No, You Should Not Ride That Moose [Video]

Wait, what? No, you shouldn’t ride a moose. Riding any large animal is usually a bad idea. This man didn’t get the memo. Shot in Ontario, Canada, the video below shows a man on a boat following a moose. When he gets close enough to the large animal, he does the unthinkable. He jumps on […]

You Gotta See This Three-Year-Old’s Intense Motivational Speech [Video]

Someone was inspired by Shia LeBeouf’s recent motivational speech video. This little girl delivers one of the most intense motivational speeches. “Just do it.” “Stop dreaming.” It seems her parents were inspired by LaBeouf’s latest art project. In the orignal video, LaBeouf is seen screaming motivational phrases in front of a green screen, just like […]

Frustrated Taxi Driver Drives Down Three Flights Of Stairs [Video]

Getting lost can be pretty frustrating. Once Chinese cab driver can tell you from experience. Recently, the taxi driver got lost driving around the campus of Sichuan Vocational College in China. He must have been pretty fed up with being lost, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Students recorded the footage […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Hollywood To Help Promote Charity

“I’ll be back.” Don’t say Schwarzenegger didn’t warn you. The aging action film star dressed up as his hit character the Terminator to prank unsuspecting fans in Hollywood. In a city filled with celebrity impersonators, Schwarzenegger surprised hoards of tourists with his appearance. Best of all, it was all for charity. The stunt was to […]

Kittens Recreate Scenes from “Psycho” and “The Lion King” [Video]

The internet: a vast web of information and an archive of human progress. It’s a system which allows ideas and knowledge to be shared across the globe in the blink of an eye, a revolutionary technology that has changed the face of education and communication forever. It’s also the home of cat related media. A […]

Director Uwe Boll Says “F**k You All” And Quits Hollywood

Many know Uwe Boll as the worst director in the world. He has financed, produced and directed many films, but he has had enough of Hollywood. Boll shared his thoughts and had quite the message. “F**k you all.” In a series of rants posted to his YouTube channel, Boll explains about the failure to crowdsource […]

Parent’s Public Child Shaming Ends In Suicide [Video]

Online public shaming by parents has been a hot topic lately. With parents punishing their kids by embarrassing them via social media, critics are debating whether this type of parenting is harmful to a child’s psyche. The most recent case seems to defend their case that public shaming needs to stop. A teenager has committed […]

Kid Swallows Ghost Pepper On Dare And Completely Loses It [Video]

The ghost pepper is considered the hottest pepper in the world. We’re talking 400 times hotter than Tabasco Pepper Sauce. Not exactly, something you would grab for a quick munch. So, what’s a kid to do when he is challenged to down a whole ghost pepper? Apparently, you don’t back down. Gulp that pepper and […]