Google Testing Promoted Google+ Posts Across Its Display Ad Network

Google+ will continue to remain ad-free, and today Google announced it was testing the promotion of Google+ posts across its Display Ad network. Product Manager Eran Arkin made the announcement, and is calling the new ad format “+Post ads.” +Post ads will enable brands to promote public Google+ content whether it’s a post, photo, video […]

Google+ Hangout-A-Thon Taking Place For #GivingTuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to raise awareness for charities and give back after major shopping days, and Google+ is currently hosting a live Hangout-a-thon. According to the Official Google blog, here is what users can expect: Connect with people engaging in relief efforts on the ground in the Philippines through Save the Children […]

[PSA] NASA Gets Social In Google+ Hangout RIGHT NOW!

Calling all space nerds! NASA is currently hanging out on Google+, using the hashtag #AskNASA to rally all science fans and chat about … I don’t know, star stuff. We learned about the NASA Google+ Hangout via Twitter, where the agency tweeted: Join us now to chat with astronauts on a Google+ Hangout about living […]

Google Updates Transparency Report, Still Can’t Disclose FISA Requests

Google updated its Transparency Report today, which gives users more insight into the amount of government requests for user information. Unfortunately, the U.S. government is still not allowing Google, or any other company for that matter, to publish data related to FISA requests. FISA stands for “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” and because of their relation […]

Google Gaming YouTube To Surface Positive Google+ Comments? Top User Says Yes, We Say No

YouTube began rolling out Google+ Comments to videos last week, and the response thus far has been pretty negative. Video creators and viewers alike have voiced their distaste, with some even going as far to disable comments. Lately, a video titled “Google+ Astroturfing Exposed” has been floating around (NSFW): Created by AtheneWins, a YouTube partner […]

Google+ ‘Custom’ URLs A Wreck, Great If You’re Deemed Worthy

Google+ finally started rolling out vanity URLs on October 29 to all users as long as you meet certain basic requirements. An active user since day two of its existence, I was more than an excited to finally get the hookup. Well, that is until this happened: Starting with this latest rollout of vanity URLs […]

Google+ Profile Images Will Appear In Caller ID On Android 4.4 KitKat

Google+ has 300 million active users in the stream, and starting early 2014, Google will pull profile images into caller ID on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat. 4.4 KitKat is the latest version of Android, and one of its new features is a major update to caller ID. Previously, if someone not in your contacts […]

Google Launches Helpouts, A New Way To Learn Via Hangouts

Google has launched a new platform called Helpouts which integrates with Google+ Hangouts, and allows people to learn from a wide variety of experts. There are eight different categories to choose from: Art Music Computers Electronics Cooking Education Careers Fashion Beauty Fitness Nutrition Health Home Garden Helpouts range in pricing from free to upwards of […]

Google+ Connected Classrooms Take Field Trips Virtual Through Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts are a great way to organize a group video chat with up to 10 people, and today Google announced its Connected Classrooms program. Connected Classrooms connect teachers with various organizations, enabling them to give virtual field trips through Hangouts. Here are some of the “tour guides” currently on board: Minnesota Zoo Seattle Aquarium […]

Google+ Offering Vanity URLs To Established Accounts

If you travel to you will find our official Google Plus page. That’s because Google+ on Tuesday began offering vanity URLs to established Google+ accounts. We didn’t have to apply for our business name, a simple email was sent to our inbox and we just had to click on a Google+ provided box and […]

Google+ Hits 300 Million Active Users In The Stream, Adds 18 New Features

Google+ is far beyond the days of a so-called ghost town, and today announced 300 million active users in the stream. Hosted by SVP of Engineering Vic Gundotra, the social network held an event this morning in San Francisco. Hangouts, which replaced Google Talk, will be receiving location sharing, animated gif support, and the Android […]

Google Announces Partnership To Sell Facebook Ads

Google and Facebook don’t exactly conjure up images of friendship, but today the tech giant announced a major partnership through DoubleClick. Formerly known as Invite Media, Google acquired the display advertising company in June 2010, and will soon allow customers to buy FBX ad inventory through its Bid Manager product. From the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog: […]

Google Users To Start ‘Endorsing’ Ads, How To Opt Out

Google is taking a move from Facebook’s playbook, and will start using users’ public Google+ name, profile photo and other details to display on relevant ads. Called “Shared Endorsements,” it also takes advantage of any +1s, reviews, follows or comments. For example, if you follow a company’s page on Google+, and they ran an ad […]

Google+ Now Supports RAW Files From Over 70 Cameras

Google+ became a rather unexpected hit among the photography community, and now supports RAW image files from over 70 different cameras. Ronald Wotzlaw, computer scientist at Google, made the announcement on his Google+ profile. In December 2012, the social network introduced support for full-size photo uploads via mobile, and in April 2013, enabled full-size photo […]

Google Street View Gives Everyone A Look Inside The Large Hadron Collider

The team at CERN hasn’t exactly made the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) a big secret. There are numerous documentaries that showcase one of our biggest and most expansive scientific endeavors of all-time. With that being said, documentaries don’t really allow us to slowly walk around the LHC at our own pace. Now, thanks to the […]

Google Adds Hashtag Support To Search

Google has been integrating Google+ into many of its different services, and today hashtag support will be added to search. Said to be rolling out in the next few hours, English users of and will see Google+ posts on the right-hand side when searching for hashtags. Google employee Zaheed Sabur broke the news, […]

Google Acquires Easy Mobile Sharing App Bump

Google has acquired Bump, an app for Android and iOS that enables users to “bump” their smartphones together to transfer contact info, photos and much more. The app will remain available, including Flock which is Bump’s collaborative photo sharing app that launched in July 2012. From the official Bump blog: Our mission at Bump has […]

Blogger Receives Automatic Google+ Sharing

Blogger received Google+ Comments back in April, and users now have the ability to share posts automatically to the growing social network. This new feature rolled out among Embedded Posts, and is available now to all users. To setup automatic sharing, simply log in to your Blogger dashboard, and select the Google+ tab. You can […]

Facebook, Google, And Yahoo! File Transparency Requests In Federal Court

Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! have filed separate motions in federal court. The companies are hoping to share more details about what and how much information is shared with officials. The documentation was filed with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and each company filed their own separate motions. On its official blog Google’s Richard Salgado, Director, […]