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Facebook’s Answer to Snapchat: Sweet Anonymity or Troll Paradise?

Facebook is a public forum, and they take the public part of that very seriously. The social network is famous for stripping away privacy settings and putting everything out in the open—a double-edged sword which tends to expose private information but prevents vitriol through a system of social accountability. The latter is precisely why some […]

Did Snapchat Steal This Woman’s Art? Twitter Wants Answers

Snapchat has some pretty cool filters on the app, and it’s no wonder it can easy to go crazy over those. However, it seems they’ve had a couple of misses recently. Snapchat gaffed when they released a Bob Marley filter in April 20 with a blackface feature, which they quickly apologized for. However, will they […]

Snapchat’s Bob Marley Filter Backfires Big Time

The Bob Marley Snapchat filter launched yesterday, also known as 420 day, has irked – and is irking – people left and right, and of course, it’s all over social media. Yesterday, Snapchat released a Bob Marley filter which allows users to combine their face with Bob Marley’s.

Is SnapChat Actually Safer than SkyECC (And Why)?

The concern for security has been creeping under our noses for some time now. As people get more comfortable with using technology, the threat of our sensitive information being compromised gets bigger. In fact, people are already sharing personal information such as interests, phone numbers, location, and employment indifferently in social networks like Facebook, Google+, […]

Girl Creates Snapchat Boyfriend From Thin Air

We’ve heard of invisi-boyfriends before, and there hve been more fictional Snapchat boyfies than we can count, but this one takes the cake. On a photo app like Snapchat, everything — yes, even love — will have a lifespan of ten seconds at most. With that said, this woman knew how to make the most […]

Up Your Snapchat Game With these Tips and Tricks

If you absolutely lovelovelovelove Snapchat, you are gonna love these tips. Bring Back Old Lenses Do you find your existence a little bit grayer without Snapchat’s rainbow-puking lens? Want to scare the beejeezus out of your folks with the demon lens just one more time? Bringing back good old lenses is as easy as changing […]

Obsessed With Snapchat? Then You Need This

We know how many of you are obsessed with Snapchat and we can’t blame you. Snapping and receiving those crazy photos are strangely addicting. Now, you can show your love of Snapchat off without your smartphone. Snapchat is now selling official products, well just two it appears: an official Snapchat beach towel and a plush […]