[Social Intelligence] British MoD Warns of Overshare Dangers

Think of it as the “loose lips sink ships” of the modern era. The British Ministry of Defence has taken to the internet to warn social media users of the dangers of casually Twittering, Facebooking or Foursquare-ing about potentially sensitive information. The agency posted a series of YouTube videos illustrating hypothetical situations wherein inadvertent sharing […]

Foursquare Product Boss Pokes Fun At Facebook “Happening Now” Feature

Facebook’s new “Happening Now” feature is meant to act as a “live” version of the News Feed and in fact it sits right next to the users current news feeds, a fact that made Foursquare product boss Alex Rainart Tweet: “Yo dawg, I heard you like newsfeeds so we put a newsfeed in your newsfeed.. […]

AnyClip, Foursquare Team Up For Internet Week Scavenger Hunt

How long has it been since you’ve been on a scavenger hunt? Since summer camp? If you’re in New York for Internet Week (or any other purpose) and use Foursquare, you can participate in the scavenger hunt the app is co-hosting with video metadata startup AnyClip. AnyClip- who are “busily indexing the world’s films” so […]

Foursquare and 7-Eleven Sending Some Very Lucky Customers Into Space

Location based service provider Foursquare and slushy provider 7-Eleven have teams up with Paramount Pictures’ for their upcoming film Super 8 and for that partnership they will be sending one lucky customer on a space mission. Starting today and extending through June 30, visitors to the store who are 14-years-old and up can check in […]

Groupon Begins Competing Directly With Foursquare

Groupon is about to enter the loyalty cards business, a move that could help the company land more national retailers. The company’s business plan up until this point has been fairly straight forward, convince local businesses to buy into their coupon discount program, however that plan has rarely allowed the company to land the Walmart’s […]

Nokia S40 Gets Foursquare App: Hopes To Attract Entry Level Market

Foursquare, the world’s most popular location based check-in service has been available on Smartphones since the program launched, in fact the company relies on phones at the core of their service. Unfortunately for lower end phone users the program has been out of reach…until now. Nokia announced this week that their beta lab has released […]

Twitter.com Now Offering Gowalla, Foursquare, Meetup and Other Social Integrations

Head on over to the new Twitter.com and you’ll not only find new photo sharing and hosting capabilities, you’ll also discover closer integration with Amazon, Gowalla, Foursquare, AOL Video, Meetup, Plantcast and numerous other social platforms as part of the company’s new strategy to offer more features for their users to interact with. The move […]

[Women in Social Media] Are Females Afraid of Location Based Apps?

Obviously, I am female. (Well, I hope that’s obvious.) And I clearly have a vested interest in the study of social media, as evidenced by my role in editing this site. Ahem. Personally, I’ve used and written about social media for quite awhile. To say I was unaware of some concerns (ones I personally feel […]

Apps: SpotOn Makes Food, Drink Suggestions Based on Foursquare, Facebook

Apps like Yelp and Urbanspoon are certainly good at identifying restaurants within a walking or driving overall range, but don’t offer much in the way of a tailored suggestion experience. I’ve used the apps before to much frustration because while they do turn up establishments, it doesn’t really help me to know there is a […]

Foursquare and Groupon Get Cozy

This should be interesting- location-based, deal-offering mobile game Foursquare and group-buying app Groupon are reportedly hooking up, according to “several sources.” AllThingsD first reported the liaison between the two niche services, and if it takes off, the collaboration could be hugely beneficial to both services and bridge a big gap in each. While Foursquare has […]