FTC Says Napster Co-Founder’s Jerk.com Decieved Users Using Facebook Data

I’ve been reading Jerk.com for the past half hour, attempting to figure out what it is before writing this story. From the look of it now, it’s just a blog wordpress blog that has short, badly edited stories about people who are jerks in other people’s lives. Then, I checked it out through Archive.org, and […]

The 2014 NCAA Tournament Saw 46 Million Posts On Facebook

The 2014 NCAA Tournament came to a grinding halt last night after the UConn Huskies brought home the win against Kentucky’s Wildcats in a 60 to 54 victory. Today, Facebook published stats from this year’s March Madness, including the most popular moments and athletes sharing their thoughts. From March 16 to April 7, the social […]

Twitter’s New Three Column Design Is Striking, Familiar

We told you before that Twitter was testing a new design. Now we are starting to see the fruits of that labor as they have officially announced it on their blog and are officially bringing it to every Twitter user, eventually. I’m not the first to say it looks a lot like Facebook and I […]

Facebook Lottery Promotion Is A Scam [Hoaxed]

Have you just been notified about a large sum of money you won via a Facebook lottery message? Sorry to inform you but that promotion, lottery, or award is nothing but another hoax. The notices are being sent to Facebook users in the form of various “winnings” that don’t actually exist. Some users are being […]

Kickstarter Game Will Refund Your Pledge If Facebook Buys For $2 Billion

Kickstarter averaged over $1.2 million in pledges per day during the first quarter of 2014, and a new game called Terribands hopes to get in on the action. Terribands is a party game involving headbands, and its creator Eric Calisto isn’t selling the game short, calling it “A Terrible Game with a Terrible Name.” A twist […]

Mom Tells World Her Son Is Transgender On Social Media

Jodi Gholson Oliver wins “Most Accepting and Awesome Mom” award for a heartwarming and celebratory Facebook post. On March 27th, Oliver used social media to announce her son being a transgender with a joyful picture of a story reading the words “IT’S A BOY” followed by a touching message: Post by Jodi Gholson Oliver.   […]

Anti-Gay Remarks On Facebook Spoil Organic Grocer’s Debut

An all organic grocery store that plans to sell raw milk and GMO free food in Portland, OR found itself in hot water with the gay community. The controversy began after the owner’s Facebook comments were highlighted in a YouTube video by a man who lives in the grocery stores neighborhood. Chauncy Childs was in […]