Women Steal 131 Pairs Of Panties, Tells Facebook To Stop Talking About It

People have been caught stealing some pretty weird things, but one Georgia woman really takes the cake… or the undergarments. Julia Marie Jones was caught at a Jasper, Georgia Wal-Mart trying to steal 131 pairs of panties. She tried to hide the merchandise in her purse and shopping bags, but wasn’t able to make it […]

Facebook Stalkers Rejoice Over New Feature

Facebook recently announced a new algorithm that will make it a little easy to be a social media creeper. The formula is based on how long users spend on certain profiles, posts, photos and comments. Facebook will then calculate the time spent and start pushing that kind of content to your feed. The social media […]

GIFs Finally Work On Facebook, Let’s Pick Out Your First Post

Thanks to the social media gods! You can now post GIFs to Facebook. Since 2013, we have been using a workaround created by Giphy to share GIF on Facebook. Giphy allowed the GIFs to show up as videos on the popular social media site, but now Facebook supports actual GIFs! Sharing your favorite GIF is […]

Single Mom Fired Over Facebook Post

Be careful what you post to social media. That post or tweet can go a lot farther than you might think. One Texas woman is learning that the hard way. Single mother, Kaitlyn Walls had landed a much needed job at a local daycare. As most of us would do, she shared the news on […]

Artist Draws Penises Around Potholes To Get Them Fixed

Well, that’s one way to get their attention. One mystery street artist has had enough of troublesome potholes in his neighborhood, so he came up with a clever way to get the city’s attention. Known only as “Wanksy”, the street artist says the potholes weren’t getting fixed until the road became unusable. Wanksy began spraypainting […]

Woman Thanks Thieves For Stealing Her Car

Imagine thanking the thieves that stole your car. That is exactly what Becky Schoenig of St. Charles, Missouri did after her car was stolen from her driveway last week. Schoenig thought she would never see her 2015 Ford Fusion again, but she thought wrong. After realizing her car was stolen, Schoenig posted a photo of […]

Proof That Negative Body Messaging Starts Early

Women struggle with body image issues everyday. In our age of skinny praise, women feel as if they meet a certain standard with their body. One man’s social media post proved that females are exposed to these ideals very early in life. Manager of media services at NYU, Jason Y. Evans was visiting the campus’ […]

Mother’s Apology For Kids’ Behaviors Goes Viral

One Alabama mom’s actions after her children misbehaved at a movie theater has gone viral. Kyesha Smith Wood, of Birmingham, Alabama dropped her son, daughter and stepdaughter off at the local theater to see Cinderella. Her son is a teenager, while the girls are 13. When she picked her children up, her son revealed that […]