The New Snapchat Update? Smileys, Fire, And Moons Explained

Snapchat just launched a HUGE update. No more best friends, just emojis. Maybe you liked the ‘Best Friends’ visibilitiy or maybe didn’t want random friends knowing who you snapped the most? Well, away with best friends and hello to a specific line of emojis. According to Snapchat, this update will “change your life.” Are you […]

Man Falls For Snapchat Prank Over and Over [Video]

How gullible can you be? Jillian Haker has been tormenting her brother with the same Snapchat prank. Funny thing is, he falls for it over and over. It begins with Jillian asking her brother to pose with her for a Snapchat photo. He obliges and poses, only to realize that she is shooting a video […]

Snapchat Introduces Snapcash Causing Concerns About What Teens Are Going to Do With It

Snapchat is widely thought of as an app used mostly by teens and college students. And it’s also got a reputation as the go-to app for “sexting.” The company recently turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Now, they’ve unveiled an apparent method of monetizing their increasingly valuable product: There’s been a lot of […]

First Snapchat Ad Is A ‘Oija’ Movie Trailer

Snapchat has entered the advertising game. The social media company started showing advertisements to users over the weekends but Snapchat has a slightly different approach than Facebook and Twitter. Tech Crunch notes that the Snapchat ads (in this case, a trailer for the movie Oija) will show up in the Recent Updates section. Users are not forced to watch […]

The Snappening: Thousands Of Nude Snapchat Photos Hacked

The Fappening may be over but the Snappening has just begun. Hackers stole thousands of nude Snapchat photos over the weekend and they are now leaking them on the forum 4Chan. According to USA Today, as many as 200,000 photos may have been stolen. Snapchat confirmed that thousands of its users were victimized by the attack […]

Facebook Officially Releases Slingshot, A More Social Snapchat

Facebook accidentally leaked its own Snapchat competitor a few days back, but now everyone that didn’t pick it up in those  few crucial hours has a chance to play with it. Whereas Snapchat aims to be a private person to person photo/video messaging app, Slingshot hopes to make things a little more social. Released on […]