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A Must-Follow On Instagram: Transportation Security Administration?

When you think of Instagram accounts that garner the most views, you think Taylor Swift, Beyonce or that really adorable viral dog. But, what about the Transportation Security Administration? If you aren’t following the security provider on Instagram, you’re missing out. Even Rolling Stone ranked their profile as No. 4 on their “100 best Instagram […]

#MermanHair: Latest Men Hair Fad Hits Instagram

What is #MermanHair. Instagram has showcased some of the craziest fashion trends, just think ‘manties.’ The latest trend to hit the social media outlet is a colorful one: #MermanHair. Merman hair is quite the fad, a very colorful fad. It shows that men want to have a little fun with their hair. Why are the […]

‘Earfies': How Instagram And Ear Selfies Are Helping The Needy

A campaign in Hong Kong is introducing a new form of ‘selfies’ all for a good cause. A Hong Kong startup called PhatRace is urging people to snap ‘earfies’, a snapshot of their ear and upload it to Instagram. Strange, right? Once you hear why, you’ll understand. According to PhatRace, half of Hong Kong’s elderly […]

Instagram Hijacks Profile And Gives It To Soccer Star, Andres Iniesta

Barcelona superstar, Andres Iniesta was in the center of an Instagram controversy, after it appeared he had taken over an account with his namesake without permission. The ‘normal’ Andres Iniesta uses the Instagram profile, @ainiesta and describes himself as “a father who likes to take pictures of his kids, yummy food and interesting buildings in […]

Instagram Bans #Curvy Hashtag

The hashtag #Curvy has been added to Instagram’s banned list of search terms, which includes #sex, #nude, and #thinspo. Upon searching for the hashtag, users are greeted with a list of similar search terms, but #curvy is nowhere to be found. A spokesperson for Instagram told pop news site Buzzfeed that the hashtag was removed […]

Check Out These Creepy Items You Can Buy On Instagram

It doesn’t come as much surprise that you can buy pretty much anything on the Internet. With the popularity of social media, it has became extremely easy to find pretty much anything your heart desires. Instagram is one of the latest tools to be used by people looking to sell their wares with Inselly, a […]

The 5 Best Dressed Dogs of Instagram

Let’s face it: love them or hate them, dressed dogs have their share of OOTD posts on Instagram. Instagramers have elevated the dog fashion shoot into an art form, where their pooches sit, stay and smize for the camera in sartorial splendor. So let’s get started and look at the best looks of the five […]

Bullied Teen Designs Epic Prom Dress; Gets First Red Carpet Commission

Teens are mad-talented. Two weeks ago, teenager Kyemah McEntyre wowed the internet with am astounding dress she designed and created  herself for prom. The senior student, studying at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts in New Jersey, wore it to the main event — needless to say, heads turned, jaws dropped, and she won the Internet… […]