Whoops! Facebook Declares The Philippines At War

You’ve probably noticed Facebook utilizing special shareable graphic and banners to celebrate special days. Yesterday, the social media giant celebrated Independence Day in the Philippines. However, the celebratory graphic made one huge mistake. According The Philippine Star, the graphic featured the country’s flag with an inverted color scheme (red on top and blue on bottom). […]

Facebook’s Answer to Snapchat: Sweet Anonymity or Troll Paradise?

Facebook is a public forum, and they take the public part of that very seriously. The social network is famous for stripping away privacy settings and putting everything out in the open—a double-edged sword which tends to expose private information but prevents vitriol through a system of social accountability. The latter is precisely why some […]

Get Ready For Cameraception With These Brilliant Shots

It’s not just inception — it’s cameraception. While there are some mysteries that are indeed better off left unsolved and some information left unknown (as Reddit can graciously attest), here’s one quandary just kept going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and… Let’s start somewhere, like a pair of hands in the pink of […]

New Emojis Introduced To Facebook Messenger

You might of noticed that Facebook Messenger had quite a bit more emoji options. Yesterday, the social media giant introduced 1,500 emojis to the messaging service, giving you even more options to send your friends. Now, instead of being confined to the emojis on your phone, there are now emoji choices built right into the […]

Robber Caught After Facbook Suggests The Victim Knows Him

Facebook’s “people you may know” feature is a great way to reconnect with people from your past. However, one user found someone he never thought he would see again. The said Facebook user has remained anonymous but police have explained other details of the bizarre case happening in Birmingham in the UK. The anonymous user […]

Fans Stick Hodor To Elevators and Things to Commemorate Hodor

Hodor, Hodor. Gone, but not forgotten. People love you, and they will never look at an ajar door the same way again. Season 6, episode 5 of Game of Thrones broadcast Sunday and crushed the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. It wasn’t enough to grieve on cyberspace — people had to take it well […]

Facebook Pages Hit With Bug That Prevents Updates

Facebook is dealing with one big headache after their Facebook Pages seem to be dealing with a bug. It seems official pages were experiencing a bug that means updates are being published. When a user goes to post they receive an error message stating, “there was a problem updating your status. Please try again in […]