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Here’s What Happens when Tumblr Folks Come Back From The Real World

It’s no surprise that Tumblr users, those delicate, rare, nocturnal creatures that subsist on a steady diet of fandoms, art, and pizza, tend to behave oddly when they’ve been indoors for a bit too long. When faced with unfamiliar realities of the outside world, the response systems veer to either abject terror or over-stimulation — or […]

Dad Tweets Family’s Hilarious Conversations Daily

Oh, Dad, you never fail to see the funniest sides of the family. It’s amazing how you always manage to see it in everyday situations and share it with the rest of the world, just like this one dad has done every single day of the year. With n online handle like Exploding Unicorn, how […]

Photoshop ‘Til You Drop From These Funny Pics

Photoshop Hero James Fridman is at it again with a fresh, new stack of ‘shopped image hot off his computer. If you got to enjoy the last post on his skills and humor and find yourself wanting more, here’s a whole new set of photoshop requests. With the US Presidential elections such a hot topic […]

Tumblr Drops Some Legit Knowledge, For Realz

It’s time to get your Learn on! Tumblr is not just a fun site where everyday failures are treated with good-natured hilarity, classic art and modern pop mingle, and fan AU GIFs abound, it’s also one where the cool scholars hang out to chill and drop some sweet, sweet knowledge. We’ve never wanted to get […]

10 Reasons Being a Stock Image Model is a Bad Idea

Think being a stock image model is a fun, easy, and glamorous job? We wouldn’t just quite bet on it. It can be easy to be led to think that being a stock image model is a good, clean way to make a buck. And hey, if you have the looks, and can follow directions (“place […]

Yes, You’re Looking at a Tortoise Photobomb

We’ve all seen our fair share of “animal photobombs.” There’s that classic stingray pic, of course, and many others–involving everything from dogs and miniature horses to penguins and seals. Way back in 2014, we told you about a shark that photobombed a surfing contest. Well, ladies and gentlemen (and gender-fluid individuals), we have a new […]