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WhatsApp Now Available on the Web

For many people, the hugely popular WhatsApp has all but replaced conventional text messaging as a way of communicating with friends. It’s easy, it works no matter what sort of smartphone you’re using and it can be a lot more cost-effective than a traditional texting plan. Now, the app is set to expand its sights […]

Mac Sabbath: Rocking Out In The Drive-Thru [Video]

One rock band is creating a niche in the world of McDonalds themed heavy metal. Mac Sabbath rocks out with their McDonald’s themed spoofs. With jams, like Frying Pan, Sweet Beef, Pair-Of-Buns and Chicken For The Slaves, the band turns Black Sabbath hits into “drive-Thru metal.” Clad as Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese, the group has […]

Shock And Awe: Social Media Reactions To Slaying Of NY Police Officers

Social media reactions are heating up over the recent slayings of two New York police officers. On Saturday, two police officers were ambushed in their patrol car by an armed man. The attacker has been identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Brinsley assassinated the two officers by ambushing their patrol car. The New York Daily News reports, the officers […]

5 Facebook Hoaxes to Avoid Being Fooled By

It seems that it’s all too easy to get caught up in a Facebook hoax — at least, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Anyone can post anything to the social media service, and once it’s on there it’s liable to be shared around again and again. Here are a few Facebook hoaxes […]

Do you have a Facebook Addiction?

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites. It’s an incredibly useful website but, like all good things, too much can be a bad thing. Specifically, do you have a Facebook addiction? If the first thing on your mind is Facebook, if you’re skipping hanging out with “real life” friends to Facebook […]

Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Likes (through targeted Facebook ads)

Facebook is an excellent marketing tool for creatives. Most artists, writers, comedians, and small businesses worth their salt have their own “fan page” or “business page” on Facebook, each with several thousand “likes.” Facebook allows you to post photos, share updates, and personally connect with your followers. The merits of having your own Facebook page are […]

Are Facebook Apps Keeping Track of More Than They Should?

Your privacy while you use your smartphone has become even more of a hot button issue over the course of this year — and it seems like Facebook might be the next company to step into the firing lines. A Reddit user has found evidence that both the company’s flagship app and its ‘Messenger’ counterpart might […]

Facebook To Start Charging Monthly Fee? Old Hoax Is Still A Hoax

There’s a rumor going around that Facebook will start charging a monthly fee. But don’t worry, it’s completely untrue. The Facebook monthly fee hoax has been going on for years. According to, the first instance of the hoax came at the end of 2009. It keeps popping up every now and then and it still […]

Facebook Releases 2014 NFL Fandom Map

People from Seattle root for the Seahawks. People from Atlanta root for the Falcons. But what about people who don’t live in one of the cities with an NFL team? Facebook released it’s 2014 NFL map today. Facebook writes: “The 2014 NFL season is here, and the Facebook data team is taking a look at […]

Facebook ‘Color Changer’ App Is A Scam

The Facebook “color changer” app is back again. A malicious app is making the rounds on Facebook again and according to PC Magazine it has already infected thousands of users. The app, officially called Facebook Color Changer, promises to change the color of your Facebook profile. But the app actually brings users to a malicious […]

Facebook Emergency? Some People Called 911 To Report Facebook Outage

What do you do when Facebook goes down? You could read a book. You could talk to a friend in person. You could go outside… Or you could call 911 and beg police to do something about your social media emergency. The social networking site went down for some users for a few hours on […]

12 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook cover photos are usually pretty boring. People tend to throw up a pretty background and then a simple photo of themselves. But Reddit user RubberDogTurds (aka Nikki) proves that cover photos can be pretty awesome. Nikki isn’t the first one to do something like this. If you want to make your own, you can even find tutorials […]

The (Depressing) Truth Behind Facebook Status Updates [Video]

Are you jealous of your Facebook friends? Well, you should know that their lives might not be as glamorous as they look. A new short video called “What’s On Your Mind” takes a look at the (depressing) truth behind Facebook status updates. Shaun Higton writes on YouTube: “Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better […]

Funny Twitter Reactions to Facebook Crash

So the productivity went up for less than an hour today when the Facebook 2014 crash happened. As usual, the social media amplification effect took place. Within a few minutes, news that Facebook was down was all over the place – well, except on Facebook. Some reactions were just plain boring, while some were actually […]

Yes: Facebook Is (Went) Down

If you’re wondering why you can’t connect to Facebook…it’s down…at the time of writing. Yes, it’s down. We don’t know the why yet, but we can confirm: no Facebook. Facebook wen’t down at roughly 3:50am US EST time. Users around the world noted the occasion. Facebook is down, how am I supposed to see which […]

Facebook Officially Releases Slingshot, A More Social Snapchat

Facebook accidentally leaked its own Snapchat competitor a few days back, but now everyone that didn’t pick it up in those  few crucial hours has a chance to play with it. Whereas Snapchat aims to be a private person to person photo/video messaging app, Slingshot hopes to make things a little more social. Released on […]

Facebook Employee Gets Chance To Die For George R.R. Martin

Remember the news that George R.R. Martin was selling the chance to be brought to life (and then subsequently killed) in his Game of Thrones novels? Well, the two spots have been snatched up and one is going to a Facebook employee. David Goldblatt (no relation to the photographer) is a Facebook employee, which apparently pays […]

Woman ‘Catfishes’ Niece, Discovers Murder Plot

A Woman stumbled onto a plot by her niece to murder her and the rest of the girl’s family, including the dog. 19-year-old Marissa Williams of Fosters, Alabama has been arrested and is awaiting trial for soliciting murder after she allegedly asked a fictional boy to kill her aunt, her aunt’s fiance, her cousin and […]

Much Tipping: Dogecoin App Comes To Facebook

Now you can give something more substantial than a “Like” on Facebook. Tipping other Facebook users in cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin is now possible, thanks to new apps. According to Dogecoin community developers, two cryptocurrency tipping apps that they developed were recently approved by Facebook and are available now. The tipping apps let users send various altcoins, […]