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Wife Pregnant For 13 Months Doesn’t Need Your Likes And Shares [Hoaxed]

A recent viral Facebook post claims that a woman who has been pregnant for 13 months is in desperate need of prayers (i.e., likes and shares) as she undergoes surgery in the coming weeks. The post’s message reads as follows: A MUST READ!!! ‘This is a photo of my wife. She has been pregnant for […]

Ridiculous, 100% Real Comments From The Domino’s Pizza Facebook Page [Video]

We love it when a major brand totally fails in every conceivable way with their social media strategy. But sometimes, brand pages are full of fail not because of faulty social media strategy, but hilariously whiny customers. Domino’s Pizza Australia’s Facebook page is a noted example. YouTube comics at Stuntbear compiled some of the most […]

Facebook Page ‘I Fucking Love Science’ Gets Its Own TV Show

Facebook is home to thousands of novelty pages, and popular page “I Fucking Love Science” is set to air on the Science Channel towards the end of 2014. Announced at SXSW, comedian and late night talk show host Craig Ferguson will be an executive producer. The show will be an hour long, and have a […]

Boy Has No Friends For Birthday, Mom Finds Him 257K … On Facebook

Colin told his mom that he didn’t want to have an 11th birthday party because he had no friends to invite. Concerned that her son didn’t have friends his mom took to Facebook. The boys mother Jennifer, says she was heartbroken when her son requested that they skip his birthday. Rather than listening to her […]

Did Facebook Ban Duck Dynasty Support Page Creator For ‘Too Many Likes?’

In the social media blowup that has been Phil Robertson-gate 2013, one of the more bizarre claims made is one that the creator of the page Boycott A&E until Phil Robertson is put back on Duck Dynasty is that Facebook attempted to censor the wildly growing group — until the media uncovered their liberal thought […]

How To Create Beautifully Effective Facebook Page Tabs

Facebook Pages often act as another website for millions of businesses, and are a great tool to build an engaged audience for generating new sales or leads. However, did you know you can integrate beautifully designed apps within a Facebook Page? Launched out of beta in November, PageYourself’s f-Site tool helps to create beautiful looking […]

‘Ready For Hillary 2016′ Facebook Page Is Real, But Not New

There’s a bit of online confusion this week over a political action committee for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Namely, that it exists. I’ve gotten a few red flags on my tip line from readers about shares from this Facebook page; a campaign PAC for the former Secretary of State with over one-million likes. The […]

Facebook Page ‘Plea’ For New Puppy Nets 1.2 Million Likes

A Facebook page created by a skeptical father has generated significant buzz after a picture was posted asking for one million likes in order to get a new puppy. The image received over 1.2 million likes. The picture in question shows the dad’s children and several other kids holding a sign that reads: “Hi World, […]

National Rifle Association Hides Facebook Page To Avoid Gun Control Discussion

The National Rifle Association on Sunday unpublished its Facebook Page, a likely result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The shutdown is believed to be temporary as much of the National spotlight turns towards discussions of gun bans following the senseless murdering of defenseless children. You may recall that back in July the NRA […]

UK Judge Demands Facebook Remove Page Outing Sexual Predators

A UK High Court has demanded that Facebook take down a page that publicly outs convicted sex offenders and pedophiles. The ultimatum: Facebook has exactly 72 hours to take down this page, called “Keeping our kids safe from predators,” which posts personal information and photos of child predators in Northern Ireland. This decree is part […]