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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Most Generous Philanthropist Of 2013

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, and in 2013, was the most generous U.S. philanthropist with a donation of 18 million shares. Back in December, the CEO gave 18 million shares to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which he’s also donated shares to in the past. Based on Facebook’s current stock price […]

Andreessen Horowitz Sells Off Nearly 1.3 Million Facebook Shares

Facebook stock is currently trading above $62, and a new filing reveals that venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz sold off 1,274,869 class-A common shares. This is all the Facebook shares from its “Fund II,” and here’s the breakdown: 459,000 shares at $60.7573 815,869 shares at $61.5036 Combined, that comes out to a total of around […]

Facebook Shares Up 18% In Pre-Market Trading

Facebook shares are up 18% in pre-market trading after the company released higher than expected earnings on Wednesday. Earnings per share were set at $0.31 on an estimated price of $0.277, while revenue increased to $2.59 billion ($2.35 billion expected). Facebook managed to beat expectations thanks to mobile ad revenues which increased at a faster […]

Facebook Selling 70 Million Shares In Secondary Offering

Facebook stock has come a long way from record lows of below $20, and today announced it would be offering 70 million additional shares. Part of a secondary offering, pricing is said to be set before after hours on Friday, December 20, and the shares will be available after pricing is announced. With Facebook stock […]

Mark Zuckerberg Doubles Personal Fortune In Last Year

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has doubled his personal wealth in the last year. His massive increase in personal fortune has placed Zuckerberg back on the top 20 Forbes list. Zuckerberg watched as his 2012 personal fortune of $9.4 billion increased to $19 billion. Prior to the Facebook IPO in 2011 Zuckerberg was already […]

Facebook CAO Jas Athwal Unloads Shares As Value Soars

With Facebook shares trading close to their IPO level the social networks Chief Accounting Officer Jas Athawl wasted no time in selling some of his holdings. Facebook shares closed at $36.80 on Wednesday, far above the company’s low of nearly $17. In an SEC Form 4 filing Athawl revealed sales totaling 25,375 class-A shares of […]

Facebook Shares Return To IPO Pricing

After more than a year on the open market Facebook shares have finally returned to their IPO pricing. Shares on Tuesday reached $37.63, just 37 cents below their original $38 offering and a 6% price per share increase on the day. The company’s share pricing opened at $38.22, the first time it traded above $38 […]

Facebook Shares Soar 25 Percent Following Impressive Quarterly Results

Facebook has finally impressed investors. The social networks pricing rose above $33 per share on Thursday, the highest per share price since the company went public in May 2012. The social networks share pricing increased by 30% overnight as Facebook beat earnings and revenue estimates for Q2 2013. The company’s most impressive numbers came in […]

Winklevoss Twins Facebook Shares Valued At $125 Million

The Winklevoss twins may not be in control of Facebook as they would have liked but Cameron and Tyler still have plenty or reasons to be happy, 125 million of them to be exact. That’s the value of the brothers Facebook shares after selling off a small stake to fund a new venture. The brothers […]

Facebook Stock Up Almost 10% After Massive Lockup Expires

Facebook is far from their IPO price of $38 per share, but after a massive stock lockup expired today, stock price is up almost 10 percent to just under $22 per share. Today marked the expiration of a new lockup which now allows 733 million employee shares to be sold. It’s currently anyone’s guess what […]

Facebook Shares Slide Below $20 For First Time In Weeks

Facebook shares couldn’t hold onto their recent rebound and fell below $20 in early trading on Wednesday, marking the first time in weeks that the social networks shares have slid below the $20 sell point. Shares were selling at $19.80 in early morning trading. Shares at the social network have been on the decline for […]

Mark Zuckerberg Loses $8 Billion, Falls Below $10 Billion In Personal Wealth

When Facebook went public Mark Zuckerberg instantly became worth $17.5 billion, sitting at number 14 on the Forbes money list. Fast forward just a few months later and Zuckerberg has lost $8 billion and is now worth $9.4 billion. In the same period of time Zuckerberg’s Google co-founder competitors Sergey Brin and Larry Page have […]

Facebook Finally Blames Nasdaq For Stock Performance Issues

Facebook on Saturday pointed the finger at Nasdaq for the first time since the company went public and watched its stock prices tumble. The stock exchanges software systems failed during Facebook’s initial public offering which in turn led to delayed orders, cancelled orders being processed and various other glitches that angered investors and pushed down […]

Investor Sues Nasdaq As Facebook Shares Continue To Slide

The Nasdaq OMX Group was sued on Tuesday by Maryland investor Phillip Goldberg who claims in his lawsuit that the exchanged negligent handling of the Facebook IPO during opening day trading caused losses for investors. Goldberg is seeking class-action status on behalf of all investors who lost money after Facebook trading was delayed and mishandled […]

Facebook Seeks Increased Credit Line To Pay Taxes On Upcoming Employee Stock Awards

Facebook is currently seeking to increase its $2.5 billion credit line ahead of the company’s initial public offering (IPO). While the company declined to comment when asked about the increased by Reuters it’s believed the money is needed to pay taxes the company will owe for employee stock awards. Last month when announcing it’s plans […]

Facebook Reveals Executive Bonuses In SEC Filing

Of course it’s not the low salaries (based on industry standards) that push the executives to succeed but rather the company’s planned IPO which some analysts believe will value the company upwards of $100 billion. For example Mark Zuckerberg could be stuck with a massive $1.67 billion tax bill once his company goes public, not […]