Dollar Store Rampage: Small Boy Destroys Florida Dollar Store, Video Goes Viral [Watch]

A Dollar Store in Tallahassee, Florida had an unusual customer on December 9. A video was uploaded Monday of a 10-year-old boy that went on a temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums, ripping things off the shelves, destroying merchandise, and threatening to hit customers. When the child threatened to hit someone saying, “I’m not afraid to […]

Santa Claus Caught On Camera, Young Boy’s Trick Goes Viral [Watch]

There are few things in this world better than seeing a small child react to Santa. The genuine amazement and pure joy that can clear a room is just adorable. 7-year-old Evan set up a camera on Christmas Eve in his house to hopefully catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. He placed the camera right […]

YouTuber, Joey Trombone, Gives Parents An Unbelievable Gift [Video]

YouTuber Joey Trombone gave his parents an unexpected gift this Christmas. Joey seals the deal as son of the year, by paying off his parent’s mortgage. Joey caught the emotional gift exchange on camera. He hands his mother an envelope with a note in it. The note informs his parents that their mortgage has been paid […]

Reactions After Watching ‘The Interview’, Worst Movie Of 2014?

Hollywood rejoiced after the Sony announced it would release ‘The Interview’. Not only was the film released in more than 200 select theaters around the United States, but Sony also released the film to streamed via the website, seethe, YouTube, Google Play and other media on-demand services. Mashable put together a hilarious compilation of […]

Kevin Hart Trains Will Ferrell In “Get Hard” Trailer [Watch]

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in a movie together? Whatever your favorite kind of comedy is, these two comedians are sure to bring some laughs. At least a chuckle to all kinds of people. The official trailer for “Get Hard” hit the internet yesterday and already has many waiting in anticipation. Will Ferrell finds himself […]

YouTube Rewind: A Look Back At 2014 [Video]

2014 is coming to an end and it was a year to remember for social media. It seems these days everyone is trying go viral, though few succeed. Who are the few that succeeded this year? YouTube Rewind takes a look back at the most memorable videos, memes and people of 2014. The video features […]

Mom Documents Why Co-Sleeping With A Baby Is ‘No-Sleeping’ [Watch]

Attention all parents or brave babysitters. For all those people who have tried to sleep with a baby to help them go to sleep quicker. Ester Anderson has the truth coming at ya in this video called “Why Co-Sleeping Is No-Sleeping” which documents the truth behind nap time with a baby. Ellia, her daughter, is […]

The Last Five Years Trailer Released, Anna Kendrick Is Belting The High Notes [Watch]

Oh, Anna Kendrick is in another film where she is singing? Some people may not be aware of Anna Kendrick’s start in Broadway. She is currently the third youngest Tony Award nominee at just 12-years-old for her prominent acting role in the Broadway musical “High Society.” Kendrick, currently steamrolling the singing leads in “Pitch Perfect […]

Plumber Dancing On The Job Goes Viral, Thanks To His Sweet Dance Movies [Watch]

52-year-old Mark Toben, from Scotland, was just your average plumber until one of his coworkers secretly recorded Mark dancing on the job. And of course, uploaded that video to YouTube. Toben has now become an internet celebrity due to his infectious dance moves. He is taking his new fame well, “I’ll admit that it was […]

Six Guys Remade Beyoncé’s 7/11 Music Video

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When life traps you inside during a snow storm, you remake Beyoncé’s 7/11 music video? At least that is what Matthew and friends Danny, Andrew, Tim, Garrett, and Sofie did. “No kale was harmed in the filming of this video, and no, we did not drop that alcohol” […]

5 of the Best In-Store Fights from Black Friday 2014

There was a time when the Friday after Thanksgiving was a bonus day off to recover from the overindulgence the day before — but somewhere along the way, it turned into a no holds barred street fight for a bargain. Before the advent of social media and camera phones, tales of in-store violence on Black […]

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Son Shows Off Math Skills During Post-Game Press Conference [Watch]

Even after Ryan Fitzpatrick, quarterback for the Houston Texans, throws for 6 touchdowns in one game, his son ends up stealing the spotlight. Even finds himself trending on Facebook. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Harvard graduate and has seemed to give his son, Brady, his intelligence genes. Fitzpatrick brought this two sons and friend to the […]

Kendall Jenner’s Mean Girls Parody, Creates Personal Burn Book [Watch]

Celebrities are well aware of the mean things said about them. Whether those comments come from the media or an average person using 140 characters on Twitter, celebrities read the criticisms. Kendall Jenner, much like the rest of her family, gets A LOT of hate. Kendall decided to use one of the most iconic movies […]