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Google Photos App Tags Black People as “gorillas”

Google has apologized after its new Photos app mistakenly labeled a black couple “gorillas”. The software automatically tags uploaded photos, using artificial intelligence to determine the content of each image and generate tags. But when Jacky Alciné uploaded a few photos of himself and a female friend, that artificial intelligence tagged the pair “gorillas”. Alciné, a […]

Why Did Dinosaurs Die? Because Creationism, Google Search Says

Google, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do. Recently, the ubiquitous search engine seems to be very confused and divided with its opinions on paleontological science — in particular, how exactly did the dinosaurs vanish. It all starts with a the question “what happened to the dinosaurs?” Pretty innocent question right? and then, Google […]

New App Promises To Bust Spoilers

How many times have you been in a conversation and heard, “Did you see what happened when…” and you suddenly have to run from the room to keep from ruining that season finale you DVRed? Well, one new application is aiming to save you from spoilers, while still allowing you to talk about your favorite […]

Google Is Working To Help You Avoid Spoilers

Spoiler alert! Google’s latest project will protect you from those pesky TV, movie and book spoilers. How often have you read someone’s status and found out a important plot twist in a movie or TV show you were looking forward to enjoying? Through an automated filter, you can avoid ruining the season finale of your […]

YouTube Security Flaw Gave Researcher Ability To Delete All Content [Video]

Mass chaos would ensue if the world woke up one morning to discover that every video on YouTube had been deleted and apparently, it almost happened. Due to a security flaw, the massive video sharing website was let open to destruction. In the hands of the wrong person, this could of been devastating. Fortunately, one […]

What Do Google Searches Say About Your State?

Every state prides itself on something. We have the Sunshine State, the Lone Star State, even the Show Me State. Well, Google is taking a real look at what states are really thinking about. According to Estately, Google gathered the top trending searches for each state. The results are pretty telling. For example, Texas and […]

The Best of 2014 According To Google [Video]

Google was used trillions of times in 2014. As the year comes to an end, Google has released the top searches of the year. The top 10 search terms in the United States were as follows: 1. Robin Williams The world was shocked when news broke that comedian, Robin Williams had committed suicide. After his […]

10 Strange Domain Name Facts That’ll Make You Go “WTF?”

The internet is a strange place. It’ll only get stranger once you’ve read up on facts about domain names below. 1. Webmasters purchasing misspelled domain names to prevent people from taking away traffic to their main site is common practice. However, Google went out of their way to purchase domains that could potentially do them harm when placed […]