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Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Calling It Quits At Facebook

Facebook CTO Bret Taylor is leaving the social network this summer to pursue new opportunities, Taylor announced his upcoming departure on Friday afternoon. Taylor will be teaming up with Google software engineer Kevin Gibbs on a new project that has yet to be named. Speaking to AllThingsDā€˜s Kara Swisher the Facebook CTO said: “I had […]

LastPass: Check To See If Your LinkedIn Account Password Was Compromised

6.5 million LinkedIn accounts were stolen on Wednesday and now password management firm LastPass has released a secure tool that allows users to check if their password was among those stolen. LinkedIn acknowledged the security breach after it was announced on a Russian forum and said it would contact affected users with details on how […]

Fidelity Dealing With “Thousands” Of Broker Complaints Over Facebook IPO

Fidelity Investments announced on Friday that it is dealing with “thousands” of complaints from brokerage clients over trading issues caused by Nasdaq’s first day glitches in the trading of Facebook IPO shares. While Facebook’s IPO launched one week ago Fidelity says investors are still trying to sort out issues that caused them to buy Facebook […]

Facebook Working On Lawsuit Settlement Over ‘Sponsored Stories’ Advertising

Facebook has agreed in “principle” to settle a lawsuit filed in April 2011. That lawsuit hurled allegations that Facebook’s “Sponsored Stories” breached user privacy. The lawsuit claims that Facebook did not provide an adequate way for users to opt out of the advertising program after it was launched in January 2011. The issue behind Facebook’s […]

Investor Sues Nasdaq As Facebook Shares Continue To Slide

The Nasdaq OMX Group was sued on Tuesday by Maryland investor Phillip Goldberg who claims in his lawsuit that the exchanged negligent handling of the Facebook IPO during opening day trading caused losses for investors. Goldberg is seeking class-action status on behalf of all investors who lost money after Facebook trading was delayed and mishandled […]

Stephen Colbert Joins Reddit Gifts Exchange For The Troops

The official Reddit Gifts for the Troops campaign received the support of a big celebrity name on Monday when Comedy Central funnyman Stephen Colbert announced he would be the programs first gift giver or “santa.” The initiative is part of the RedditGifts program which allows users to swap goods with each other in a secret-santa […]

Facebook Raises IPO Offering To $38 Per Share, $107 Billion Valuation

It took four months to finally get their paperwork in order with the SEC but Facebook on Thursday finally announced the initial cost of its IPO shares which will enter the market at a price of $38. At that price Facebook will have a market share of $107 billion, making it the largest IPO in […]

Ford Says GM Doesn’t Understand Facebook Advertising

GM on Tuesday announced that it was pulling nearly $10 million in annual Facebook ads buyers because they were not producing results. Now GM competitor Ford has run to Facebook’s defense, claiming that General Motors simply doesn’t understand how to effectively use Facebook’s advertising options. Ford tweeted the following statement: “Our Facebook ads are effective […]

Mark Zuckerberg: The Musical [Video]

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is quite possibly having the best year imaginable, his social network is about to reach 1 billion users, Facebook’s IPO launched this week and he’s only 28-years-old. Now Zuck can also add his very own musical to his list of accomplishments. Okay so it’s only a short musical by the comedy […]

PrivacyWatch App Alerts Facebook Users When Privacy Settings Change [Infographic]

Online privacy company Abine on Monday launched PrivacyWatch, a platform that alerts Facebook subscribers to privacy setting changes as they occur. The service costs $1.99 per month and includes expert analysis of each Facebook privacy setting change so Facebook users will fully understand exactly how changes to their Facebook privacy setting will affect their accounts. […]

Twitter To Start Sending Personalized Weekly Digest Emails To Users

Twitter is about to enter the world of email marketing as the company prepares to launch a new “weekly digest” email for customers. Under the social networks new plan users will begin to receive a weekly digest that includes top stories from their own feed. The email will include tweets and likes that are important […]

Facebook Messaging Is Costing Wireless Carriers Millions In Lost Revenue

SMS (text messaging) revenue is on the decline worldwide and while messaging services including Apple’s iMessage and Blackberry Messenger have caused those declines in years past, the newest and possibly the most costly platform appears to be Facebook and the Facebook Messaging platform. According to a report released by market research firm Strand Consult: “If […] Finally Makes Its Way To Google Android users who also enjoy a Google Android smartphone can now download the DJ friendly social music app for their Android tablets and Android smartphone devices. The team at has provided most of the web functionality from the web platform, offering the same type of user experience iOS users have been experiencing for a […]

Facebook Testing New “Pay To Highlight” Option

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to pay between 40 cents and $2 to highlight posts they want to make sure their friends see inside of their Facebook news feeds. The new option is being tested in New Zealand where a user who spotted the new feature thought it was a hoax […]

President Obama’s Gay Support Tweet May Have Set Retweet Record

President Obama’s announcement in support of gay marriage on Wednesday may be historic for an entirely different reason, according to, a site that uses the Twitter API to count the number of retweets the presidents message has been retweeted 58,323 times at the time of this post. Here’s the original message President Obama sent […]

Groupon’s Troubles With The SEC Explained [Infographic]

Groupon has come under increasing scrutiny from the SEC since going public as the company continues to issue updated financial statements in which its accounting practices, specifically how it deals with customer acquisition and refunds have come into play. The team at have come up with a simple to understand infographic that showcases the […]

TwitPic Surpasses 35 Million Users, Finally Releases iPhone App

Twitpic was the first company to make adding pics to Twitter a simple process, yet despite 35 million users it wasn’t until Monday that the company announced its first mobile application. Available as a free iPhone app the program allows users to add filters before posting images to Twitter. Founded in 2007 Twitpic’s API has […]

If LinkedIn Were Invented In The 1980s [Video]

LinkedIn is a complex social media system for business professionals and thanks to its sleek interface which provides ease of use with some great features 300 million people log into the system each month, however if the system was build on the back of a bulletin board system in the 1980s the results would have […]