Man Uses Facebook To Live-Blog His Standoff With Police

The guy likes to call himself “Teflon Tom.” That should be enough right there for you to know that some extremely stupid choices were made. Last week, Thomas Santagata had a run-in with the law after harassing his 61-year-old neighbor. Witnesses say that Santagata waved a knife in his neighbor’s face as he yelled, “I’m […]

Is it Time for Minions to Just Go Away Forever?

Some people love the goofy yellow sidekicks from Despicable Me a little too much. hey’re everywhere. Your mom is probably posting memes of them. Your gran is probably forwarding them to you in emails. Grandpa thinks your generation is weird because everyone seems so obsessed with these little yellow balls of weirdness. He fought for his […]

Epic Ideas for Your Future Dream Home [Survey]

We asked people on Facebook and Twitter what cool custom stuff they’d build into their dream home.    e’ve all fantasized about it: building a house from the ground up, sinking exorbitant amounts of money into creating our own custom-built palace—our dream home. What would you build if money was no object? Would you indulge your […]

Man Rescued After Strange Facebook Post

Facebook is being credited for saving one man’s life. Disable veteran, Chris Thomas is wheelchair bound and suffers from limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. He was heading into the bathroom at his Pittsburgh home. As he was about to enter the bathroom, his wheelchair caught the edge of a box. The box fell and a heavy shelf […]

Man’s Hilarious Bacon Complaint Goes Viral

Some people take their bacon very seriously. One man’s complaint after discovering his package of bacon was one piece short has gone viral. It all started when Ben Roberts was making breakfast for his wife one Sunday morning. As he opened his freshly purchased package of bacon, he noticed it was short one piece. Oh, […]

Diner Owner Under Fire After Screaming At Toddler And Facebook Rant

A Portland, Oregon diner owner is under scrutiny after an incident at her establishment. Darla Neugebauer, owner of Marcy’s Diner in downtown Portland, is used to a crowded restaurant on the weekends, but on Saturday she found her breaking point. Now, Neugebauer is defending her actions. According to Neugebauer, it was a busy Saturday when […]

Moneypenny is the Siri of Facebook Messenger

Siri and Cortana have a brand new sister coming to the scene, because Facebook is about to roll out its own virtual assistant. Facebook is getting closer and closer to rolling out “Moneypenny”, a feature on their Messenger platform that connects users to real people for help in researching, shopping, reservations, and other tasks. The […]

Why Should Facebook Buy Flipagram?

Facebook is known to buy any company it thinks will help add to its number of users. In fact, the social media giant has purchased more than 500 companies since 2005, like Instagram and WhatsApp just to name a few. So, why wouldn’t Zuckerberg want to snatch up Flipagram, especially with their latest fundraising news. […]