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5 of the Best In-Store Fights from Black Friday 2014

There was a time when the Friday after Thanksgiving was a bonus day off to recover from the overindulgence the day before — but somewhere along the way, it turned into a no holds barred street fight for a bargain. Before the advent of social media and camera phones, tales of in-store violence on Black […]

Black Friday Fight At Victoria’s Secret Goes Viral [Watch]

There were some unhappy UK customers this Black Friday in a Victoria’s Secret. So unhappy they decided to fight over it. Apparently Black Friday wouldn’t be the same without chaos. Let’s just make this clear… these people are fighting over bras and underwear. Or at least the idea of unmentionables. The video of this funny, […]

Walmart on Black Friday: Great Deals and Horrific Violence

Recently, we shared our top picks for deals on laptop computers and tablets for Black Friday. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprised that Walmart appeared several times on that list – more often than any other retailer (including Amazon and Best Buy). Walmart offers some amazing deals on Black Friday – enough to […]

OUR Walmart Workers Organize Black Friday Strike

Every year, as Thanksgiving draws closer, you hear rumors of strikes for Walmart on Black Friday. So far, it hasn’t happened (at least to the scale that people expect), but this year there might actually be significant strikes, thanks to OUR Walmart. The group, Organization United for Respect at Walmart, or OUR Walmart for short, […]

List of Stores that will be Closed on “Black Thursday”

In recent years “Black Friday” has turned into “Black Thursday” as retailers inch further and further into the territory of Thanksgiving to entice eager shoppers. It’s an aggressive trend where stores are constantly trying to “one-up” each other and open just a little bit earlier than their competitors, to lock down a solid stream of […]

Hoax: Stores will NOT being fined $1,100 an hour for closing on Thanksgiving

Recently, there has been a photo circling around the internet claiming that certain stores who refuse to stay opened on Thanksgiving for “family reasons” will be fined $1,100 per hour.   Like most other things that sound too outrageous to be true, this is indeed a hoax. And, despite the fact that this is a […]

Pinterest More Than Triples Revenue To Online Retailers On Cyber Monday, Says New Report

Pinterest played a big role during the biggest shopping days of the year, according to a new report, and more than tripled Cyber Monday revenue to online retailers. Social marketing/analytics company Piqora analyzed data from online retailers, and also found that revenue through Pinterest doubled on Thanksgiving, including Black Friday. The company also analyzed top […]

Amazon, PlayStation 4 Lead Black Friday In Social Media Mentions

Black Friday went over smoothly as usual, and according to new data from Adobe Digital Index, Amazon was the top mentioned retailer on social media with nearly 450,000 posts. Adobe Digital Index analyzed online sales figures and social media posts over Thanksgiving day, and Black Friday. Walmart came in second place behind Amazon, and the […]

Walmart Fights Break Out Because … #BlackFriday!

Walmart fights are breaking out all over the country as Black Friday shoppers search for, and argue over, the best deals. According to Twitter users, the fights were over everything from TVs and tablets to blenders and towels. The retailer was one of several to open its doors on Thursday night, including Macy’s, Target, Best […]

The Master List Of Black Friday 2013 Deals On Facebook

Social News Daily has endeavored to help you navigate Black Friday 2013 by collating the best deals as they come out — and will continue to do so, through Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday season. Sure, we all follow our favorite retailers on Facebook and Twitter, but Black Friday 2013 deals are […]

Best Buy Asking Customers To Vine On Black Friday

Best Buy is one of many stores expecting a massive rush on Black Friday, and today the electronics retailer announced a campaign involving Vine. #BlackFriday is almost here! When you get in line, send us a Vine. Use #VineInLine and we’ll RT the best. — Best Buy (@BestBuy) November 25, 2013 Customers are encouraged […]

2% Of Brand Posts Have Been About Thanksgiving Sales

Thanksgiving is less than one week away, and according to data collected by Expion, only two percent of brand social media posts talked about Thanksgiving sales. A social media software company, Expion analyzed data from eight major retailers between October 15, and November 15. Here were the retailers: Best Buy JCPenney Kohl’s Macy’s Sears Staples […]

Holiday Shopping Trends Reveal Top Stores And Gadgets On Facebook [Infographic]

Holiday shopping trends show us what’s hot or not and a new infographic shares the top stores and gadgets mentioned on Facebook this holiday season. The infographic was put together by Compass Labs which includes data from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the social network. Here were the top mentioned stores on Black Friday […]

Most Tweeted Black Friday Words And Location-Based Check-Ins

Black Friday sales were massive in 2012, far surpassing 2011 numbers and along with massive sales were a large number of location-based check-ins and social media mentions. Digital marketing technology provider Silverpop examined the most tweeted words for Black Friday location based tweets and found the most common words to include “coffee,” “deals” and “sale” […]

Twitter Contributed 0% To Black Friday Sales [IBM Study]

Twitter is not good at generating sales on Black Friday. According to a new IBM study the social platform was responsible for 0% of online revenue on Black Friday. Overall Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube generated just 0.34% of online sales for the biggest shopping day of the year. The study found that while users did […]