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Hey Star War Fans! Here’s How You Can Build A Real-Life AT-AT

Most fans of Star Wars know exactly what an AT-AT is. For those that don’t, an AT-AT is an all-terrain armored transport. The four-legged transportation machine was used by the Galatic Empire in both The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens. The unusual vehicle became a huge weapon for the Empire and is referenced […]

Euro 2016 Tournament Is Underway And It Has Changed A Lot

As the 2016 UEFA Euro soccer tournament is underway, all eyes are on the events in France. The tournament is already making headlines already for more than just the sport. With fans turning violent and tensions running at an all time high, some teams could face expulsion if their crowds don’t get it under control. […]

The Business Of Mother’s Day [Infographic]

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and that means many will be buying up flowers, chocolates, jewelry and more for the special mother or women in their life. While Mother’s Day is meant to honor the women who gave us life, it is just like any other commercial holiday. It means big money for […]

This Chart Shows What You Binge-watch on Netflix In Your State

Rejoice, America: people on the world wide web now know what you Netflix and Chill to. You have Google to thank for that. Netflix is truly changing the TV game as we know it. More and more American households are committing to cutting the cord and vowing to never again pay for cable. It’d been […]

A Beginner’s Fan Guide To Judge Dredd – Infographic

Have you seen the Sylvester Stallone car-crash Judge Dredd movie? In case you weren’t aware the character & story was taken from a highly successful British comic book called 2000 AD set in the destopian future. You may not realise this from the mid 90’s Hollywood movie but the comic book & graphic novel series […]

Video Portrays the Fears of POC Because of Police Brutality

Michael Brown. “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting.” #michaelbrown #lastwords #ferguson — Shirin Barghi (@shebe86) August 21, 2014 Trayvon Martin. “What are you following me for?” #trayvonmartin #lastwords #ferguson #michealbrown — Shirin Barghi (@shebe86) August 14, 2014 Kimani Gray. “Please don’t let me die.” #kimanigray #lastwords #policeagression #ferguson #michealbrown — Shirin […]

3 DUI Facts Worth Thinking About

Driving under the influence (DUI) may sound like a glamorous Hollywood misdemeanor, but it exacts a heavy and very unlovely price on anyone it affects. Before you start thinking this reckless behavior will mark you a rebel at heart and make you join the ranks of Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and Michael Phelps, here are […]