Facebook To Start Charging Monthly Fee? Old Hoax Is Still A Hoax

There’s a rumor going around that Facebook will start charging a monthly fee. But don’t worry, it’s completely untrue. The Facebook monthly fee hoax has been going on for years. According to Snopes.com, the first instance of the hoax came at the end of 2009. It keeps popping up every now and then and it still […]

Facebook Releases 2014 NFL Fandom Map

People from Seattle root for the Seahawks. People from Atlanta root for the Falcons. But what about people who don’t live in one of the cities with an NFL team? Facebook released it’s 2014 NFL map today. Facebook writes: “The 2014 NFL season is here, and the Facebook data team is taking a look at […]

Facebook ‘Color Changer’ App Is A Scam

The Facebook “color changer” app is back again. A malicious app is making the rounds on Facebook again and according to PC Magazine it has already infected thousands of users. The app, officially called Facebook Color Changer, promises to change the color of your Facebook profile. But the app actually brings users to a malicious […]

Facebook Emergency? Some People Called 911 To Report Facebook Outage

What do you do when Facebook goes down? You could read a book. You could talk to a friend in person. You could go outside… Or you could call 911 and beg police to do something about your social media emergency. The social networking site went down for some users for a few hours on […]

12 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook cover photos are usually pretty boring. People tend to throw up a pretty background and then a simple photo of themselves. But Reddit user RubberDogTurds (aka Nikki) proves that cover photos can be pretty awesome. Nikki isn’t the first one to do something like this. If you want to make your own, you can even find tutorials […]

The (Depressing) Truth Behind Facebook Status Updates [Video]

Are you jealous of your Facebook friends? Well, you should know that their lives might not be as glamorous as they look. A new short video called “What’s On Your Mind” takes a look at the (depressing) truth behind Facebook status updates. Shaun Higton writes on YouTube: “Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better […]

Funny Twitter Reactions to Facebook Crash

So the productivity went up for less than an hour today when the Facebook 2014 crash happened. As usual, the social media amplification effect took place. Within a few minutes, news that Facebook was down was all over the place – well, except on Facebook. Some reactions were just plain boring, while some were actually […]