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Google’s Self-Driving Car Pulled Over for Going too Slow

When they were first announced, many people worried about self-driving cars. Without the “human element,” they figured, these vehicles were bound to make lethal mistakes on the roadways. As soon as they hit the streets, however, those fears largely melted away. That’s because Google’s self-driving prototypes, at least for now, are far safer on the […]

Google Makes Embarrassing Translation Error

Google would like to wish the residents of Galicia, Spain a happy Clitoris Day! Wait, what?! A town hall situated in northwestern Spain was left in shock after an error on Google Translate turned their wholesome, nutritious celebration into a more x-rated event. The town of As Pontes, Galicia, celebrates its annual Rapini Festival in […]

What It’s like to Work for a Social Media Site: Employees Tell All

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google.  Five companies focused on tech, social media, and ultimately: advertising. Since their inception, social media has grown from a trendy curiosity into an important aspect of our every day lives. In the early years, your GeoCities site, Myspace or AOL profile would attract about as much interest as a […]

YouTube Quietly Reinstates Old Commenting System

Last month, Google announced they would be returning to YouTube’s old “thumbs up/thumbs down” commenting system. Yesterday evening, the reversion went into full effect site-wide. This comes after widespread disappointment with the system they introduced in 2013, which required users to sign up with Google’s G+ service to make comments. YouTubers are already celebrating the […]

Google Photos App Tags Black People as “gorillas”

Google has apologized after its new Photos app mistakenly labeled a black couple “gorillas”. The software automatically tags uploaded photos, using artificial intelligence to determine the content of each image and generate tags. But when Jacky Alciné uploaded a few photos of himself and a female friend, that artificial intelligence tagged the pair “gorillas”. Alciné, a […]

Why Did Dinosaurs Die? Because Creationism, Google Search Says

Google, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do. Recently, the ubiquitous search engine seems to be very confused and divided with its opinions on paleontological science — in particular, how exactly did the dinosaurs vanish. It all starts with a the question “what happened to the dinosaurs?” Pretty innocent question right? and then, Google […]

New App Promises To Bust Spoilers

How many times have you been in a conversation and heard, “Did you see what happened when…” and you suddenly have to run from the room to keep from ruining that season finale you DVRed? Well, one new application is aiming to save you from spoilers, while still allowing you to talk about your favorite […]

Google Is Working To Help You Avoid Spoilers

Spoiler alert! Google’s latest project will protect you from those pesky TV, movie and book spoilers. How often have you read someone’s status and found out a important plot twist in a movie or TV show you were looking forward to enjoying? Through an automated filter, you can avoid ruining the season finale of your […]