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Explore The Emmys Through The Eyes Of The Stars

Your Emmys viewing party is about to get social! Instagram is a way to be have a look into a celebrity’s personal life without being an obsessive fan. The Facebook-owned social media app knows this and has begun using it as a huge selling point. With tonight’s Emmys, Instagram is making it extra easy to […]

Meet Dr. Mike: The Hottest Doc On Instagram

Paging Dr. Mike. This New Jersey doctor is setting Instagram on fire. Grabbing more than 780,000 followers, we see why women around the world suddenly feel sick and need to make a doctor’s appointment. The 25-year-old Russian immigrant is currently in his second year of residency and was first featured on a fashion Instagram account […]

Socality Barbie Wants To #LiveAuthentic; Is More Hipster Than You

Barbie has at last turned over a new leaf, it seems. She’s traded in her Corvette for a Subaru, her heels and glam wardrobe for  a pair of hiking boots, flannels, and black-rimmed glasses, and her beach-blonde hair for a shade of auburn so rustic it’ll make you want to grow a full-on lumberjack beard […]

This Couple Has a Cautionary Tale About Quitting Your Job to Travel

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger quit their lucrative careers in advertising to travel the world, but they warn not everything is as idyllic as their Instagram account makes it seem. any of us have dreamt of leaving everything behind to travel the globe, perhaps with our life partner by our side. That’s exactly what Chanel […]

‘Thai Fashionista’ Wows with Everyday-Item Couture [Photos]

This young Thai fashionista is giving us serious runway realness with looks made out of found objects, and we are loving every moment of it. The 15-year-old visionary refers to himself as the “Thai Ban Fashionist” (“The Thai Fashionista”). His looks are made from objects ranging from banana leaves, to fishing baskets, to just about […]

These People Thought They Took Pics with Celebs, They Didn’t

They say everybody has a doppelganger, so it stands to reason there are plenty of people out there who bear a resemblance to the world’s most beloved celebrities. It also stands to reason these people must get stopped on the street and asked to pose for pics, sign autographs, or just generally accept praise for […]

5 Things We Can Learn From Teens on Instagram

Teenagers make up one of the most prodigious users of Instagram, and we grown-ups wouldn’t be amiss to take a few notes from them. I’m not kidding. with a plethora of photo-editing apps and options and their fingertips, they’ve lifted Instagramming into an art form on its own, their galleries an array of manicured, curated […]

A Must-Follow On Instagram: Transportation Security Administration?

When you think of Instagram accounts that garner the most views, you think Taylor Swift, Beyonce or that really adorable viral dog. But, what about the Transportation Security Administration? If you aren’t following the security provider on Instagram, you’re missing out. Even Rolling Stone ranked their profile as No. 4 on their “100 best Instagram […]