The Hilarious Results of Trying To Eat In 125 MPH Wind [Video]

Nicknamed “The Breakfast of Champions”, this epic mealtime shows a man attempting to eat a bowl of cereal in wind gusting at more than 100 MPH. Originally shot last year, the video shows a man sitting atop the Mount Washington Observatory in North Conway, New Hampshire. The footage shows just how powerful the wind is […]

Woman Performs Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ In Sign Language [Video]

Eminem’s hit song ‘Lose Yourself’ topped the charts and starred in a major movie, but one woman just took it to the next level. American Sign Language interpreter, Shelby Mitchusson performed the rap song on YouTube and the results are epic. The soon-to-be Internet sensation has also been known to interpret hardcore rock songs at […]

Blind Man Miraculously Plays Through ‘Legend of Zelda’

YouTube user MegaTGarrett does what many would think of as impossible, and does so without complaining or without issue. He is a man with a set back who does not use that set back to define him. Mega Tgarrett is visually impaired, but is still a huge fan of video games and gaming in general. Though […]

Guy Tries To Show Off New Corvette And Fails Horribly [Video]

If you had an $80,000 Corvette, you would probably want to show it off too. Just let this guy teach you a very valuable lesson in humility: Don’t do it! This guy had just thrown down $80,000 for a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. It seems while he had the money to pay, he didn’t have the […]

Plane Nearly Collides With Fishermen’s Boat [Video]

It was the last thing you would think you needed to fear while on a boat: a plane. Some fishermen in Argentina have a once in a lifetime to story to tell after attending the Fiesta del Surubi in Goya, Argentina. The men were using a selfie stick to chronicle their adventures on the high […]

Guy Can Throw Things Into Other Things, Viral Video Stuns Viewers [Watch]

What kind of sorcery is this. How can this dude chuck a knife behind him and have it land directly into the knife holder. Or just casually throw a plate into the dishwasher and it bounces and sticks straight up as if he placed it in there. After this video starts, you’ll probably think it […]