Barack Obama To Meet With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Other Tech Execs

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a post last week saying he spoke with Barack Obama over privacy concerns, and a new report claims the two will meet. According to Politico, Obama is scheduled to sit down with other tech executives as well, including Google chairman Eric Schmidt. The meeting, which was announced Thursday night and […]

Mark Zuckerberg Invests In AI Company Vicarious

Facebook has a major interest in artificial intelligence, and according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has invested in a company called Vicarious. Joined also by SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk and actor Ashton Kutcher, the three were part of a recent $40 million investment round. The funding round was […]

American Airlines Is Giving Away Miles For Social Media Participation

American Airlines has launched a new social promotion that allows Facebook and Twitter users to earn up to 350 miles. Participants can earn 25 to 50 miles per activity. That participation includes following American Airlines on Twitter, watching a company video, and sharing the video with friends. The company is also offering 700 miles (500 […]

Facebook Disputes NSA Claims That They Were Aware Of Data Collection

Yesterday, claims were made that contradicted what major tech companies said about whether or not they knew about the NSA’s data collection. NSA General Counsel Rajesh De was said to have stated that companies such as Google and Facebook had full knowledge of the surveillance of their users. Ever since the first accusations were made […]

Giftri Uses Facebook Data To Offer Gift Recommendations On Amazon

Giftri is a Spanish startup that taps into Facebook’s massive amount of data to recommend personalized gift recommendations for friends. The startup analyzes your friend list and products, brands, in addition to other things that correspond to things they have liked. This data is plugged into an algorithm and machine learning to recommend products on […]

Woman Commits Suicide After Being Confronted On Her Facebook Addiction

According to a report published in India Today, a 24 year old Indian woman was accused of being addicted to Facebook by her parents and responded by committing suicide. The woman hung herself from a ceiling fan in her room after being confronted about her obsession with the social network. Sushma Goswami, was scolded for […]

NSA Claims Facebook And Google Among Others Knew About PRISM

The NSA’s top lawyer communicated to a privacy committee on Wednesday that companies such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft were all aware about the NSA surveillance program PRISM. This contradicts statements made by the tech companies earlier, when Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond headlined a post ‘What the…” and Zuckerberg referred to […]

Over 375 Million Facebook Users Play Games Each Month

Facebook games such as Candy Crush Saga and similar games are still going strong on Facebook, as the company boasts 375 million active gamers. The company revealed at a game developers conference in San Francisco on Wednesday that nearly a quarter of its active users (1.3 billion people) play a Facebook-connected game at least once […]