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This Korean Body Paint Artist’s Illusion Skills Will Blow You Away

Dian Yoon’s body paint artistry is so amazing, it’s going to give your brain a lot of amazingly confusing moments. Yoon, a 22-year-old student at the Korean National University of Arts, has begun taking the Internet by storm. She’d begun posting her visual illusion body paintings on Instagram just two months ago. She not only has […]

This Guy Says “Mom, I’m Fine” In the Coolest Ways Possible

When you’re a mom, particularly the mom of a grown-up avid traveler, there will certainly be moments when you can’t help but be beside yourself with worry for your kid. Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, a 27-year-old former model, understand this very well. So, being the sweet son he is, he devises an ingenious way to say […]

This Black Bath Bomb Is Every Goth’s Dream Come True

Aaaaah, at last. A bath bomb to match my soul. Those of us whose homes are happily betubbed may have at some point of their lives enjoyed a good bath bomb or two. (and those of us who don’t, well, there’s always be the memes for it.) Instagram user @Toxicbitchcraft shared this video of her […]

JK Simmons Gets Swole and Freaks Out Internet

While we covered the debunking of a few rumors surrounding a flamboyant, ever-lovable gym-energizer-bunny Simmons we send virtual hugs to, here’s another Simmons whose gym exploits are making the internet go loco with his own trainer’s Instagram shots. Y’all remember JK Simmons? You might better remember him s J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi […]

If You Love Space, You Will Love These Instagram Profiles

Nothing provokes more awe and wonder than space. It has been studied by humans for years, but yet it seems we learn something new everyday. With the popularity of social media, these exciting discoveries fill our news feeds, if you follow the right profiles. To make sure you stay on top of the latest research […]

Trump Makes McDonald’s Great Again By Becoming a Meme

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving — this time, the gift comes with a heaping side order of McDonald’s fries to go with all that meme-ness. The gift in question is an Instagram post from yesterday of him enjoying a Big Mac meal by himself: Celebrating 1237! #Trump2016 A photo posted by […]

Float Away On These Summer Ice Cream Dreams

Aaaah, Summer. Oh, you beloved season of joy and contentment, what would you be without backyard cookouts, fireworks, and yes, ice cream? Ice cream is one of the deepest, most profound noms of summer. This year, it just seems ice cream has come into a revival of sorts, with frosty-sweet creations in a race to […]

Instagram Page Shows Off Rich Kids Of London Lavish Lifestyles

Bathing in champagne, private jets, weekends in exclusive destinations. No, it isn’t a movie, this is reality for some of the richest kids of London. While many of will never live these lavish lifestyles, we can experience them through Instagram. Dubbed the page for the “life of the untouchable rich kids,” this page features some […]