Arizona Couple Banned From Facebook Due To Interesting Name

Everyone seems to have a Facebook page these days, but one Arizona couple says their pages were deleted for a very strange reason. Balizar Orion Avatar and his wife said they were shocked to discover their Facebook pages were deleted all due to their interesting names. Nicknamed Boa, Avatar says the couple were hurt and […]

These People Thought They Took Pics with Celebs, They Didn’t

They say everybody has a doppelganger, so it stands to reason there are plenty of people out there who bear a resemblance to the world’s most beloved celebrities. It also stands to reason these people must get stopped on the street and asked to pose for pics, sign autographs, or just generally accept praise for […]

Woman Fined for Facebook Photo of Police Vehicle in Handicapped Spot

Spain’s new gagging law was invoked in the fining of a woman who uploaded a picture of an illegally parked police vehicle. he highly controversial Citizens’ Security Law, which went into effect across Spain in July, was invoked in the fining of a woman who uploaded a picture of a police vehicle to Facebook. The law, which limits […]

Girls Scam ISIS Recruiters with Oldest Trick in the Book

Three young Chechen women conned the Islamic State terrorist organization into giving them thousands of dollars.   e’ve all received the emails. A prince from a non-specific African country needs our help, and in exchange for our cooperation, he’ll reward us with riches beyond our wildest imagination. All it takes is a little cash upfront. […]

Unveiling the Detroit Satanist Statue, As Told By Social Media

As an unspoken rule of the Internet goes, do not read the comments. Even Satanists would agree. Earlier this week, The Satanic Temple of Detroit unveiled a one-ton heavy, nearly-nine-foot statue of a Baphomet gazed at lovingly by two children, bearing the sigils of their worship, at what was called one of the “largest Satanic […]

Study Warns Social Media Use Can Lead To Mental Health Problems

As social media becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, the young generation Z is admitting they spend most of their time on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Now, a new study is shedding light on the possibility that heavy social media use could lead to mental […]

Man Uses Facebook To Live-Blog His Standoff With Police

The guy likes to call himself “Teflon Tom.” That should be enough right there for you to know that some extremely stupid choices were made. Last week, Thomas Santagata had a run-in with the law after harassing his 61-year-old neighbor. Witnesses say that Santagata waved a knife in his neighbor’s face as he yelled, “I’m […]