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Google+ Exec Vic Gundotra Leaving Tech Giant

Google+ got its start in late June 2011 back when it was invite-only in private beta, and SVP of Engineering¬†Vic Gundotra was instrumental in helping it grow. Today, Gundotra posted on the social network announcing his departure from Google after nearly eight years. “I have been incredibly fortunate to work with the amazing people of […]

Google+ Expanding +Post Ads To Qualified Pages

Google+ began testing its +Post ads with select advertisers back in December, and today announced they’re now available to all Pages that qualify. In order to qualify, you must have a minimum of 1,000 followers, the sponsored post must be “relevant to your audience,” and you have¬†Shared Endorsements turned on. The social network is also […]

Google+ Matches Adult Twitter Users In The US, Study Finds

Google+ is still referred to as a “ghost town” by publications that should know better, and according to a new study, it’s just as popular as Twitter in the United States. Published by Forrester, the research company recently surveyed over 60,000 U.S. adults to ask which social media sites they used. 22 percent said they […]

Google+ Rolls Out David Hasselhoff Photobomb Feature

Google+ came in second place in a new study on most engaged social media referrals, and now users can spice up their photos with David Hasselhoff. Part of its Auto Awesome feature, which has seen the likes of animated snow in the past, The Hoff is the first celebrity to take photobombing to a whole […]

Google+ Link Shares Get Major Facelift

Google+ recently updated its Android app with photo-heavy features, and today the social network is giving link shares on the web a complete redesign. Pictured above, it’s a major departure from the previous design: Similar to Facebook’s News Feed update back in September 2013, images are significantly larger and titles are more pronounced. We have […]

Google+ For Android Adds Ability To Sync Photo Edits, New Filters

Google+ may be popular in tech circles, but it’s grown to be a favorite of photographers, and today the social network announced a unique new feature. Currently available on the Android app, users will be able to begin editing photos on their phone for example, and continue elsewhere. From Google employee Todd Kennedy: “Starting today […]

How Is Google+ Doing? [Infographic]

Google+ tends to lay low in the world of social media, and you may just be surprised how far it’s come thanks to a new infographic. Titled “The State Of Google+,” marketing agency We Are Social gathered all the data that’s been shared thus far. Google+ had 1.15 billion registered users and 359 million monthly […]

Google+ Linking To Verified Pages On Shared Links

Google+ is working on a feature that links to relevant pages with verified websites on shared links, according to site Google Plus Daily. Pictured above, a link to the site’s Google+ page appears directly below the title, and when clicked, takes you directly to the page. Derek Ross, a writer for popular Android blog Phandroid, […]

No, Google Did Not Just Enable Every Google+ User To Spam Your Gmail

UPDATE: It appears Google is sending out different emails, and for some users, is setting it to “Anyone on Google+” by default instead of “Circles.” While it’s currently unclear why this is, it could be based on how many followers one has or how active one is to encourage more use. Google+ is the redheaded […]

Picasa Adds Google+ Auto Backup Feature

Picasa is a popular photo editing app acquired by Google in 2004, and has added the ability to automatically backup photos to a user’s Google+ account. Called Google+ Auto Backup, it’s a separate program from Picasa, and can therefore be uninstalled without removing the photo editing app itself. To install the latest feature, simply select […]

Google+ Users Can See Their ‘Year In Review’ Thanks To Auto Awesome

Google+ recently updated Auto Awesome to transform the Android app into a virtual snow globe, and today announced “Year In Review.” Year In Review is an automatically created video highlighting 2013 by aggregating videos and photos you’ve taken over the past year. The feature is rolling out over the next week to select users, and […]

Don’t Want To Use Google+? Get Blackmailed In NSFW Parody

Google+ has made its way into virtually every Google service, more recently with YouTube, and a new parody pokes fun at those who won’t use it. Called Google Blackmail, if you refuse to use Google+, the tech giant will simply let everyone know about your supposedly secret “incognito” searches. If that’s not enough to embarrass […]

Google+ Turns Android App Into Virtual Snow Globe

Google+ recently updated its Auto Awesome feature to automatically add snow to Winter photos, and today is rolling out a fun holiday-themed feature. Headed to the Android app, when you access your Google+ photos and shake your device, snow is automatically added to a photo. To save a photo with snow added, simply shake your […]

Google Testing Promoted Google+ Posts Across Its Display Ad Network

Google+ will continue to remain ad-free, and today Google announced it was testing the promotion of Google+ posts across its Display Ad network. Product Manager Eran Arkin made the announcement, and is calling the new ad format “+Post ads.” +Post ads will enable brands to promote public Google+ content whether it’s a post, photo, video […]

Google+ Hangout-A-Thon Taking Place For #GivingTuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to raise awareness for charities and give back after major shopping days, and Google+ is currently hosting a live Hangout-a-thon. According to the Official Google blog, here is what users can expect: Connect with people engaging in relief efforts on the ground in the Philippines through Save the Children […]

Google Gaming YouTube To Surface Positive Google+ Comments? Top User Says Yes, We Say No

YouTube began rolling out Google+ Comments to videos last week, and the response thus far has been pretty negative. Video creators and viewers alike have voiced their distaste, with some even going as far to disable comments. Lately, a video titled “Google+ Astroturfing Exposed” has been floating around (NSFW): Created by AtheneWins, a YouTube partner […]

Google+ ‘Custom’ URLs A Wreck, Great If You’re Deemed Worthy

Google+ finally started rolling out vanity URLs on October 29 to all users as long as you meet certain basic requirements. An active user since day two of its existence, I was more than an excited to finally get the hookup. Well, that is until this happened: Starting with this latest rollout of vanity URLs […]

Google+ Profile Images Will Appear In Caller ID On Android 4.4 KitKat

Google+ has 300 million active users in the stream, and starting early 2014, Google will pull profile images into caller ID on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat. 4.4 KitKat is the latest version of Android, and one of its new features is a major update to caller ID. Previously, if someone not in your contacts […]

Google+ Connected Classrooms Take Field Trips Virtual Through Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts are a great way to organize a group video chat with up to 10 people, and today Google announced its Connected Classrooms program. Connected Classrooms connect teachers with various organizations, enabling them to give virtual field trips through Hangouts. Here are some of the “tour guides” currently on board: Minnesota Zoo Seattle Aquarium […]

Google+ Offering Vanity URLs To Established Accounts

If you travel to you will find our official Google Plus page. That’s because Google+ on Tuesday began offering vanity URLs to established Google+ accounts. We didn’t have to apply for our business name, a simple email was sent to our inbox and we just had to click on a Google+ provided box and […]