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Trump Makes McDonald’s Great Again By Becoming a Meme

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving — this time, the gift comes with a heaping side order of McDonald’s fries to go with all that meme-ness. The gift in question is an Instagram post from yesterday of him enjoying a Big Mac meal by himself: Celebrating 1237! #Trump2016 A photo posted by […]

Float Away On These Summer Ice Cream Dreams

Aaaah, Summer. Oh, you beloved season of joy and contentment, what would you be without backyard cookouts, fireworks, and yes, ice cream? Ice cream is one of the deepest, most profound noms of summer. This year, it just seems ice cream has come into a revival of sorts, with frosty-sweet creations in a race to […]

Instagram Page Shows Off Rich Kids Of London Lavish Lifestyles

Bathing in champagne, private jets, weekends in exclusive destinations. No, it isn’t a movie, this is reality for some of the richest kids of London. While many of will never live these lavish lifestyles, we can experience them through Instagram. Dubbed the page for the “life of the untouchable rich kids,” this page features some […]

This Real-Life Instagram Rapunzel Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Becky With The Good Hair has nothing on this real-life Rapunzel. Dashik Gubanova knows how to take good care of her hair. This Russian Instagram star has tresses that reach all the way down to her calves, and her 135,000 followers are loving every inch of it. A photo posted by Дашик Губанова Веснушка (@dashik_gubanova) […]

The Internet Can’t Get Enough of GoT’s Denaerys This Week

GoT, behold your Queen. This week’s episode of Game of Throne delivers so much punch, fans the world over are reeling from all the epic action. Denaerys Targaryen was no exception as she ruled with fire. Twitter was definitely feeling the burn. Yaaaas kween! Epic slayage: Daenerys / Khalessi be like: #GameofThrones — SomeGirlfromCanada […]

Scientists Worried ‘Finding Dory’ Could Lead to Clown Fish Extinction

Australian scientists are worried about the upcoming Pixar film Finding Dory. It’s a sequel to the massively popular 2003 film Finding Nemo, which starred a plucky young clown fish and his neurotic, over-protective father—thrust into a whirlwind adventure across the sea. But even as people fell in love with the story of a father trying to […]

Instagrammer Recreates Iconic Beauties In Amazing Looks

This instagrammer knows what classic beauty looks like, and pulls it off effortlessly. Meet Annelies Van Overbeek, or better known as bewitchedquills on Instagram. Annelies, who hails from Belgium, has recreated one stunning iconic look after another, bearing a striking resemblance to the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Vivenne Leigh, and more. Coincidentally my 'Sabrina' earrings […]

Doctor’s Touching Post on Losing Kids Sparks Wave of Love From Patients

Dr. Michael P. La Quaglia puts his all on the line for his patients. La Qualia is the Chief Pediatric Surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and often the only doctor who took on patients when their parents had no one else to turn to. In his thirty years of service operating on children, he’s […]