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A Guy’s Understanding Of Female Panties

Man, we men are so stupid, huh? Like, what is this strange material used to cover a woman’s bathing suit area? It is almost as if we didn’t know what it was we would think it was some fancy, lattice eye-patch or something. Truth is, I don’t think men are quite as stupid as this […]

Cat Sings “Happy And You Know It” With Owner

Most cats would rather ignore you than sing a song with you, but I think we found the exception. The one feline who actually enjoys being social. Heck, not only that, this cat sings! And not just any song, either. Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so I will let this […]

A Sweet Campaign To Put Little, Free Libraries In Police Departments

I am sure you have heard of “little free libraries.” They have been popping up everywhere and seem to know to make everyone smile. They almost look like little mailboxes, but they have clear windows and are filled with books. These are placed in locations so people can help themselves and grab a book when […]

Dazed and Confused: You NEED To See These Wisdom Tooth Fails!

Watching fail videos has become a way of life for many people. There is something oddly gratifying about watching someone you don’t know fail at something. That may sound mean, but that is okay. I am being honest, too, and speaking for most of the population. This does not mean we like to see people […]

Honest Food Pyramid Shows You How We REALLY Eat

We all know he food pyramid is a lie. It is built to show us what we SHOULD be eating, but who really follows that? No one has the money or the time. The truth is, how eat in different stages of our lives is very different than represented on the normal food pyramid. Presenting, […]

Peter Dinklage Sings An Homage To All Dead ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

When most people bring up the fantastic fantasy show Game of Thrones, they tend to bring up the character of Tyrion Lannister (played by the always brilliant Peter Dinklage). He is smart, snarky, and has a whole lot more personality and soul than most of the people in Westeros. Easily a crowd favorite, can you […]

5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Get You in the Festive Spirit

There are certain aspects of your holiday festivities that you really don’t want to be ugly — your town’s Christmas tree, for example — but, in recent years, the ugly Christmas sweater has become something of a tradition in its own right. Steeped in the history of unwanted, homemade sweaters of years gone by, today […]

Yet Another 10 Hours of Walking Video…This Time From the POV of a Lamborghini

Since the original “10 Hours of Walking” video — “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” created by anti harassment organization Hollaback! — went unspeakably, unimaginably, monstrously viral with over 36 million hits on YouTube as of this writing, there were bound to be copycats. And there were. Many, many copycats. From “3 […]

Husband’s Reaction To Wife Being Pregnant Is Priceless [Watch]

“Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!” Pregnancy Announcments. We have all seen them. The good, the bad, the over used, and the ones that are hilariously special. Dale finding out his wife is pregnant is definitely the special kind. Especially in the category of husbands. The YouTube video titled “Telling Dale I’m Pregnant” has been viewed over half a million […]

SNL Slams Political Correctness Gone Too Far in Recent Skit

Has political correctness gone too far? What would it look like if it did? That’s one of the questions this skit from Saturday Night Live tries to answer: There’s been a lot of talk about the supposed decline of the Saturday Night Live institution. From this skit hyped as the worst in the program’s history, to […]

Japanese Children Draw on Textbooks to Create Hilarious and Disturbing Scenes

The Japanese educational system has often been accused of destroying the creativity in children through forced “group mentality” exercises and an avoidance of allowing individuality. On the other hand, you see things like this. Some textbooks just aren’t meant for studying, it appears. They’re meant to be drawn on. And it says something about people who can […]

Tattoo Comparisons are the Best Way to Enjoy Bad Ink

Sharing photographs of bad tattoos has been a popular online pastime since the very earliest days of the internet. There’s something about having a look at terrible bits of art indelibly etched onto someone else that will always be amusing and reassuring in equal measure. However, canny Reddit users have managed to take things to […]

10 Animals Who Tweet Better Than Most Humans

We’ve all watched nature documentaries and observed traits and actions that let us know just how close to animals we humans really are. But could animals even prove to one-up humans at the own game of civilization? Movies like Planet of the Apes have allowed us to sneak a peek at what our world would […]

Hilarious Michael Bay GIFs Spoof Director’s Love of Explosions

With over $5 billion in box office returns over the course of his career, there’s little doubt that Michael Bay’s brand of high-octane action is what cinema audiences crave. Now, a group of talented Photoshop wizards have taken to adding the director’s signature ‘Bayhem’ to the internet’s favorite form of entertainment: GIFs. Here are some […]