Want To Hide From Facebook Friends? Block ‘Seen’ With This Genius Chrome Extension

Facebook lets you know when someone has “seen” your message, but a Chrome extension called FseenBlock keeps you hidden from life’s annoyances. The extension blocks the functionality that lets others know when you saw a message, and you can also disable Facebook Chat from showing you are typing. Once you feel like letting someone know […]

Facebook Not Cool, Mark Zuckerberg Admits

You think Facebook isn’t cool? You’re not alone, as Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think the social network is the cutting edge of hipness either — but he means that in a totally good way. In a way, Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about Facebook’s coolness or lack thereof are cooler, because in essence, he’s saying […]

Facebook Targets Mobile Service Providers With Ad Efficacy Solution

Facebook has quietly rolled out a new service to major mobile marketers which the social network says better measures the efficacy of their wireless provider ads. The move is the social networks newest attempt to showcase how advertising on the platform can lead to high-yield real-world returns. Facebook began testing the new platform over the […]

Northampton Clown Gives An Interview, Seems Like A Huge Dork

Seeing a dude dressed like Pennywise the Dancing Clown outside of your window is enough to terrify the bejeezus out of even the most mildly coulrophobic (or “afraid of clowns,” for the rubes) among us. That’s the gist of the mysterious entity known as the Northampton Clown, who, after granting his first interview to a […]

‘Like’ This Post On Facebook! It’s Your Constitutional Right, America

Good news! Facebook “likes” are officially protected speech covered under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. According to a recent ruling in a federal appeals court, a Facebook “like” is considered a “substantive statement” being made by a user, and should have the same free speech protections as other forms of expression. “Well, that’s […]

Too Soon, Rehtaeh Parsons Facebook Dating Ad … Too Soon

Yes, it’s too soon to use Rehtaeh Parsons’ picture for dating ads on Facebook. It will always be too soon to use Rehtaeh Parsons’ picture for dating ads on Facebook. Rehtaeh Parsons, in case you missed it, committed suicide in April after she was raped in 2011 (at 17) and subjected to constant bullying and […]

Facebook For iPhone Receives Bottom Navigation Bar, Flatter Design

Facebook is yet another social network to take advantage of iOS 7, and starting today, is launching an update to its iPhone app. Instead of accessing friend requests, messages, notifications and the menu from the very top, a navigation bar has been added to the bottom. There are five icons which consist of the News […]

41% Of Social Ad Budgets Spent On Facebook

Facebook reported $1.81 billion in revenue for Q2 2013, and according to Econsultancy and Adobe’s” Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing,” 41% of social advertising budgets are spent on the social network. Responses were gathered from over 600 Econsultancy and Adobe subscribers. While more money is spent with Facebook on the client-side than any other social network, […]

48% Of Facebook Users Who Quit Cite Privacy Concerns

Facebook may still be the world’s largest social network, but according to a new study, 48.3 percent of users who quit using the social network cited privacy concerns. University of Vienna researchers asked over 600 participants why they quit using Facebook. While privacy concerns was the top answer, 13.5 percent responded with general dissatisfaction, 12.6 […]

Iran Gets Facebook, Twitter By Happy Accident For One Glorious Day

On Monday, Iran’s citizenry enjoyed access to something we take for granted: Facebook and Twitter. As we’ve explained here and here, Iran is unburdened by silly things like freedom of speech and expression, and embraces a daring political philosophy that manifests itself most mundanely as very anti-social media. Unless you’re a member of the government […]

Does Facebook Make You Sad, Or Happy? Conflicting Data Explained

Does Facebook make its users sad, enhance feelings of inadequacy, or cause them to be dissatisfied with their lives due to unavoidable comparisons with the lives of others? Or does Facebook actually increase happiness, enabling people to reinforce not only their senses of self but feelings of connectivity, in a greater and more measurable way […]

Mark Zuckerberg Doubles Personal Fortune In Last Year

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has doubled his personal wealth in the last year. His massive increase in personal fortune has placed Zuckerberg back on the top 20 Forbes list. Zuckerberg watched as his 2012 personal fortune of $9.4 billion increased to $19 billion. Prior to the Facebook IPO in 2011 Zuckerberg was already […]

Facebook Murders Prosecution After Juror, Witness Friend Each Other

A Tennessee murder trial was pretty much ruined when a juror recognized a witness and the two decided to chat it up on Facebook. SocialMediaToday reports that the judge in the case instructed the jury not to talk to any witnesses, the defendant or attorneys, which is pretty normal. Still, one of the jurors sent […]

NFL Season Kicks Off On Facebook With Over 60 Million Interactions

The NFL season kicked off with a bang, and according to the National Football League, received over 60 million interactions on Facebook alone. Buzz was measured across 30 million users starting with the Baltimore Ravens versus Denver Broncos game on Thursday, and ended Monday, September 9. While Facebook users talked a lot of football, TV […]

Facebook Ads Get Standardized Image Sizes, No Need For Multiple Images

Facebook is making it easier for advertisers, and starting today, has standardized image sizes across all of its ad units. Multiple images for different placements is no longer necessary, and the social network has also increased the space for page post link ads. Page post link ads are said to appear 3.5 times larger on […]

57% Of College Students On Facebook Believe Their Content Is Appropriate

Facebook has an increasingly larger impact on landing a new job, and according to reputation company Persona, 57 percent of college students believe their content is not inappropriate. Persona surveyed 500 college juniors, and seniors in the United States. While 57 percent believe their content is fine, a prior survey among job recruiters found that […]