Woman Reads Printout of Facebook Comments in Subway, NBD

Let it not be said this woman does not know how to entertain herself in the middle of a subway wifi blackout. A good number of railways and subway systems now offer seamless wifi for everyone’s entertainment, but the MTA has been struggling for quite a while to do so. This makes many of its […]

How ‘Tattletale Tuesday’ Is Helping Fight Crime

One police department is using Facebook to help fight crime. “Tattletale Tuesday” has been a social media routine for the Orem, Oregon police department for the past year and authorities say they solve about 90 percent of crimes through the posts. Lt. Craig Martinez thought of the concept after noticing that many of their investigations […]

BBC Slams Irresponsible Comment on Facebook

The internet has given us so many wonders of the modern age — Email! Streaming! Social Media! And yes, even the fine art of the comment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re one of the old guards who once had their root in Yahoo Geocities, hopped from thread to thred on Reddit, or even lurked the […]

Regrexit: Facepalm-worthy Brexit Moments in Social Media

Well done, UK. You’ve officially hit a brand-new level in intelligence ratings, though in which direction, we’d rather not say. Time for #Regrexit. You’re even starting to give Texas ideas with what might be #Texit. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is yet experiencing another bad case of foot-in-mouth disease with his newest tweet […]

Should You Cover Your Webcam?

If Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, covers up his webcam on a daily basis, should you? The answer just might be Yes. A photo he himself posted on Facebook revealed this tiny fact to a number of super-observant people. Check the image out for yourself: Notice anything? Some eagle-eyed fans did. They spotted that Zuckerberg […]

Mom’s Viral Facebook Post Defends Her 6-Year-Old Son’s ‘Girly’ Personality

With the recent events and conversations about gender and stereotypes, one mother has had enough. The mom’s viral Facebook post is powerful message of defense of her son. The Pennyslvania mother found out that her 6-year-old son was being teased at school because of his love of nail polish and other ‘girly’ things. Upset, the […]

Mom Posts The Brutal Truth About Motherhood on Facebook

Motherhood as advertisements, TV dramas, and romance novels will tell you, is one of the sweetest things that can ever happen to a woman. However, real Life begs to differ. (No, seriously. We don’t blame you moms if you feel the deep-seated urge to down some wine during your down-time.) Take this Facebook post, for […]