‘Facebook Thinks I’m A Terrorist’ Because Of Unfortunate Name

One woman discovered her Facebook page was deactivated after the social media giant froze her account, mistaking her for a terrorist, all because of her name. Isis Anchalee is far from a terrorist. She lives in San Francisco and works as an engineer. As Facebook joins the fight against ISIS and terrorism sources, Isis became […]

Showry Gyrates, Makes Fruit Juice, and Other Wacky Videos

Showry is without a doubt cute as a button. She’s got a killer body and amazing dance moves. She’s the kind of girl you’d probably want to buy a drink or ask for her number — and then you watch her videos. With this level of zaniness, you know she’s definitely the kind of gal […]

Sshowry Gyrates, Makes Fruit Juice, and Other Wacky Videos

Sshowry, without a doubt, is as cute as a button. She’s got a body to die for, and she knows her comedy like the back of her hand. She makes one mean fruit juice shake, as this video will attest. Seriously, after watching this video, you’ll never go looking for another glass of juice again. […]

3 Ways to Avoid Facebook Drama

It happened again. There you were, browsing Facebook, just enjoying a little you-time. Then you scroll past a post from your loud-mouthed co-worker. It’s yet another long-winded yarn about what so-and-so said about such-and-such. ‘Not this again,’ you think, ‘I feel like I’m back in high school.’ Facebook drama can be hard to avoid. Even after putting […]

Oh Myyyy! George Takei Takes Over A Reddit AMA

George Takei is not only a sci-fi icon, but the actor has built quite the social media presence. With thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, Takei is an open book. He is no stranger to discussing anything from his sexual preferences to Hollywood secrets. Yesterday evening, the Reddit community was treated to an AMA […]

Dad Lets 4-Year-Old Daughter Tattoo Him; Gets Mixed FB Reviews

In the past, we’ve covered how parents got themselves tattooed for their daughter. Now, here’s one father-daughter duo who have come under the critical eye of the social media public. Brad “Bob Tat” Bellomo is the owner of Third Eye Tattoo Shop & Recording Studio in Largo, Florida. as well as a doting father to […]

What You Really Agreed To When You Signed Up For Tinder [Video]

Oh, Tinder. Some use you in a quest for the love of their life, while most use you to find the hookup for the day. Whatever you reasons are for using the dating app, there are a few things you are agreeing to. Just like any downloaded app, Tinder comes with a terms and agreements […]