Social Media vs Real life: Meeting Cool People

Whether it’s Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we all from time to time find our own cool people to look up to. They’re the Gala Darlings and the Kendall Jenners of the online world. Every snapshot perfectly composed, filtered, curated for mass consumption. Theirs is the seemingly perfect life. We’ve allowed them to take up space […]

Facebook Launches Campaign to Stop Hate Speech

On Monday, Facebook launched a campaign against hate speech and extremism called the “Online Civil Courage Initiative,” or OCCI for short. The campaign will focus on helping existing organizations that are fighting hate speech, along with building “best practices” for those organizations and putting money toward research. The move comes after a United Nations panel and others called on […]

Wanted Man Sends A Selfie To Replace ‘Terrible’ Mugshot

One criminal took a quick break from running from police and decided to check his Facebook feed. He came across a post from the local authorities explaining his wanted status. There was one thing that stood out to Donald Pugh: the mugshot. The 45-year-old decided to reach out to the Lima Police Department to discuss […]

Showry’s Christmas Dance Goes Horribly Wrong

Remember how last month, we covered Korean vlogger Showry and her crazy dance antics? Well, she’s back to trim her tree, make it snow, and deck the halls with fire, mayo, and blood. Blood. So much blood. But this is Showry, that cheeky, crazysexycute girl (emphasis on the “crazy”) who loves making viral videos and […]

#MissUniverse2015 Crowns Wrong Queen, Breaks Internet

#MissUniverse2015. So, this may just be the biggest plot twist 2015 has ever seen. Earlier today, Steve Harvey (of Family Feud fame) announced that Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was this year’s Miss Universe. With her crowned, sashed and boqueted, the beauty queen was swept up in emotion, waving, waving, beaming to her adoring fans — […]

H3H3’s Ethan Klein Calls Out Facebook For ‘Freebooting’ [Video]

YouTuber and creator of H3H3 productions, Ethan Klein is spreading the word about a sneaky way Facebook is allowing pages to ‘steal’ videos. Klein uploaded a video explaining his discovery just a day ago and it quickly found its way to the front page of reddit. It seems Klein noticed the so-called scam after hearing […] Will Make You Nope Out Of Facebook

There are just some things on Facebook that you don’t ever want to know about your friends — Their criminal records, their sex lives, their hygiene, their fiscal records — oh yeah, and this. You may want to sit down for this. It all starts with this one link. Don’t worry, it’s safe and “defanged” […]

This Man Will Do Anything To Get His Christmas Tree Home [Video]

One man found the perfect Christmas tree and he was determined to get it home, even if it meant driving in his convertible in the pouring rain. The hilarious moment was caught on camera by other motorists on the road that couldn’t believe their eyes. The video shows this poor man who had to drive […]