Google+ Integrates Google Drive Documents Into Stream

Google+ may not get as much attention as other social networks, but today they announced the integration of Drive documents directly into the stream. Previously, you could share a document, presentation, PDFs, even videos from Google Drive on it, but users would have to click-through in order to view. With this new integration, users can […]

Google Plus App Receives Page Support

Almost one year after launching pages on Google+, the tech giant finally introduced page support for the Android and iOS app. With the newest update, page owners will be able to post, comment, and interact with their followers. Considering there are now 400+ Million users and 100 Million monthly active users, this is great news […]

WWE Updates Fans On Jerry Lawler’s Condition Via Social Media

Ever since Raw commentator and wrestler Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on air, World Wrestling Entertainment has been keeping fans updated on his condition with posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The WWE’s use of social media has provided relief for Lawler’s fans, and has demonstrated once again the ability of sports and entertainment […]

Google+ Launches Business Tools, Cloud Based Program Is Free Through 2013

Google has just announced the release of a private beta program that will bring a suite of business tools to the social media platform. Google is offering the chance to use the tool for free through 2013 at which time they will become a paid subscription part of Google’s new cloud-based initiatives via Google Apps. […]

Google+ Traffic Increases 5% From March Through April

Google+ received a big push from users from March through April after the social network site witnessed a 5% traffic increase in April 2012. According to analytics provider Experian Hitwise the social networks overall reach climbed to 64 million visits. The sites jump in traffic makes sense after Google began to further push the popularity […]

Google+ Receives Much Needed Photo Management Upgrade

Google+ on Wednesday rolled out a new photo handling platform that makes it easier for Google+ users to share photos. Google added a new album organizer where photos can be sorted, reordered, moved and deleted. To access the organizer users click on a top level icon above the photos section. Once inside the organize mode […]

TwooglePlus. Cross Post Your Twitter Tweets To Google+

While Google+ still lacks the type of API information needed to create full-on apps at this time the new startup platform TwooglePlus has come up with a solution that allows users to cross-post their Tweets directly into their Google+ account. Simply visit and sign up your account. You will enter in your Google username […]

Google Chrome Extension Brings Google+ Hangouts Access To The Blind

Google+ Hangouts has a new “handicap accessible” engineer in Mohamed Mansour, a programmer who recently realized how hard it could be for blind people to use Google+ Hangouts when he was attempting to communication over the popular platform with a blind war veteran. In a blog post Mansour wrote: “Today I was in a hangout, […]

Google Adds Masks To Google+ Hangouts Video Streaming Platform

Google+ Hangouts this week rolled out new mask effects that allow video streaming users to dress up their own faces based on different animals and other characters. As shown in the picture above users can turn themselves into cats and dogs, convert their face to the devil’s complete with horns and more. Throw in reindeer […]

Google+ Has Become A Ghost Town Despite 90+ Million Users

Google+ has had an impressive run since launching in June 2011, attracting more than 90 million users to the platform and while Google CEO Larry Page continues to preach the utter destruction of Facebook there’s just one problem, new users are not attempting to engage on the network after they sign up. A report in […]

Google+ Circles Added To Google Voice

Google Voice is the perfect option for users wants to centralize all of their phones through a single phone number and while that feature alone is enough for many users to take advantage of the service, Google+ made the platform even better this week by adding Google+ Circles to the Voice program. Google Software Engineer […]

Google+ As Used By Airlines [Infographic]

Google+ is expected to reach 400 million users by the end of 2012 and with that type of social reach many company’s are beginning to utilize the social network including top organizations in the air travel field. During the Socialize event in Toronto the folks at Simplifying released an infographic which showcases 70 airline brand […]

Larry Page Announcement: Google+ Now Features 90 Million Users

Google CEO Larry Page announced on Thursday that the company’s Google+ social network now features 90 million users. Revealed in a Google fourth quarter press release Page wrote: “I am super excited about the growth of Android, Gmail, and Google+, which now has 90 million users globally – well over double what I announced just […]

[#GoogleBeckham] David Beckham Hosts First Google Hangout

Soccer star David Beckham has had a busy week, first he signed a new two-year contract with the LA Galaxy and then he headed over to Google’s headquarters where he hosted his first Google Hangout. Beckham’s Google+ profile currently features nearly 465,000 followers, far shy of his 15 million Facebook Likes and Google was hoping […]

FTC Expands Google Probe To Include Google+

The Federal Trade Commission will expand its Google probe to include the company’s new Google+ social network. News of the expanded problem comes just after Google began displaying personalized Google+ results via the company’s search portal. The FTC has long claimed that the company is violating antitrust laws by providing their own services with […]

Facebook Vs. Google+ [Infographic War]

While Google+ may have attracted 25+ million users during the first month of existence, Facebook is still the reigning champion of social media with more than 750 million active users. However, the two platforms are vastly different in who they serve, for example 58.95% of users at Google+ work in software development or engineering, while […]

Google+ Pulls Fridge Into Its Circles, Service Shuttering Before Transition

Privacy-centric social sharing network has been acquired by Google, the service announced on their blog today. While not super-prominent in the realm of social media, allowed for more judicious sharing of media than larger competitors like Facebook. Changes at are not news in and of themselves, as the network abruptly announced last […]

Google+ iPhone App Review [Walkthrough and Screencasts]

Google+ less than one month after launching has announced an iPhone app that brings the sites most popular features to the masses including Circles, Huddles, Streams and Photo sharing. In this review I take a quick look at the apps most popular features with screenshots showing off the programs capabilities. After clicking on the “Get […]