Regrexit: Facepalm-worthy Brexit Moments in Social Media

Well done, UK. You’ve officially hit a brand-new level in intelligence ratings, though in which direction, we’d rather not say. Time for #Regrexit. You’re even starting to give Texas ideas with what might be #Texit. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is yet experiencing another bad case of foot-in-mouth disease with his newest tweet […]

Should You Cover Your Webcam?

If Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, covers up his webcam on a daily basis, should you? The answer just might be Yes. A photo he himself posted on Facebook revealed this tiny fact to a number of super-observant people. Check the image out for yourself: Notice anything? Some eagle-eyed fans did. They spotted that Zuckerberg […]

Mom’s Viral Facebook Post Defends Her 6-Year-Old Son’s ‘Girly’ Personality

With the recent events and conversations about gender and stereotypes, one mother has had enough. The mom’s viral Facebook post is powerful message of defense of her son. The Pennyslvania mother found out that her 6-year-old son was being teased at school because of his love of nail polish and other ‘girly’ things. Upset, the […]

Mom Posts The Brutal Truth About Motherhood on Facebook

Motherhood as advertisements, TV dramas, and romance novels will tell you, is one of the sweetest things that can ever happen to a woman. However, real Life begs to differ. (No, seriously. We don’t blame you moms if you feel the deep-seated urge to down some wine during your down-time.) Take this Facebook post, for […]

Whoops! Facebook Declares The Philippines At War

You’ve probably noticed Facebook utilizing special shareable graphic and banners to celebrate special days. Yesterday, the social media giant celebrated Independence Day in the Philippines. However, the celebratory graphic made one huge mistake. According The Philippine Star, the graphic featured the country’s flag with an inverted color scheme (red on top and blue on bottom). […]

Facebook’s Answer to Snapchat: Sweet Anonymity or Troll Paradise?

Facebook is a public forum, and they take the public part of that very seriously. The social network is famous for stripping away privacy settings and putting everything out in the open—a double-edged sword which tends to expose private information but prevents vitriol through a system of social accountability. The latter is precisely why some […]

Get Ready For Cameraception With These Brilliant Shots

It’s not just inception — it’s cameraception. While there are some mysteries that are indeed better off left unsolved and some information left unknown (as Reddit can graciously attest), here’s one quandary just kept going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and… Let’s start somewhere, like a pair of hands in the pink of […]

New Emojis Introduced To Facebook Messenger

You might of noticed that Facebook Messenger had quite a bit more emoji options. Yesterday, the social media giant introduced 1,500 emojis to the messaging service, giving you even more options to send your friends. Now, instead of being confined to the emojis on your phone, there are now emoji choices built right into the […]