Man Pretends To Win Oscar, Pranks Hollywood [Video]

Winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards is a pretty big deal. So, what happens when one man pretends that he was a lucky award winner? Mark David Christenson did just that. Armed with a fake Oscar award acceptance speech clip, fake Oscar and donning a tuxedo, Christenson hit Hollywood. The results are hilarious. People […]

Skydiver Has Seizure While In Mid-Air [Video]

One skydiver had a terrifying moment when he suffered a major seizure mid-jump and it was all caught on camera. The footage, which has now gone viral, was uploaded to YouTube by the skydiver, Christopher Jones. He uploaded it on Sunday and it already has almost 6 million hits. The video description explains it all from […]

Alex Boye Sings “Uptown Funk” With Dancing Grannies, Goes Viral [Watch]

Singer Alex Boye might not be a name you are familiar with, but he is doing very well on the social media platform YouTube. As his YouTube description states, “I take pop songs and Africanize them.” Boye has covered hits from Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Lorde, Frozen’s “Let It Go” and now his latest masterpiece […]

YouTube Mother Esther Anderson Shows Why Moms Get Nothing Done [Video]

Mom, blogger, and YouTube enthusiast Esther Anderson is back with another video featuring her adorable little girl named Ellia called “Why Moms Get Nothing Done.” Esther Anderson has created many videos highlighting the honest, cute, and not so fun parts of parenting on her channel, where a majority of them immediately went viral. Esther records […]

Dad Tells Son ‘Special’ Car Button Ejects Him Into Space If He Misbehaves

Super cute and smart or just plain evil? Maybe a mix of both: evil genius. Looks like the original cute kid named Charlie with an adorable accent who’s finger was bit has some competition. Another boy named Charlie, 4, finds himself in a tricky situation. His father, Jonny Corbett, told his son that if he […]

89-Year-Old Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates, Reactions Are Painful And Hilarious [Watch]

Ah, the age of online dating. The main struggle? Wondering if the picture is accurate and up-to-date. Tinder’s new slogan should be “All ages and relationship statuses welcome. Even married 89-year-old grandpas.” YouTube channel Slow Clap posted a painfully awkward, yet funny video of 89-year-old Joe going on Tinder dates with multiple women. Joe’s grandson, […]

Could Homeless Man Viral Video Be A Scam? [Video]

Back in December, we covered a story on YouTube star, Josh Paler Lin, giving $100 to a homeless man. He then secretly followed the man to see what he would do with the money. We see the man enter a liquor store and immediately assume he will blow the cash on alcohol. To our surprise, the […]

Hate Valentines Day? This Video Is For You [Video]

Valentines Day is a time for love, chocolate and flowers. That is, unless you are one of the people that loathe the day of love. Are you planning on spending the day doing anything but celebrating, well this video is for you. Wired has your back and has shot the most satisfying anti-Valentines film. The […]

Amazing Video Shows Plane Almost Colliding With Skydivers [Video]

Two skydivers are lucky to be alive after a brush with death. This amazing footage shows a tandem skydive in progress. Everything is going fine, until disaster strikes. It is a normal jump for skydiving instructor, Forest Pullman and his passenger. The diver gives the thumbs up as they descend out of the plane. Then […]

Cockatoo Mimics Couple’s Argument [Video]

Peaches the cockatoo has been around some pretty heated arguments. This video shows the pet bird mimicking an argument he has heard and its seems pretty intense. The bird yells and even seems to curse. There are moments where the bird gets so worked up he can’t even make a noise. On YouTube, the video […]

3 Of The Strangest Song Mashups You Will Ever Hear [Video]

Viral song mashups are no stranger to the Internet, but there are some musical combinations that are oddly similar. Check out these three that are sure to make your ears say, “What is going on?” Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and Nine Inch Nails’ The Perfect Drug Mashup T. Swift and this iconic rock band […]

Want To Make A Movie With Jean-Claude Van Damme? [Video]

Calling all Jean-Claude Van Damme fans. You’ve watched all of his action-packed films and now you can star in one with him! Well, sorta. The action film star was generous enough to put together tons of green screen footage. What you do with the footage is up to you. The green screen action is free […]

Check Out The Simpsons In Pixel Art [Video]

The Simpsons TV series is considered a pop culture icon, so it is no surprise it is the inspiration behind this interesting project. Recently, pixel art and old school gaming have become pretty popular. Everyone can name at least one old school gaming version of something. Not even, PBS’ hit series, Downtown Abbey. That is […]

Terrifying Roller Coaster Offers Bizarre Feature [Video]

Roller coasters are meant to be exhilarating and slightly terrifying experiences, but one roller coaster is taking it to a whole new level. Check out Japan’s Sky Cycle at Okayama Prefecture’s Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park. This is not your normal roller coaster. First of all, you aren’t in a normal mechanical cart, you are propelled […]

The Hot Dog Video You Didn’t Know You Needed To See [Video]

The hot dog, America’s favorite food, is now the center of a rather strange viral video. Created by Murderbot Productions, the video features a man becoming a ‘human hot dog’. The man relishes (no pun intended) silently as buns, mustard and ketchup cascades down on him. Murderbot Productions says the video is their newest art project. […]

Denmark Non-Voters Feel The Wrath Of Voteman [Video]

Decided not to vote? Better watch your back! It seems as if the country of Denmark takes voting very seriously or light-hearted, considering on how you look at it. Meet Voteman, one of the country’s voting ploys, the superhero of Danish politics. Voteman dedicates his life to making sure Denmark’s citizens cast their vote for […]

Man Slaps Bear, Lives To Talk About It [Video]

Never, ever try to fight a bear. One Alaskan man decided to try his luck by facing a bear head on. He slaps the bear right in the face. Normally, slapping a bear ends in death. Fortunately, this guy lives to see another day. #Alaskanthuglife. Even the other guy in the video is shocked to […]

WWE Finishing Moves Take To The Streets [Video]

WWE is trending on the web after last night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The World Wrestling Entertainment company has a large following and the fans take their wrestling very seriously. One reddit video shows just how serious. It features two men who take popular WWE finishing moves onto the street. Originally posted to YouTube by Joe Weller, the […]