Facebook Hoax Is Making the Rounds — Again

No. Please. Stop. Just. Don’t. If we ever did need that controversial Dislike button for something, it would be this one, more than anything. If you’ve been scrolling through your Facebook dash, there’s some chance (and we do hope that it’s actually a really small one) that you’ve seen this text post doing the rounds: […]

Facebook Lets You Use Loopable Video Profile Pics and More

Facebook’s been getting really competitive in the graphics arena lately, it’s bringing a whole load of new things to the user’s experience table. Have you noticed lately how the videos are now auto-play on your mobile dash? Well brace yourself, because according to a blog post from their newsroom, things are about to get more […]

What Does Facebook’s New ‘Dislike’ Button Really Mean?

Facebook, a way to stay in touch with loved ones, share your favorite selfies and even catch up on trending news topics. With some many things to like, there are bound to be things you don’t. Long have users begged for a dislike button to join its like button counterpart. Well, you can rejoice! During […]

Explore The Emmys Through The Eyes Of The Stars

Your Emmys viewing party is about to get social! Instagram is a way to be have a look into a celebrity’s personal life without being an obsessive fan. The Facebook-owned social media app knows this and has begun using it as a huge selling point. With tonight’s Emmys, Instagram is making it extra easy to […]

Woman Uses Facebook To Try And Sell Daughter [Video]

Facebook pages dedicated to letting users post items for sale has become a common trend on the social media outlet. However, followers of one Albuquerque, New Mexico merchant page found something completely disturbing for sale. One woman is being accused of posting a picture of her daughter with the caption, “My daughter. $200,” on a […]

Arizona Couple Banned From Facebook Due To Interesting Name

Everyone seems to have a Facebook page these days, but one Arizona couple says their pages were deleted for a very strange reason. Balizar Orion Avatar and his wife said they were shocked to discover their Facebook pages were deleted all due to their interesting names. Nicknamed Boa, Avatar says the couple were hurt and […]

These People Thought They Took Pics with Celebs, They Didn’t

They say everybody has a doppelganger, so it stands to reason there are plenty of people out there who bear a resemblance to the world’s most beloved celebrities. It also stands to reason these people must get stopped on the street and asked to pose for pics, sign autographs, or just generally accept praise for […]

Woman Fined for Facebook Photo of Police Vehicle in Handicapped Spot

Spain’s new gagging law was invoked in the fining of a woman who uploaded a picture of an illegally parked police vehicle. he highly controversial Citizens’ Security Law, which went into effect across Spain in July, was invoked in the fining of a woman who uploaded a picture of a police vehicle to Facebook. The law, which limits […]