Eat24 Announces It’s Breaking Up With Facebook

Eat24, a food delivery service wishes to have no part of Facebook after posting its breakup letter, saying the platform isn’t the smart, funny social network it fell in love with several years ago. The food delivery company says Facebook is all about ads now, at first it was about telling jokes to friends but […]

New Study Shows That 30% Of U.S. Adults Use Facebook For News

Social media has become such an important aspect of our daily lives. As it continues to grow and expand, its no surprise that it also changes the way our community consumes and views the news. A recent study released by Pew Research shows that out of the 64% of American adults who use Facebook, nearly […]

Woman Discovers Her Facebook Photos In Prostitution Ads

It’s a little troubling to think about all the places our photos could be and what they could be used for on the world wide web. What would you do if you woke up one day and your photo was a prostitution ad? It’s unlikely but it happens, particularly to Tennessee woman, 21 year old […]

Things Virtual Reality Will Change Forever

Where exactly virtual reality will take us remains to be largely an undermined mystery. However, with Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus Rift for $2 billion, we can only imagine that things will be very promising. There are many people, some of who are very wealthy, who are confident that virtual reality will take […]

Sisters Beaten And Stripped In Shocking Facebook Video

Two sisters were stripped naked and robbed outside a Cincinnati housing complex on Saturday afternoon.. Following the attack a video of the brazen crime was posted on Facebook. After viewing the video on the social network police arrested one women and they are still searching for six to eight more suspects. The shocking Facebook video […]

Meet Facerift: Browse Facebook With The Oculus Rift And Your Face

With Facebook acquiring Oculus VR for $2 billion, it was only a matter of time before app developers began to capitalize on the connection. One of those development firms, Montreal-based collective KO-OP Mode, and its developers Bronson Zgeb and Gruau Pomme Lackey, have created Facerift. The new app allows users to browse Facebook in a […]

Facebook Messenger iOS App Updated With Forwarding, Speed Fixes

Facebook Messenger 4.0 for iOS has been updated with several new features that give more group-based focus to the popular app. The biggest update comes in the form of group chatting. Facebook users can now name group chats, set a photo for the group, and keep everyone in one chat, all from within the program. […]