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Who Is That Weird Satanist Guy?! [Video]

A number of weeks ago, we covered the unveiling of a Satanist statue in Detroit, one of the biggest events to happen in public in honor of an underground, controversial practice and work of art. Hundreds flocked to the gathering, passive, calm, and steadfast in their solemn belief of the worship of the self, celebrating […]

College Fails (and a Few Wins) As Told By Tumblr

Aaaah, college fails. University students hate you with the passion of a thousand dying suns, but looking on the bright side, you’re always a good story to tell at the end of the day. Or week. Or month. Or semester. Hey, don’t look at us,, sometimes you’re really, really not easy to get over, specially […]

Toddler Has Personal Injury Lawyer-Themed Birthday Party

Morris Bart is a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans, and the subject of a two year old’s birthday party.   efore he could even talk, Grayson Dobra was obsessed with a local personal injury lawyer named Morris Bart. When his commercials came on TV, young master Grayson made it absolutely clear he did not […]

8 Year Old Boy Accidentally Given Topless Poster at Charity Event

An 8-year old Australian boy was accidentally given a very adult prize at a charity event. hen the Logan family attended the Bargara Strawberry Fair in Bundaberg, Australia, their son Bailey bought himself a lucky dip (grab bag) prize and was ecstatic when he opened the bag and saw a copy of the motorcycle magazine […]

Man Accused of Performing Sex Act with Shrubbery

An elderly Connecticut man has been charged with public indecency after getting caught on video shagging a shrub.   he recent story of the Florida man who was caught having sex with an alligator may have been a hoax, but there are plenty of weird sex-related crimes out there. Take, for instance, this 81-year old […]

Epic Ideas for Your Future Dream Home [Survey]

We asked people on Facebook and Twitter what cool custom stuff they’d build into their dream home.    e’ve all fantasized about it: building a house from the ground up, sinking exorbitant amounts of money into creating our own custom-built palace—our dream home. What would you build if money was no object? Would you indulge your […]

Hold on to Your Pumps, the Jurassic Park Box Set: High Heels Edition is Here

Love the Jurassic Park films but feel something is missing? Perhaps it’s the overall lack of sexy footwear. In this year’s blockbuster smash hit Jurassic World, lead actress Bryce Dallas spends much of the film shod in stilettos, even when running through the jungle. Much like George Lucas updating the previous entries to the Star […]

Professors Reveal the Funniest Emails They’ve Gotten from Students

Believe it or not, there’s more to being a professor than showing up and teaching class. And no, I don’t mean scouring the earth for magical artifacts and fighting Nazis, at least not this time. I’m actually talking about the rapport educators need to build with their students. It’s an important part of the job. […]