Why Should Facebook Buy Flipagram?

Facebook is known to buy any company it thinks will help add to its number of users. In fact, the social media giant has purchased more than 500 companies since 2005, like Instagram and WhatsApp just to name a few. So, why wouldn’t Zuckerberg want to snatch up Flipagram, especially with their latest fundraising news. […]

Facebook Warns ‘Copycat’ Website, Facegloria

Is Facebook getting a little too much for you? A new alternative has people dropping the likes and picking up the amens. Based out of Brazil, Facegloria was created by Christian evangelists as an alternitive to secular social media. Instead of liking statuses and pictures, users press an amen button. Facegloria’s creator, Atilla Barros says […]

What It’s like to Work for a Social Media Site: Employees Tell All

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google.  Five companies focused on tech, social media, and ultimately: advertising. Since their inception, social media has grown from a trendy curiosity into an important aspect of our every day lives. In the early years, your GeoCities site, Myspace or AOL profile would attract about as much interest as a […]

Facebook Will Finally Let You Control Your News Feed

Today, Facebook is introducing a long-requested feature. No, it’s not a dislike button—but it does fix something most people dislike about their news feed. Facebook’s new iOS app will offer users the ability to tailor content in their newsfeed to their liking, thus escaping the oft-criticized algorithm that attempted to read users’ minds. “Ultimately, you know […]

‘HoNY’ Picture Captures Hearts, 550,000 Likes Strong

Chin up, little guy. It gets better. The photography project “Humans of New York” (HoNY) has been around for most of the aughts, and has made our daily jaunts across Facebook a little more persona, thoughtful, and… well, human. One recent photograph and its accompanying caption, however, captured the collective heart of the Internet. Its […]

U.N. Calls on Facebook, Twitter to Join Fight Against Terrorism

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Internet and social media companies should respond to the exploitation of their services by radical Islamist groups, a U.N. panel said on Wednesday. The panel’s report calls on companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to do whatever possible to curb the “increasingly horrific propaganda” groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL post to their sites. […]

No Charges for Texas Woman Who Killed Pet Cat With Bow

Warning: This article contains graphic imagery. BRENHAM, United States (CNN) — The Brenham, Texas woman who shot a domestic cat through the head with an arrow, and subsequently posted about it on Facebook, will not be charged with any crime, CNN reports. On Wednesday, a grand jury decided not to indict Dr. Kristen Lindsey. They […]