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Six Arrested In Iran For Dancing To Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ On YouTube

Pharrell’s song “Happy” is beyond popular at the moment. The music video features both dancing celebrities and “regular” folks dancing around Los Angeles and that has inspired thousands of hours of covers, spoofs and copies to appear on YouTube. Someone even uploaded the hours and hours of unused footage from the creation of the video. The […]

Iranian Women Protest Mandatory Hijab Law On Facebook

Thousands of Iranian women are unveiling themselves in more ways than one. A Facebook page dedicated to giving them a space to express themselves has been put up  by an Iranian journalist based in London and thousands of Iranian women are using the platform to showcase something rarely seen in public in the theocratic nation, […]

WhatsApp Banned In Iran After New ‘American Zionist’ Ownership [Report]

WhatsApp was acquired back in February in a deal worth $19 billion, and according to a recent report, it’s banned in Iran due to alleged racism. Published this past Saturday by Haaretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, the decision was made by the Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content. Here’s what Committee Secretary Abdolsamad Khorramabadi reportedly […]

Facebook Influences Veil-Wearing Trends In Iranian Women

The use of social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter, can sway attitudes and behaviors across vast cultures and religious groups worldwide. For example, a recent study found trends among veil-wearing Iranian women have been influenced by Facebook, as many express a liberal wiliness to post pictures sans the headdress on their profiles. There are […]

Iran Warms To Facebook – But Leadership Only

Iran’s top communications official is apparently an avid Facebook user, making comments this week that sounded an optimistic tone about social media in the restrictive country. “I have been a member and I’m pretty involved [with Facebook]. I keep posting things and I always use the comments I receive,” Mahmoud Vaezi, Minister of Communications and […]

Iran Nuclear Deal Applauded By World Leaders On Twitter

An Iran nuclear deal meant to stop the country from creating weaponized nuclear weapons is being applauded by world leaders. To celebrate the occasion leaders and their respective representatives have taken to Twitter in a show of support for the new deal. The Iran nuclear deal was announced on Saturday night by President Barack Obama, […]

Deal Reached Over Iran’s Nuclear Program

A deal has been reached over Iran’s nuclear program by the country and six major powers. The deal was reached early Sunday and announced on Twitter by several diplomats, including Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who wrote: Iranian people’s vote for #moderation constructive engagement + tireless efforts by negotiating teams are to open new horizons. #IranTalks […]

Iran Gets Facebook, Twitter By Happy Accident For One Glorious Day

On Monday, Iran’s citizenry enjoyed access to something we take for granted: Facebook and Twitter. As we’ve explained here and here, Iran is unburdened by silly things like freedom of speech and expression, and embraces a daring political philosophy that manifests itself most mundanely as very anti-social media. Unless you’re a member of the government […]

Facebook Banned In Iran, But New President Has A Page (And A Twitter)

Iran’s leadership is building a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, despite the fact that social media has been outlawed for several years in that country. One set of rules for the people, am I right? Facebook has been banned in Iran since the country’s 2009 election, coincidentally right about the time that the then-despotic […]

Iranian Breakdancing Video From All The Way Back In 1991 Goes Viral [Video]

So, here’s an Iranian breakdancing video from 1991. I’m normally a pretty long-winded (some would say “opinionated”) guy, but this is one of those rare times when something comes across my desk that I can’t even parse with real human words. Little fragments pop into my head: Acid-washed jean jacket. Iranian molest-ache. Crutches. Anyway, this […]