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50 Apps to Track Everything

‘How often do you use the apps on your phone or tablet? For most of us, the answer is LOADS, as we now rely on apps for everything from shopping to booking holidays and of course for staying in touch with real and virtual friends. There is also a whole range of apps that allow […]

Under Armour, Nest, and BMW Create New Apps For Samsung Watch

Samsung smartwatches are all of the rage. However, some complain that the core apps don’t provide that much pizazz. Once the newness of the watch wears off, what are you left with? The tech company is working hard to make the smartwatch a one of the kind device that people refuse to live without. They […]

Why Pokemon Go Doesn’t Have to Be So Lonely

In the first week after its launch, Pokemon Go broke records, with 7.2 million downloads. If you’re not impressed, that is more than the combined first figures of every app in the App store. A month later, the location-based anime game has settled back down to a slightly less sensational augmented reality, yet avid fans […]

These Mobile Apps Will Let You Follow All The Summer Olympics Action

The Summer Olympics in Rio are almost underway and they are already setting up to be action packed. With so much excitement and controversy for the upcoming games, you don’t want to miss out on anything. Thankfully, there are plenty of mobile apps that will keep you up-to-date from anywhere. Many have downloaded the Summer […]

ISIS App Available on Android Devices

Supporters of the Islamic State terrorist organization have launched an app for Android, aimed at keeping wannabe jihadists in the loop of all the latest news and propaganda coming from the self-proclaimed caliphate. midst a crackdown on jihadist social media groups, supporters of ISIS/ISIL have launched an Android app allowing aspiring jihadists to keep up […]

Emoji Passcodes Coming Soon [Video]

Have you ever felt annoyed at passcodes? Have you ever found yourself silently fuming at having to recall the hundredth passcode you created for that other account (no, not that one, that other account) on Instagram or Tindr (we won’t tell if you won’t)? Have you ever found yourself wracking your brain to create a […]

How To Add Some ‘Tech’ To Your April Fools Day Pranks [List]

Technology is extremely important to our everyday lives, so that makes it a no-brainer that the perfect April Fools Day prank would involve the devices that rule our lives. These pranks are perfect for anyone who lives with their cell phone attached to their ear or eyes glued to the computer. Prank your friends, family […]