Facebook Ad Clicks Increase 48%, Video Engagement Up 58% [Report]

Facebook is consistently at the top of leaderboards, recently dominating in social media referral traffic, and a new report from Adobe charts that growth. Today, Adobe published its Q1 2014 Social Intelligence Report, and here were several major findings: Facebook ad CTR up 20 percent over past quarter, 160 percent year-over-year Facebook ad CPC down […]

Palcohol Powdered Alcohol Makes Social Media Drunk With Interest

A new “powdered alcohol” called Palcohol has social media buzzing, with news of the substance trending on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Palcohol is, as suggested a powdered form of alcohol, similar to powered milk. You add Palcohol to water and bingo: instant alcoholic drink. Once launched the company intends to offer six different flavors; two base […]

Judge Coming Under Fire For Friend Request

Judges are supposed to remain impartial. So it is probably not a good idea to announce to the world that you want to be friends with someone whose case you are about to rule on. A circuit court judge in the Florida town of Sanford, is coming under fire for doing just that. Judge Linda […]

Arcade Fire Announces Surprise Show In L.A., Posts Details On Facebook

Arcade Fire has just announced plans to play a surprise show tonight, at the legendary Roxy on the Sunset Strip. The last minute show in Los Angeles was announced by way of the groups Facebook page. Arcade Fire made news this week when they closed out the first weekend of Coachella and performed a cover […]

Pinterest Referral Traffic Up 48%, But Facebook Still Dominates

Pinterest accounts for nearly 25 percent of all social sharing, and according to new data from Shareaholic, traffic referrals grew 48 percent from December 2013. Today, the company published its quarterly Social Media Traffic Report, and while Pinterest saw the most growth, it’s still ranked in second behind Facebook. From December 2013 through March 2014, […]

Facebook Mobile Ad Network To Launch April 30

Facebook will host its F8 conference on April 30, at which time it will unveil plans for a new mobile ad network. Facebook began testing the new third-party ad network on a select group of apps in early 2014. Currently Facebook outsources its mobile ad serving to outside internet-based ad firms. According to Re/code, Facebook […]

Facebook ‘Nearby Friends’ Feature Will Be Used For Ads In The Future

Facebook recently started rolling out a new “Nearby Friends” feature that allowed users to find, as you would expect, friends that are in close proximity physically. It does this by either allowing you to look at a list of nearby friends, or sending a notification when your friends are close by. Thankfully, for those of us […]

Social Media Celebrates Record Store Day

April 19 is Record Store Day and the day already has social media talking. The day was first celebrated in 2007 “as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1000 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally.” According to the official site: […]

Facebook Wants To Help You Connect With ‘Nearby Friends’

Over 750 million people visit Facebook daily, and now the social network wants to make sure you don’t miss your friends while out on the town. Today, Facebook announced a new “Nearby Friends” feature, which relies off a phone’s GPS to determine one’s location. You can see all your friends nearby, and receive push notifications when a […]

Facebook The Most Preferred Social Network For Marketers [Study]

Facebook has very deep pockets thanks to multi-billion dollar earnings, and according to a new study, is the best ranked social platform among marketers. The study comes from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA for short), who polled 171 marketers in the United Kingdom. A “social media scorecard” was created by its Social Media Council, which took […]

Season 2 ‘Orange is the New Black’ Trailer Is Here And It’s Perfection

Call off work for Friday, June 6 and have your Netflix viewing device ready and full charged. The second season trailer for “Orange is the New Black” has hit the internet. Hard. Who is ready to throw pie? Netflix released the trailer on Youtube today and its views are increasing fast. Already a top trend on […]

Police Catfished By Missing Child That Only Exists On Facebook

You’ve probably heard (in movies at least) that police only have about 48 hours to find a missing child before the trail goes completely cold. So naturally, as soon as a child is reported missing, the authorities throw every resource they have at finding him or her before its too late. Many times it is […]

Facebook Users Freak Out Over ‘Traveling To’ Feature

Facebook wants to know what’s on your mind, how you’re feeling, and rolling out to everyone, where you’re traveling to. Of course, it’s completely optional. The social network took to its official page today to remind users of the feature, and it functions very similar to when you attach your mood to a status update. After clicking on the […]

Beyoncé and Jay Z Together For A Summer Tour

If you need to take a few seconds to remember how to breathe, you’re not alone. Beyoncé and Jay Z have decided to bring their royal marriage to the stage. Social media is blowing up with excitement watching Beyoncé sit beautifully at the very top of Facebook Trending (rightfully so). The ground is shaking in preparation for […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talks ‘Home’ Failure, Dodges Innovation Question

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently sat down at the company’s headquarters to speak with New York Times writer Farhad Manjoo. Back in January, the social network announced Creative Labs, not to be confused with the speaker/sound card manufacturer. Its first major project was iPhone app Paper, and Zuckerberg says the lab “is basically unbundling the […]

Facebook Rumored To Be Making Paypal Competitor

What do you do when you have more than 1.3 billion users all connected on the same network? You let them put their money in it, that is what. According to the Financial Times Facebook is in the process of obtaining licences in Ireland that will it allow it to provide users across Europe with an electronic […]

Google Beats Facebook, Acquires Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

Facebook was reportedly set to acquire drone maker Titan Aerospace last month in a deal worth $60 million, but it appears Google had other plans. Titan creates solar-powered drones that are capable of flying up to 65,000 feet for five years, all while transmitting Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. Its fleet seemed prime for Facebook CEO […]

Teen Arrested After Offensive Facebook Comment About Death Of 15 Year Old

A 17 year old girl has been arrested by authorities in the Costal city of Swansea in Wales, after she allegedly posted comments that were according to authorities, “grossly offensive” on Facebook about a slain 15 year old boy. James Lock, a 15 year old student was found dead near the Olchfa School on Thursday. […]