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Twitter Response Rates Up 3%, But Brand Response Times Still Behind [Infographic]

Twitter has revolutionized how businesses help customers, and according to the most recent data from Socialbakers, response rates are up three percent overall. Every quarter, the social media statistics company publishes its Socially Devoted report, which measures brands’ use of social media for customer service. While response rates were up, the average response rate in the first […]

What It Would Take To Be Google’s Larry Page? [Infographic]

It can be hard to fathom how much money, power and influence someone like Google’s Larry Page has, and harder still to fathom how he got there. But most captains of industry aren’t really all that different from any of us. While their successes hinged on existential qualities like ingenuity and opportunity, a major factor among […]

The Most Social Universities In The US [Infographic]

Facebook was originally created for college students, first launching at Harvard, and a new infographic lists the university as the most social in the United States. Created by MediaMiser, the media monitoring company analyzed mentions, likes, followers, retweets and more for U.S. universities on Facebook and Twitter. Here were the top six most social based […]

Marketing With Memes, Or, How To Not Look Like A n00b When You Do This [Infographic]

When brands try to market with Internet memes, the results can range from “well played” to “shameless attention whoring.” But it’s worth the risk. “Memejacking” can make all the difference in the world to your social campaign so long as it’s done well, and for that, we have the following infographic from WhoIsHostingThis. Check it […]

SXSW Saw Over 2.2 Million Social Media Mentions [Infographic]

SXSW 2014 ended March 16, and according to a new infographic from Synthesio, it received over 2.2 million social media mentions over the course of 10 days. The social media monitoring company analyzed posts from the start to finish, and the festival saw online chatter from over 200 countries. Aside from #SXSW, there were also […]

80% Of Social Media B2B Leads Come From LinkedIn [Infographic]

Social media continues to grow as a lead generation avenue, and according to a new infographic from Oktopost, 80 percent of B2B leads were through LinkedIn. Oktopost is a social media marketing platform, and analyzed over 100,000 posts spread across four major social networks. Here’s the percentage of B2B leads generated through each social network: […]

How To Not Spam Your Social Media Channels [ToS Infographic]

Figuring out how to use social media to its fullest has its many pitfalls. The climate is dynamic, social mores arbitrarily change almost overnight, and if you’re honest with yourself, you’re constantly worried about “engagement,” i.e. whether your social campaigns are paying off or whether you’re just speaking to a brick wall. While we’ve seen […]