Woman Thanks Thieves For Stealing Her Car

Imagine thanking the thieves that stole your car. That is exactly what Becky Schoenig of St. Charles, Missouri did after her car was stolen from her driveway last week. Schoenig thought she would never see her 2015 Ford Fusion again, but she thought wrong. After realizing her car was stolen, Schoenig posted a photo of […]

Proof That Negative Body Messaging Starts Early

Women struggle with body image issues everyday. In our age of skinny praise, women feel as if they meet a certain standard with their body. One man’s social media post proved that females are exposed to these ideals very early in life. Manager of media services at NYU, Jason Y. Evans was visiting the campus’ […]

Mother’s Apology For Kids’ Behaviors Goes Viral

One Alabama mom’s actions after her children misbehaved at a movie theater has gone viral. Kyesha Smith Wood, of Birmingham, Alabama dropped her son, daughter and stepdaughter off at the local theater to see Cinderella. Her son is a teenager, while the girls are 13. When she picked her children up, her son revealed that […]

Man Known As ‘Angel Of Death’ Fights Against Islamic State

With more than 300,000 followers on Facebook, the story of Iraq fighter, Abu Azrael as gone viral. Known as the ‘angel of death’, Azrael is known as a fighter against the Islamic States. As many militant armies are armed to fight these threats, Azrael is the most well-known. Photos have circulated of the bearded bald […]

Facebook Updates Suicide Prevention Tools

Facebook is doing its part to help prevent suicides by introducing more tools that will help users intervene with a friend that is contemplating taking their life. Since 2011, the social media giant allowed users to report posts that were potentially suicidal. Facebook would be alerted by a user sending a screenshot or direct link […]

Target Employees Help Teen Looking For Tie, Restore Faith In Humanity

It is a moment that has gone viral. A teen goes in to a local Target store to buy a clip-on tie for his first job interview. The employee tells him that Target does not carry clip-on ties, but the story doesn’t end there. The Raleigh, North Carolina Target employee, Cathy Scott, called over her […]

Meet The ‘Stock Photo Bomber’ And His Hilarious Photos

One man has become known as the “stock photo bomber” after adding himself into generic photos. Matt Vescovo has photoshopped himself into dozens of stock photos. He has compiled all of the hilarious creations on The Stock Photobomber Tumblr page. He plans on taking these photos and turning them into a quirky book. So, what […]

Thousands of Facebook Users Fall For Porn Video Virus

No, your friend did not post a porn video to their Facebook. Don’t even get curious and click on it. At least 11,000 Facebook users found themselves victims of the latest social media hacking scheme. According to ItPro, the malware tricks people into clicking on a friend’s infected site link with promises of a porn […]