Google+ Hits 300 Million Active Users In The Stream, Adds 18 New Features

Google+ is far beyond the days of a so-called ghost town, and today announced 300 million active users in the stream. Hosted by SVP of Engineering Vic Gundotra, the social network held an event this morning in San Francisco. Hangouts, which replaced Google Talk, will be receiving location sharing, animated gif support, and the Android […]

Google+ Now Supports RAW Files From Over 70 Cameras

Google+ became a rather unexpected hit among the photography community, and now supports RAW image files from over 70 different cameras. Ronald Wotzlaw, computer scientist at Google, made the announcement on his Google+ profile. In December 2012, the social network introduced support for full-size photo uploads via mobile, and in April 2013, enabled full-size photo […]

Google Adds Hashtag Support To Search

Google has been integrating Google+ into many of its different services, and today hashtag support will be added to search. Said to be rolling out in the next few hours, English users of and will see Google+ posts on the right-hand side when searching for hashtags. Google employee Zaheed Sabur broke the news, […]

Google+ Launches Embedded Posts

Google+ has followed in Facebook’s footsteps, and finally launched the ability to embed posts. The social network has been testing the ability with organizations like National Geographic, and it’s now available to all users. Just like with embedding Facebook posts, you can only embed posts that are shared with the public. To embed a Google+ […]

Google+ Hangouts Finally Get HD Streaming

Google+ Hangouts allow you to video chat with up to nine other people, and have finally got the ability to stream video in HD. Chee Chew, VP of Engineering at Google, and who heads up the Google+ Hangouts team, broke the news this morning. HD capability will roll out to Hangouts On Air first, and […]

Google Plus Mentions Drive Way More Revenue Than Facebook [Infographic]

A share on Google+ is worth a lot more in dollars and cents than a referral on Twitter and Facebook, according to an analysis of $5 million in online purchases performed by the social commerce platform Whether you own a small business or you’re simply pushing a band, you cannot ignore Google+. Play it […]

New Google Maps Screenshot Shows Where Google+ Will Be Integrated

The new Google Maps for desktops integrates Google+ into its overall design and a new screenshot from the Google I/O conference shows exactly where that integration will occur. The team at Droid Life spotted and captured screenshots from the sign-up form for Google Maps that shows a smart search bar that features recommendations from the […]

Google+ Commenting System Rolls Out For Blogger

A new Google+ commenting system has debuted on the company’s Blogger platform, a likely attempt by Google to compete with Facebook Comments which debuted in 2009. At this time the Google+ commenting system is only available on Blogger. The system actually offers some nice integration, pulling in Google+ comments automatically to a users blog post. […]

Google+ Allows Full-Size Photo Storage With A Catch

If it’s going to compete with Facebook in any real way, Google+ has to do things Facebook doesn’t. I prefer Facebook because of its richer engagement experience. The thing that Facebook does that I like least is over-compress my photos. Google+ may be recognizing an opportunity. It is popular with professional photographers like Trey Ratcliff […]

Google+ Updates Profile Pages, Adds Local Reviews

Google has made some major changes to its Google+ profile pages. The company collected user feedback to determine what social network users wanted from the social platform. The new Google+ profile pages now include a tab for local reviews, access to easier profile page editing and larger cover photos. On the cover photo side photos […]

Toni Morrison: First-Ever Google+ Book Signing

The Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison will be participating in a first-of-its-kind digital book signing via a live Google+ Hangout at Google’s New York offices on Wednesday. Toni Morrison is the acclaimed author of ten novels, including The Bluest Eye (1970) and Home (2012). She’s the recipient of the National Book Critics Circle Award, the […]

Want A Job At Google? Start With A Google+ Account [Infographic]

Do you want to work for Google? Luckily, getting your foot in the door can be as simple as starting a Google+ account. Google was no. 1 on Fortune‘s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list in 2013, and from the outsider-looking-in perspective, a Google job would be a pretty “sexy” one to have. If […]

Google+ Flags Coworkers, Attempts To Create Virtual Office Space

Google+ is preparing to launch a new feature which would alert users whenever they add someone they work with to a new circle. Announced on the Google Enterprise blog the company had this to say about it’s new platform: “[Google wanted to] make it easier for you to find coworkers, add them to Circles and […]

Google Plus Now Features 135 Million Active Users, Adds Communities

Google Plus has been called a ghost town in the past but according to new stats released on Thursday the social network now has over 500 million users with 135 million active participants. Google shared the news on their company blog including the fact that 235 million people who interact with Google Plus through other […]

Microsoft’s #DroidRage Backfires, #WindowsRage Trending On Google Plus

Whoever’s running Microsoft’s Windows Phone Twitter account thought it would be a good idea to create the hashtag #DroidRage where Android users could share their malware horror stories. It appears they were planning on giving away a new phone to a lucky person. Do you have an Android malware horror story? Reply with #DroidRage with […]

Google Plus Announces 15-Person Hangouts For Apps Customers Only

The Google motto, especially with Google Plus, is “always be shipping” and now for Google Apps customers, you’ll be able to have a Hangout with up to 15 people. Previously, you could only have up to 10 people which wasn’t bad at all to begin with. If you’re a regular user, the 10 person limit […]

Google+ Lets You Install Android Apps Directly From The Stream

Google+ has quickly become a great platform for average and tech savvy users alike, and today rolled out an option allowing users to install Android apps directly from the stream. Google integrated Drive documents into the stream two weeks ago, and continues to integrate more and more services into the platform. Previously, when you would […]

Google+ Keeps Users Better Protected With Updated Reporting Tools

Google+ has over 100 million monthly active users and to keep its community better protected, the social media site has rolled out several new features when it comes to reporting other users. Up until this point, functionality was rather basic and was the same both in the stream and in Hangouts. One of the first […]

How To Use The New Google+ Hangouts

Google+ continues to buzz along nicely and today the social platform rolled out a new interface for Hangouts. Hangouts is one of the biggest features for the social network and allows users to start or even broadcast live, a group video chat with up to nine other people. The new interface brings with it much […]