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Facebook Apologizes After ‘Error’ Disables Palestinian Journalist’s Accounts

Facebook is apologizing after it was brought to their attention that the accounts of two journalist that operate the two most popular Palestinian news sources had been disabled. “The pages were removed in error and restored as soon as we were able to investigate,” a Facebook spokesperson has told The Electronic Intifada. “Our team processes […]

Motorcylist Arrested After Bragging About Crime On Facebook

Crime doesn’t pay, especially if you post it to Facebook. One Michigan motorcyclist learned that the hard way after being arrested after bragging about committing a crime on Facebook. In a lengthy Facebook post, 33-year-old Michael Brown posted about getting away from the police during a high-speed chase. “OK its been three days f**k it […]

Nurse Responds To Comment That Her Colored Hair Makes Her Unfit For Job

It can be really easy to judge a book by its cover, as this nurse can attest. She was on the receiving end of such judgment, after all, but she took the high road in this scenario. Nurse Mary Penney couldn’t wait to get home after doing her chores at the end of her shift. […]

Facebook Bans Popular ‘Meninist’ Meme Page For “Violating Policy”

It was move that many are calling more evidence of Facebook’s alleged liberal policy. The popular Facebook page “Meninist” is filled with memes and jokes meant to poke fun of feminists, “social justice warriors” and other cultural authoritarians. With more than 400,000 likes and millions of views a week, the page’s administrators were shocked to […]

Woman Reads Printout of Facebook Comments in Subway, NBD

Let it not be said this woman does not know how to entertain herself in the middle of a subway wifi blackout. A good number of railways and subway systems now offer seamless wifi for everyone’s entertainment, but the MTA has been struggling for quite a while to do so. This makes many of its […]