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Model Loses Thousands of Instagram Followers for “Getting Real”

Hot on the heels of Essena O’Neill’s Instagram uproar, another model is starting to shake Instagram up a few notches further with some changes she’s making in her daily posts. Stina Sanders is a London-based model who enjoys running, spending quality time with her frenchie, and posting the occasional selfie. she has also posed for […]

Essena O’Neill: “Social Media Is Not Real Life”

A precious handful of celebrities have quit Instagram for a bevy of reasons; Australian fashion and beauty blogger Essena O’Neill is sending a message with her own departure from the image social site. O’ Neill could have just chosen to delete the account and walk away from Instagram, but she went a few steps further. […]

5 Tips For Hashtag Etiquette

The hashtag. This humble little symbol has gone beyond simply a vague notion of its purpose to becoming one of the most  prevalent and visible icons of the social media age. The hashtag’s become such an ingrained part of our online lives, it’s practically turned into an offline expression in itself. Know someone who can’t […]

#ToastSinatraContest: Jack Daniel’s Celebrates Frank Sinatra’s Birthday [Video]

Start spreading the news… Jack Daniel’s is remembering a musical icon: Frank Sinatra. The crooner was one of the signature whiskey’s biggest fans. Although Sinatra passed away 17 years ago, the liquor maker is celebrating what would-be his 100th birthday on December 12. In honor of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Jack Daniel’s has created and […]

Nutscapes: The Photo Trend You’ll Drop Your Pants For

[Caveat: this post contains potentially NSFW images for, well, testes, but your mileage may vary. A little bit of skin never really hurt anyone. ] Picture this: In one of your travels, you come across a landscape so gorgeous, so breath-taking, it just makes time stop. you just have to take that moment of perfection […]

“Princestagram”: Prince Returns to Instagram

… And yes, that’s exactly what he’s calling it: Princestagram. I guess he just saw the opportunity, and got up and took it. The rare, mythical creature known as Prince (who also at some point was TAFKAP — “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” — because times change) has returned to Instagram, and whoever is […]

Instagram Launches Gif-Making App Called ‘Boomerang’

If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered why .gif files haven’t enjoyed the same treatment as other audio/visual formats have. While videos and sound files can be easily created with built-in smartphone features and third party apps, there exists little room in the world of social media for the creation and sharing of .gifs (pronounced […]

50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy; Poses with Wads of Cash

So recently, rapper 50 Cent just filed for bankruptcy, joining the ranks of celebs who lost everything. This Grammy winner has reported estimated assets and debts in the whopping $10 million to $50 million range, as well as 1 to 49 creditors. Statement from @50cent's lawyers on him filing for bankruptcy protection — Ryan […]