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MySpace ‘Look Back’ Videos Don’t Exist And This Is Why

The Facebook ‘Look Back’ video platform has allowed users to share their most memorable moments with their friends and the general public. With the popularity of the video software, the team at Funny Or Die has created a special look back video based on Myspace. The team specifically uses the account of Tom Anderson, the […]

Myspace Adds 12 Million Users In 4 Months

Myspace may not be the undisputed king of social media it once was, but since relaunching in June, has added 12 million new users. According to the social network, there are now 36 million users, up from 24 million users before its relaunch. Plans of targeting a younger user base are also working out with […]

Myspace Under Fire For Deleting User Blogs

Myspace removed six years worth of blogs when the social network relaunched a new look, new focus, and new owners. Now one month after the websites $20 million facelift users are crying foul. In order to shed its dated image Myspace deleted user blogs which had been maintained by many users for upwards of six […]

New Myspace Out Of Beta, Now Open To Everyone

The new Myspace has been in beta for several months and on Tuesday the newly revamped social network officially opened to everyone. To sign up users can access their existing Myspace account or create a new one by visiting here. With the new site the social network has received a huge redesign and is now […]

Inside Look: The New Myspace [Photos]

Myspace revealed a new design in September and invites are gradually being sent out. Today, I received access and explored the new design. When you first sign up, you’re met with a very different interface compared to the original MySpace design. The main navigation bar is on the top left hand side. In the center […]

Myspace Will Lose $43 Million In 2012, Wants $50 Million In Funding

Myspace is the redheaded stepchild of social media. Once at the top of its game and the world’s largest social network, with the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, and others, it quickly went downhill. Now, according to some new slides from Business Insider, it’ll lose $43 million this year on revenue of just $12 million. For […]

It’s Over: MySpace Sells for a Piddly $35M

News Corp. has finally managed to offload the cash drain that is MySpace, but not before slashing their sale price from $100 million to a much lower $35 million. According to AllThingsD, the deal includes reducing staff by half, and the blog reports that Myspace CEO Mike Jones and other key staff will probably only […]

MySpace Sale Decision Forthcoming, Two Week Timeline Set

MySpace- which has become the token example of network failure- shall meet its fate later this month, according to News Corp’s media chief Jim Miller. MySpace rapidly rose to prominence globally, but was overtaken by Facebook in April of 2008. Since then, the fiery decline of the site has been an ongoing train wreck spectacle […]

86% of Top 500 Retailers Like Facebook

Saturation of retailers of Facebook is approaching that of Facebook use by individuals, according to retail trade reports. A staggering 86% of the top 500 retailers have a presence on the site- on which their fans can express brand love, receive customer service, and find out more about new and current products and services. Facebook […]

[Video, NSFW] The Roast of Facebook

If you like the Comedy Central roasts, you might appreciate this social network version with Lisa Lampanelli and Gilbert Gottfried playing the parts of Foursquare and Twitter, respectively.