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Facebook Introducing New Video Metrics

Facebook rarely talks about its video product, and today announced new metrics that will give Page owners far more insight into how their videos are performing. Rolling out “over the coming weeks,” Pages will soon see video views, unique video views, average viewing duration and audience retention. Video views are only counted if someone watches […]

Photos Make Up 54% Of Facebook Page Posts, Data Finds

Facebook gives images and videos priority in the News Feed, so it’s really no surprise that over 50 percent of Facebook page posts include photos. The stat comes from social media analytics company Quintly, who analyzed around 49 million posts across 72,194 Facebook pages from January 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014. Here were the most […]

Facebook Pages Get Desktop Makeover, One-Column Design Now Matches User Profiles

Facebook Pages will soon have a look that is more streamlined and more closely matched to user profiles. The social network announced on Monday that the makeover will roll out later “this week” for users throughout the social network. Under the new setup Facebook Pages will now show all posts under a single column, just […]

Facebook Gives Brands More News Feed Exposure

Facebook has made it easier for brands to gain exposure on news feeds. Starting on Tuesday the company’s algorithm will look for instances when a page owners tags a separate brand or celebrity page in their page posts. When that tag exists the content will surface for followers on both Pages. To break down the […]

Facebook Making It Easier For Page Admins To See Who Posted What

Managing a Facebook Page with multiple admins can sometimes be a hassle, and the social network appears to be making the process a little easier. According to AllFacebook, Page admins will soon be able to see which admins shared specific posts, and comments. Head of Social Media at eToro Adi Yagil shared a screenshot (pictured […]

How To Create Beautifully Effective Facebook Page Tabs

Facebook Pages often act as another website for millions of businesses, and are a great tool to build an engaged audience for generating new sales or leads. However, did you know you can integrate beautifully designed apps within a Facebook Page? Launched out of beta in November, PageYourself’s f-Site tool helps to create beautiful looking […]

How The Newest Facebook Page Scams Can Be Spotted And Stopped

With more than one billion users actively engaging with friends, family members and co-workers on Facebook, we would expect most users to understand when they are being scammed. As it turns out even some of the social networks more experienced users are prone to falling for Facebook page scams. These programs are aimed at building […]

Facebook Testing The Display Of Star Ratings On Pages

Facebook started allowing star ratings for businesses and locations back in May 2013, and has begun testing the display of ratings prominently on Pages. In an image sent in to TechCrunch, you can clearly see a star rating directly below the page’s name: This new feature takes a stab at Yelp and Foursquare who’s star-rating […]

40% Of Facebook Page Admins Are Over 30

Facebook page admins may be thought of as young and hip, but according to data collected from Socialbakers, 40.2 percent are over the age of 30. In an infographic titled “Are All Facebook Page Admins Young Hipsters? Breaking The Stereotypes!,” the social media analytics company analyzed results from over 100,000 admins. 35.8 percent were found […]

Top 10 Most Talked About Brands On Facebook

Facebook is used by more than 15 million businesses or organizations, and the latest data from Statista reveals the most talked about brands. Back in October 2011, Facebook launched a new metric titled “People Talking About,” which helps page owners see how many users are talking about or mentioning them at any given time. Here […]

Facebook Page Administrators Can Now Upload Photos To Links

Facebook is preparing to implement a new program for page administrators which allows them to add any photo they choose to the links they paste into their status update window. In the past when a link was pasted into a pages status update the Facebook user had no choice but to use the websites featured […]

Facebook Ads Being Removed From Offensive Groups And Pages

Facebook ads will soon no longer show up on pages and groups that offer questionable content. The social giant on Friday revealed that it will pull ads by the end of the week from pages that showcase “violent, graphic or sexual content.” While the content in question does not violate Facebook’s community standards practices, it […]

Facebook Now Offering Replies And Threaded Comments For Page Posts, Popular Profiles

Facebook on Monday rolled out two new features targeted at FB pages used by brands and businesses and for public Profiles with more than 10,000 followers. The new features allow for replies and threaded comments. Replies and threaded comments allow the most-commented-on and liked replies to move towards the top of the comment chain. Comments […]

Facebook: 2.5 Million Promoted Posts, 2% From Local Business Pages

Facebook launched Promoted Posts in May 2012 and this week the social network released new figures from that effort. 2.5 million Promoted Posts have been sent from over 300,000 local business Pages and there are now 13 million local Pages and 150 million people visiting pages daily with 50 percent of those visits arriving from […]

Facebook Teaches New Members Of Congress How To Use A Page

Facebook in the past has provided tips on how to increase fan engagement for members of Congress and now the social network has created a guide for developing pages that was thought up for incoming Congressional members. The social network published the guide on Friday and it specifically talks about getting started with pages alongside […]

UK Judge Demands Facebook Remove Page Outing Sexual Predators

A UK High Court has demanded that Facebook take down a page that publicly outs convicted sex offenders and pedophiles. The ultimatum: Facebook has exactly 72 hours to take down this page, called “Keeping our kids safe from predators,” which posts personal information and photos of child predators in Northern Ireland. This decree is part […]

70% Of Facebook Brand Pages Are Inactive [Study]

Facebook is the most popular social network among brands and according to a new study, 70.1 percent of brand pages post less than one update per month. The study consisted of 5.7 million pages and was put together by The study looked at a few different factors, particularly which categories are most and least […]

Facebook Page Post Impressions Down 38%, But Engagement Is Up [Study]

According to a new study, users seeing organic posts from brands they “like” on Facebook has gone down 38 percent since the five weeks follow September 20, 2012. The study was conducted by Group M, a media investment management company. The study specifically looked at post engagement across 25 different brands. Decreases in the amount […]

Facebook Users Can Now Opt Into Page Notifications

Facebook and their EdgeRank algorithm can get a bad rap from both personal and business users, but a new feature has started to roll out which allows users to get notifications whenever a page posts something. Previously, when someone “Liked” a page, they were given just two options: “Show in News Feed” or “Add to […]

54% Of Top 50 Brands On Facebook Don’t Engage With Fans [Study]

In an area where interaction is touted as most important, a new study found that 54 percent of the top 50 brands on Facebook don’t interact with their fans. The study, done by Jim Singer, a partner at A.T. Kearny, analyzed the top 50 global brands as put together by Interbrand. Out of 50, 27 […]