Artist Sits and Smiles For Hours And Posts The Footage [Video]

Meet Ben Bennett, a performance artist who is known for a strange form of art. He sits in front of a camera for hours, still and smiling. He then posts the strange videos to YouTube. Gawker discovered the artist’s videos. They reached out for a comment on why Bennet chose this type of performance, no […]

Driver Survives Crazy Encounter With Semi, Captures It On Film [Video]

Sharing the road with semi trucks can be scary, especially with wet road conditions. One driver found out how dangerous it can be firsthand. Amazingly, he caught it all on video. YouTube user, MrLegolize, was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike, an extremely busy road. He just happened to catch this encounter on video when he […]

Hamster Gets X-Rayed While Eating, Video Goes Viral [Watch]

Ever wonder how hamsters can fit all of that food in their cheeks? Well, that little golden hamster can show you. Thanks to a new BBC series called “Pets – Wild at Heart.” All of us humans can now understand how a tiny hamster can fit a surplus amount of food in his mouth without […]

‘American Sniper’ Breaks Box Office Records With Opening Weekend At $90 Million

The Oscar-nominated film “American Sniper” was in the front by a large margin for the North American box office charts this past weekend with $90.2 million in ticket sales according to studio estimates. Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” which stars Bradley Cooper, beat any opening weekend January movie record, on top of any drama movie opening ever. The […]

‘Friends’ Intro Is Awfully Strange Without Music [Video]

Friends is considered one of the most iconic television shows of the 90’s. Pretty much everyone knows the adorable intro and the theme song. Just a close group of friends having fun, dancing in the fountain. Well, take away the music and add sound effects and it gets really awkward. The video, produced by YouTube user, […]

Angry, Angry Hippo Chases Speedboat [Video]

You may picture hippos as large, lazy creatures, but this video captures one showing the very angry side of the giant animal. Actually, the hippo is a very fast creature. According to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), they kill nearly 3,000 people every year. This video was posted to YouTube on Sunday and has since gone viral. This certain […]

5 Alternate Endings to Hit Movies You Have to See

Before the advent of DVD special features, alternate endings were often consigned to the cutting room floor, never to be seen by the general population. However, that’s no longer the case — and thanks to sites like YouTube, it’s easier to see these clips than ever before. Here are five must-see alternate endings that might […]

Maroon 5 Crashes Real L.A. Weddings In “Sugar” Music Video [Watch]

Couples are already overcome with happiness on their wedding day, well hopefully, and some lucky Los Angeles couples got the wedding surprise of a lifetime when Maroon 5 surprised them at the reception. In their new music video, Maroon 5 goes to multiple weddings on December 6, 2014, plugs in their instruments, drops a curtain, and […]

Liam Neeson And Jimmy Fallon Arm Wrestle, Hilarity Ensues [Watch]

Liam Neeson, you may have heard of him, he usually plays movie roles that include punching, shooting, and killing someone for the safety of others. Currently promoting Taken 3, Liam Neeson stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Jimmy Fallon challenged him to an arm wrestling match. During the arm wrestling match, Neeson […]

Macklemore And Fiancée Tricia Davis Share Baby News With Heartwarming Video [Watch]

Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore, uploaded an adorable video featuring him and his Fiancée, Tricia Davis, at a ultrasound appointment surrounding by family. This video, which doesn’t say much of anything, announces their baby news through smiles and happiness titled “A Surprise from Ben and Tricia.” It was uploaded to Ryan Lewis’ YouTube channel […]

Man Falls For Snapchat Prank Over and Over [Video]

How gullible can you be? Jillian Haker has been tormenting her brother with the same Snapchat prank. Funny thing is, he falls for it over and over. It begins with Jillian asking her brother to pose with her for a Snapchat photo. He obliges and poses, only to realize that she is shooting a video […]

Taylor Swift’s Gift Of Giving In The Year 2014 [Video]

Taylor Swift uploaded a very popular video to YouTube on New Year’s Eve that included videos of her fans opening up Christmas gifts from Taylor Swift herself. Actual gifts she wrapped, with her two cats, in her house. The video has already gotten over 5 million views. The video description reads: “2014 was the year […]

Dollar Store Rampage: Small Boy Destroys Florida Dollar Store, Video Goes Viral [Watch]

A Dollar Store in Tallahassee, Florida had an unusual customer on December 9. A video was uploaded Monday of a 10-year-old boy that went on a temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums, ripping things off the shelves, destroying merchandise, and threatening to hit customers. When the child threatened to hit someone saying, “I’m not afraid to […]

Santa Claus Caught On Camera, Young Boy’s Trick Goes Viral [Watch]

There are few things in this world better than seeing a small child react to Santa. The genuine amazement and pure joy that can clear a room is just adorable. 7-year-old Evan set up a camera on Christmas Eve in his house to hopefully catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. He placed the camera right […]

YouTuber, Joey Trombone, Gives Parents An Unbelievable Gift [Video]

YouTuber Joey Trombone gave his parents an unexpected gift this Christmas. Joey seals the deal as son of the year, by paying off his parent’s mortgage. Joey caught the emotional gift exchange on camera. He hands his mother an envelope with a note in it. The note informs his parents that their mortgage has been paid […]

Reactions After Watching ‘The Interview’, Worst Movie Of 2014?

Hollywood rejoiced after the Sony announced it would release ‘The Interview’. Not only was the film released in more than 200 select theaters around the United States, but Sony also released the film to streamed via the website, seethe, YouTube, Google Play and other media on-demand services. Mashable put together a hilarious compilation of […]