Director Uwe Boll Says “F**k You All” And Quits Hollywood

Many know Uwe Boll as the worst director in the world. He has financed, produced and directed many films, but he has had enough of Hollywood. Boll shared his thoughts and had quite the message. “F**k you all.” In a series of rants posted to his YouTube channel, Boll explains about the failure to crowdsource […]

Parent’s Public Child Shaming Ends In Suicide [Video]

Online public shaming by parents has been a hot topic lately. With parents punishing their kids by embarrassing them via social media, critics are debating whether this type of parenting is harmful to a child’s psyche. The most recent case seems to defend their case that public shaming needs to stop. A teenager has committed […]

Kid Swallows Ghost Pepper On Dare And Completely Loses It [Video]

The ghost pepper is considered the hottest pepper in the world. We’re talking 400 times hotter than Tabasco Pepper Sauce. Not exactly, something you would grab for a quick munch. So, what’s a kid to do when he is challenged to down a whole ghost pepper? Apparently, you don’t back down. Gulp that pepper and […]

JoeySalads Does Another Social Experiment, This Time With Drug Rape [Video]

YouTube star, JoeySalads is known for his thought-provoking social experiments, like his child abduction experiment. He asked parents if they thought there kid would leave the playground with a stranger. He then attempted to get the children to leave with him. His most recent social experiment takes a look at drug rape. In the video, […]

Extreme Road Rage Caught On Tape; Driver Loses It On Cyclist

It’s a shocking example of road rage caught on film! The footage shows a man driving a a large 4×4 going on a wild rant about a cyclist that may or may not of hit his car. From the perspective of the cyclist, the video begins with the car slowing down to let the cyclist […]

Shia Labeouf Screams For One Minute As Part Of Art Project [Video]

Shia Labeouf is no stranger to unusual art projects. His latest involves screaming into a camera for a full minute. We don’t know if it is inspirational or just straight crazy. The scream fest is Labeouf’s latest performance art piece. Partnering with artists Rönkkö & Turner, and Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art 2015 students, […]

The Hilarious Results of Trying To Eat In 125 MPH Wind [Video]

Nicknamed “The Breakfast of Champions”, this epic mealtime shows a man attempting to eat a bowl of cereal in wind gusting at more than 100 MPH. Originally shot last year, the video shows a man sitting atop the Mount Washington Observatory in North Conway, New Hampshire. The footage shows just how powerful the wind is […]