Facebook Video Prompts Child Abuse Investigation By Michigan Authorities

Flint, MI – A difficult to watch Facebook shared video depicting child abuse prompted Michigan authorities to investigate. A Facebook posted video, filmed in an attempt to discipline and humiliate an 11-year-old boy over his grades and poor behavior, has led to the arrest of the adults involved – including the child’s mother who was […]

Instagram Surpasses Facebook And Twitter Usage Among Teens [Study]

According to a spending assessment study titled “Taking Stock with Teens” from Piper Jaffray, a full-service investment bank and asset management firm, Instagram has surpassed the social media networks Facebook and Twitter in usage among teens. With advertising becoming more commonplace on social media, marketing research is important in order to hone demographic interest. For […]

Facebook Will Require Messenger If You Want To Chat On Mobile

The Facebook app has chat functionality built in, but soon the social network will require users to install Messenger if they want to keep conversations going. A spokesperson confirmed the controversial move, saying the change will eventually roll out worldwide to Android and iOS with a few exceptions. For example, older Android smartphones with lower […]

EMA’s Album Is About A Social Media Dystopia

Erika M. Anderson, better known as EMA, has just released her new album, something she cautiously describes as a “West Coast noise and sci-fi record.” It deals a lot with social media. The Future’s Void isn’t vapid like #Selfie, it’s the antithesis to that  (even if you argue #Selfie is vapid on purpose and therefore self-aware, being self-aware […]

Facebook Photos Still Receiving Most Engagement For Brand Pages

Having a hard time gaining engagement on your Facebook page? You might want to consider using more photo posts. A new study by SocialBakers finds that Facebook photos still receive the highest level of engagement among all forms of posting on the network. To conduct its survey SocialBakers looked at three different Facebook page sizes […]

Facebook Sidebar Ads Are About To Get A Whole Lot Bigger

Advertising is where Facebook makes its bank. While the social network was once famous for not having ads, that now seems like a distant memory. Ads, and selling information to advertisers is what makes Facebook large enough to make multi billion dollar purchases whenever they feel the need. So, it should come as no surprise that […]

Facebook App Blamed For iPhone Battery Woes, But The Fix Is Easy

The Facebook app appears to be the cause of some user’s complaints about the iPhone’s seemingly shrinking battery life. Two different developers, working independently and across the world from each other, have come to the same conclusion about the iPhone battery, Facebook is usually the cause of a short battery life. Scott Loveless is an […]

Chris Roberts Says Star Citizen Doesn’t Need Facebook’s Money

Apparently Notch wasn’t the only developer who took notice of Facebook’s acquisition of the Oculus Rift. Chris Roberts of Wing Commander and Star Citizen fame, took to his website to respond to the deal, writing: Now to answer the myriad forum threads that popped up worrying about the possibility of Cloud Imperium being acquired by another, […]